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During Practice What should Men do when they get an Erection and What should Women do when the Vagina swells

When you are able to practice and collect power, it will naturally flow down to your reproductive organs and stimulate sexual anxiety. To overcome this, shift your concentration back to the Ming-men and then bring it up to your head to the mid-point between your eyebrows. In the book, Healing Love on Seminal Kung Fu, we demonstrated very clearly (in the large drawing of the sexual force rising up to the crown) how one can make an erection subside. I have many male students who, after practicing, experience erection and have to find relief in sexual intercourse. Some of those students stopped practicing because their sexual urge was too overpowering. However, if you can control or stop your sexual activity for a while, or get your spouse to understand or practice together with you, you will achieve success in this practice much more quickly.

Review Major Points of Microcosmic Orbit

If you practice using the navel area in the prescribed manner to develop Chi, it usually takes two weeks to a month before you feel anything. Once you do feel the energy there, you should shift your attention down to the sperm palace, which is near the pubic bone and represents the prostate gland. Young people who do this may be too sexually aroused, in which case they should instead focus on the coccyx or Ming-men. Women are to concentrate 3 inches down from the navel, which is where the ovaries are to be found. However, those who have menstrual problems are referred to the Ming-men or coccyx, instead of the navel. After that you can switch to concentrating on the Hui-yin (or perineum).

Begin the Orbit Open the Front Channel the Functional

Pain How Feel

The sperm palace is important for a man because it can cause him to be sexually aroused. If this happens, bring the power back from the Sperm Palace to the Ming-Men (point opposite the navel on lower back). This sexual energy can be used to greatly increase the circulating power of your chi, but first you must learn to circulate the Microcosmic Orbit without sexual distractions. Concentrating on this point sometimes leads to vibrating sensations or the feeling that something is jumping inside or a strong sexual arousal. Abdominal breathing can cause an erection to recede and allows for the concentration to continue without interruption. If you concentrate on this point too long however, it can open the thrusting routes (or Kundalini), which leads to various side effects. If the energy succeeds in passing very quickly up through the throat chakra and continues up to the top of the head to the crown, where it spreads out sprinkler-like, showering down over the practitioner, there will...

Lower Middle And Upper Dantian

Where Dant

The Lower Dantian is located below the navel and is the area where Qi is stored. It is an area rather than an actual acupuncture point. The more you practise Qigong and the more Qi you store here, then the stronger this area will feel to the touch. You will also have a lot of energy and feel good when the Lower Dantian is full. This area relates to the kidneys and sexual function.

Exercise for Nourishing the Kidney for Rejuvenation Yangshen Huichun Gongj

With its satisfactory effects for strengthening the kidney Yang and reinforcing the vital essence, Exercise for Nourishing the Kidney for Rejuvenation is well suited for preserving the health of old and middle-aged people. It is also used to treat impotence, prospermia, listlessness, lassitude of the limbs, graying of hair, and premature senilism, hypom-nesis and other syndromes. This exercise can be done in combination with Waist and or Abdomen Exercise. Points for Attention

Will circulating the Microcosmic help my Sexual Problems

For those who are impotent, ejaculate too quickly or who have emissions when they concentrate a while, they may feel pain or expansion in the back. This may cause an erection and may result in night emissions or a loss of sperm while urinating. forces, however, your overall health will be greatly benefitted. It is safe to say that those who are weaker have been driven by lust. Those who are impotent should stop all sexual activity for from 3 to 6 months, consult a doctor and practice until they find themselves getting stronger. To practice and acquire some energy and then have an erection and go right back to sexual activity is simply to have lost what you have worked so hard to gain in your practice. When you have collected energy and fully completed the route, your body will become stronger and only then will you be able to enjoy your sexual life.


The hypothalamus is part of the forebrain, the same part of the brain from which the cerebral hemispheres develop. The hypothalamus provides a connecting link between the cerebral cortex and the pituitary gland. Though the pituitary gland is considered the master gland, nevertheless, there are stimulatory and inhibitory agents originating in the hypothalamus, which regulate pituitary functions. This ancient area in our brain is also intimately concerned with the regulation of energy balance through the control of appetite, sleep, body temperature, the regulation of sexual function and control of water balance.


Times, the sound of the cough being low and weak, palpitations and shortness of breath, spontaneous perspiration and aversion to wind, general debility, pale tongue with a little fur, deep, thready and weak pulse. The treatment principle is based on tonifying the lungs and spleen and improving inspiration to relieve the asthma. The prescription is the powder of Ginseng and Cc Jic with additional ingredients (Ginseng, Gc Jie, Hu Tas Rou, Mai Men Dong, Wu Wei Zi, Huang Qi, Dong Chong Xia Cao, Bei He, Fu Ling, Chen Pi, Zhi Gan Cao). Ginseng are very commonly used for asthma which is described in many classical TCM books. Nowadays in Britain, most asthmatics suffer because of high pollen, lack of fresh air, eating and drinking too much high energy, high heat, rich food. This causes excessive heat in the lungs. The lungs fail to be moist, the patient feels short of breath leading to tightness in the chest, generally feeling hot and having a dry mouth with red tongue and lips. It is usually...

Anee i Food

According to the time of when we are bom and the season, then one element will be stronger than the other, even with the day and the hour this is true. He says, In the fall the energy of the spring is very weak and almost absent. Because in the spring, the plants are just beginning to grow whereas in the fall, things arc beginning to wither and die. In the same way, human beings absorb the energies of nature. When doing a person's analysis, it is these things that I look at. In the same way that people have their own personality, each kind of food has its own personality. There are some people who are very active or very talkative and there are others who are quiet and who do not have a lot to say and are very grounded. This is because of the kind of energy they are born with. In foods, garlic and onions have a strong fire energy, very warm and active. Foods like barley, pork or melons have very cold, water energy. There are these same kinds of energies in Chinese herbs. Ginseng is...

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