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Natural Insomnia Program is credited to Christian Goodman, who is a health expert, and he is willing to help those people suffering from insomnia for long. Many people end up suffering from the sleepless night, which ends up affecting their following day schedule. For instance, the author sleepless night has destructed his marriage and also career, but with the help of the program, he has been to overcomes this problem. Through the various studies, it shows that most of the people sleep after 45 minutes, but with the help of the program, this would be reduced to 10 to 15 minutes. The most common solution to relaxing the body is through linguistic audio, which would help the brain to relax and thus sleep effectively. Many people have used the program, and they have ended solving the problem entirely. The program is available either in the video series and e-Book and works within the shortest time possible. Read more...

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Cure Insomnia Six Steps To Sleep

The Cure Insomnia for Good with Six Steps to Sleep is a popular sleep program that persons who are facing the difficulty of having a sound sleep and usually have stressful days undertake; to retrain their body for a night of deep and restful sleep. This program uses a proven six steps sleep hygiene method that will naturally reset your sleep-wake cycle. This puts a stop to sleepless nights giving you a wonderful and energetic feeling in the morning and all day. From the book you will discover a lot which includes; how to fall asleep just within minutes of lying on your bed, how to stop your mind from wandering as you lay on the bed about to sleep, how you can stop the feeling of anxiety and restless when you are about to sleep, how to sleep properly when you are sharing the bed with a partner, how you can sleep soundly in a new environment and how you can get a sound sleep for about 7 hours in the night. This product is available for sale in hard copies and also on the site. It comes together with the book and the six steps to sleep program together with a guide for diet and 4 audio brainwave meditations, all of which contribute to relaxing the mind and body. Read more...

Cure Insomnia Six Steps To Sleep Summary

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Clinical Manifestations

The patient is easily excited or depressed and experiences accompanying headaches, giddiness, insomnia, hypomnesis, distractibility, restlessness, irritability unstable moods, anxiety or depression. Most patients cannot sleep well, are liable to wake up, have vivid dreams or even can not sleep at all at night. They may also have the following symptoms maldigestion, distention, constipation, anorexia and

Thyroid Gland Gland of Energy

The thyroid is an energy gland and its secretion is the controller of the speed of living. It affects the metabolism of practically all the tissues of the body. The principal function of the hormone is to regulate the rate of oxygen consumption, which is tantamount to the body's metabolic rate, which can be thought of as one's rate of living . This hormone is required for normal growth and development of the brian, muscle and bones and it indirectly affects the activity of other glands of internal secretion as well. Too little thyroid hormone produces a condition of sluggishness. With too much, there will be marked apprehension, alertness, nervousness, loss of weight, increased thirst, frequent urination, profuse perspiration, intolerance of heat, insomnia, frequent stools, rapid heartbeat and palpitations.

Begin the Orbit Open the Front Channel the Functional

Sole The Foot And Pressure Points

Many people experience soreness or pain when they practice, a sign that they are becoming sensitive to their formerly numbed body parts in the same way that we feel pain when our leg starts to come back to life after falling asleep. However you experience the energy is fine. Do not ignore the messages and sensations your body sends if anything, listen more attentively and experience your body more fully. These messages are valuable signals that you are coming in tune with your etheric energy body that connects your physical body to your mind.

Further indications concerning Zhan zhuang

Concerning people suffering from insomnia and more generally practitioner planning their post standing exercise before sleeping, there are two categories of possible scenarios a. Just after ending the post standing session, If one will rapidly fall asleep one belongs to the apathetic type. In this case one can practice post standing just before going to bed.

Taoist Yoga and the Kundalini

The Kundalini Research Institute in New York City reports worldwide over a hundred cases each year of individuals who cannot explain the uncontrollable release of energies in their body, often accompanied by days of sleeplessness, ringing and hissing noises in the ears and flashes of light inside the body. Some are students of yoga or meditation whose teachers abandon them after seeing they are powerless to diagnose or help the condition.

Practice Principles and Methods

Q Is it all right to fall asleep when sitting in meditation How should I handle it At times I pass out as long as 3 minutes, and I do not know what is going on. A No, it is not all right to fall asleep. How can you sleep when you practice Sleeping in meditation is also a form of demonic interference. The occurrence of passing out should not happen. Could it be that you did not express your question clearly in writing Losing awareness for three minutes does not mean anything has gone wrong. The state of losing awareness frequently happens to people with a superior ability to attain Ding (motionless state). However, it will be problematic if it goes on for a long time.

Functional mechanisms in Zhang zhuang

Zhan Zhuang

As we can understand that it is this system of pathways within the brain and special nerve cells which will directly trigger from deep sleep up to complete wakefulness and in ZZ's internal monitoring which reaches its most sophisticated state where high quality signal (pure signal) from nerve excitation without activating sleep.

Bridge Channels Yin and Yang Chiao Mo Function

Yin Channel Flow

When yin energy is slowed down in the Bridge Channels, yang energy flows more rapidly. The excess yang can cause the following problems insomnia, difficulty in closing the eyes, hypertension, stiff back and waist, inability to bend down, thigh tumors, bad colds, spontaneous sweating, headaches, painful eyes, paralysis of the arms and legs, vomiting of milk in infants, deafness, epilepsy, nose bleeding, swelling of the body, pain in the joints and head sweating.

Questions and Answers

Question Since I started practicing the Microcosmic Orbit method with a qi ball, I have been having difficuly falling asleep, and I feel almost as if something is flowing constantly through my body. Also, a painful injury I had a long time ago has started bothering me again. I feel almost feverish, and have headaches.

Beginners Reverse the Chi Flow

Meditation With Tongue Touching Palate

Even though the palate is constructed of soft bone it takes is considerable period of sustained effort for most practitioners to penetrate it and complete the route. The force which is generated in this practice often causes side effects such as headaches, illusions, erratic mood swings, insomnia, irritability and vague aches and pains. If such effects persist, immediately reverse your chi flow back down the spine to the feet. Also, read the chapter on How to Prevent Side Effects.

Il Practicing Lying post

Lying post is practiced on mattress or any sleep surface, much suitable for weaker body or people suffering from insomnia. At the end of your lying post you can lie on your side or any most convenient posture to get easily to sleep. If you are practicing in winter and your room is relatively cold then start directly with the third form while keeping your both hands under your blanket to avoid catching cold. Let's take an example In the very beginning of your training you may count mentally up to six or seven hundred breathing cycles then get gradually to sleep. Later with more practice, you will be able to fall asleep after only three to four hundred breathing cycles. And this can still be reduced with further practice.

Wild Goose or Dayan Qigong

Conducted in China have found that Dayan Qigong can have a therapeutic effect on hyper- and hypotension, weakness of the heart, insomnia, disturbances of the nervous system, intestinal infections, skin diseases, and mental illnesses. Scientific instruments have detected infra-red and electromagnetic changes in qigong masters and have detected the presence of specific germs and viruses in the air around practitioners after they have expelled the negative chi from their bodies.

Personal Experiences with the Microcosmic

The case reports were of people who had headaches for many years, others who had asthma and various other ailments such as allergies, insomnia, hypertension, stomach ulcers, constipation, heart problems, hemorrhoids, chronic fatigue, overweight and low back pain. Doctor Young feels quite confident that these methods will be taught here to doctors as part of their training within ten to twelve years. In fact, it has great promise in the field of preventive medicine and as a means of fulfilling one's potentials.

Being Relaxed and Tranquil Naturally

Tranquil here means to keep a serene mind during qigong exercise. Tranquillity is relative, there exists no absolute tranquillity. The so called falling into quiescense in qigong is different from natural sleep and general rest. It implies a special tranquil state with consciousness, or in other words, a special conscious state with tranquillity.

Chi Sacred Water Practice

Water And Its Memory

The Sacred Water practice (also known in the West as Holy Water) is to exercise the right of being the creators of the Cosmos. With strict and absolutely regular daily water intake to prevent the stresses and associated damages of dehydration, the chief conductor and supervisor of the body's well being - tryptophan and its neurotransmitter derivatives, serotonin, tryptamine and melatonin will be well positioned to regulate all functions. Regular daily walks will keep muscles well coordinated and correct any physiological processes that are established in the body as a result of anxiety or emotional stress.

Alleviating depression

Penis Breath

Stay at home, particularly in the winter they are afraid of the cold. So they keep the heating on and the windows shut, burning the oxygen out of the air. Then they fall asleep. As a result they find themselves getting even more tired a d weak. But they think this is just a normal condition of old age. Even doctors tell them, 'Oh, that's only to be expected at your age. Just get more rest and you will be all right.' But basically what they are missing is the main source of energy -fresh air The best thing to do is to open windows for a couple of minutes in the morning and evening to allow the house to breathe. You may even save on your heating bill because fresh air warms up more quickly than stale air When you want to go to sleep you need to prepare your mind and body. Take some fresh air, or just close your eyes for a while. The best preparation is a combination of Qigong and meditation. This will allow you to have a good night's sleep and wake up refreshed, because your body and...

Q Transforms the Three Layers

Sharon Tate Casket Open

Function This movement transforms physical blockages and stagnation, which allows the Q to flow smoothly. It balances the three burners which are equivalent to the three layers Heaven, Earth, and the Human Being. Diseases that are related to the three burners include heart and lung diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, and kidney diseases. Diseases located in these organs, or burners, may manifest in insomnia, anxiety, chest pain, nausea, and lower back pain. This movement also strengthens the ability to transmit external Q for healing.

Can Relaxation and Concentration cut down on the Number of hours you Sleep

Through sleep you are able to recover energy, allowing the body to refuel and repair itself. So it would be wrong, especially at the start, to substitute meditation for sleep. In the beginning, practice is practice and sleep is sleep. Some people think that sitting in meditation is just the same as sleep. It is true that meditation will calm down your nervous system and brain but your body still needs the rest and sleep is the best way of providing it. If you sleep less and then tend to fall asleep during practice, that is not good at all. Not being able to concentrate during practice you will simply defeat your own purpose.

Three Centered Meditation

You sit in a motionless position with your legs crossed and do something with your hands - either put them on your knees or touch your fingers. You relax your body and close your eyes. Hopefully you think about Nothing, but if you do think about Something it should be either positive or about things that are bothering you, not about paying the bills or problems with the kids. Sometimes you can use candles and incense, but it's not necessary, and sometimes you can chant to put yourself into a trance. Try not to fall asleep.

Holding Back pattern of tension

And darkness are merely degrees of brightness of the light of consciousness that you shed on certain aspects of your personality and its somatic manifestation, your body. Similarly, enlightenment comes and goes in waves as you awaken to certain truths about the nature of existence and fall asleep just to awaken again sooner or later. The more you get used to shining the light of consciousness on your idiosyncrasies, the more enlightened they become - full of energy and no longer weak spots or buttons that can be pushed - thereby facilitating your enlightenment.

Sample Case

Mr.Chen, 55 years old, had suffered from dizzy, headaches, and insomnia for many years, and had suffered from short breath, palpitation, failing memory and had a low work efficiency for more than ten years. He was diagnosed as having neurasthenia and treated with a combination of Western and tradtional Chinese medicine, but there was no obvious and stable effect. Then he turned to Qigong treatment. After practising for two weeks, the insomnia and headaches were relieved. Two months later, the above symptoms disappeared and he gained weight, experienced an increase in appetite, and his mental and physical condition and memory were also improved. Now he can perform his normal responsibilities well.

Ways of meditating

But should not replace standing meditation, as standing meditation will create very powerful Qi in the body. As for lying meditation, when you are lying down it takes much longer for the Qi to circulate in the body, and so usually I only recommend lying meditation as a beginning method for someone who is very ill and cannot stand. For healthy people, when you do lying meditation, you will often find that you fall asleep instead of doing meditation.


Acupressure Baihui The Shen

The exercise is simple and easy to learn. Its effect will be seen after practising it for one or two months. It helps improve the function of the eyes, adjust the cerebral nerve, correct and improve the eyesight of young people, and has a preventive and curative effect for declining sight, myopia, weak sight, astigmatism and farsightedness. It also helps to strengthen the brain, improve fitness, and has a certain effect in relieving headache, neurosis, insomnia and liver diseases.

Issue February March

Chikung Meditation Sitting

Expect, but after a little initial surprise they became accustomed to the exercises and really got stuck in and enjoyed themselves. ***By the final seminar many, having practised for two months, were already beginning to feel the effects of the training. Some commented on how their sleeping habits had changed, how strong and invigorated they felt and even how their appetites had changed This series of seminars covered only the first level of Hard Qigong. Hard Qigong has seven levels there is a very long way to go The second level is scheduled to take place

Qigong Treatment

This exercise has the function of removing the nervous messages in the mind and treating insomnia. Sit on the bed with the legs naturally bent and crossed before going to bed. First, massage the Shenyu and Mingmen points on the waist with the palms for 36 times, then massage Yongquan point in the centre of the left and right soles with the palms for 36 times each, so as to keep the mind in quiescence and the spirit stable. Then sit peacefully for a moment, close the eyes slightly, concentrate the mind and breathe calmly, lick the palate, and put the hands on the knees. Taking the waist as the axis, rock the upper body in a circle for 36 times to the right and another 36 times to the left. The rocking should be from small to large and while rocking, the head and neck should swing to and fro in correspondence with the body. Concentrate the mind and breath ,on Dantian. Practise 1 to 2 times a day. This is used to treat neurosism patients who have the following symptoms headaches,...

Chi kung reactions

Sometime during seated meditation, you might feel drowsy and have the feeling that you are going to fall asleep. But don't worry, you will not actually fall asleep. You are just entering a meditative state or trance (close to alpha brainwave). But don't try to fall asleep either. In this state your body will feel totally relaxed without any tension, almost feeling like it is weightless. When it happened, just relax and observe. Spontaneous Movement is most likely to occur during this stage.

Qigong is Wonderful

Most Qigong is comprised of three elements Concentration, Breath, & Movement. Sometimes there is a special or secret clement also involved, but for the most part it is simple and easy to learn and can be performed by anyone. I know some two hundred types of Qigong exercise. Some is done as preventative exercise but also a lot is performed as a component of treatments I prescribe. I also use Tuina therapy in treatment, a combination of massage and accupressure. Finally people come to me from all over the Netherlands to correct imbalances they have accumulated through bad habits such as smoking, overeating, insomnia & stress, as well as fatigue and depression. These conditions have no real answer in the western realm of treatment and my Qigong has been very successful in helping these people. Moreover western medicine has no treatment for the common cold, discomfort of flu symptoms, migraine, loss of appetite, menstruation & menopausal problems, and many other conditions arising from...

Matter of Trust

You may wonder why I am telling animal stories in a Chinese internal arts magazine but I have learned to listen to the ideas that waken me in the middle of a deep sleep and ponder them further. The moral of the story, as they say, is trust. In the beginning, I could not even come near Babe, but with patience and gentleness, I won her heart.

TCM Diagnosis

All you have to do is lie there and try to relax, although the treatment will often have this effect on you anyway. A commonly reported effect of acupuncture, particularly in people who are tense or in pain, is a feeling of deep relaxation to the extent that many fall asleep during their treatment.

Taoist yoga

Photograph 32 shows the 'Turtle Posture'. This posture affects the heart meridian and is very good at keeping anger at bay It is also good for insomnia caused by 'fire in the heart'. People with heart troubles should take it easy with this posturePhotograph 33 shows the 'Bat Posture'. This is good for the central nervous system and works by gently twisting the spine. It is also good for developing leg muscle tone. The posture should be held for about 30 seconds to one minute.

Being Awake

Most interestingly, awakening is not a one shot kind of a deal, because even after the most profound awakenings, we all have the tendency to fall asleep over and over again. Although this process has its own ebb and flow, you can catch and ride a wave of awakening by consciously identifying with the creator of the dream, the dreamer of the dream drama you call your life. Becoming one with the dreamer will encourage you to accept full responsibility for your destiny as well as empower you to manifest a more creative and abundant life for yourself and all your dream characters.

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