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The final seminars of 2003 were held in London and Manchester on Dec 6 and 7th. These were on stretching and meditation. Yoga has become quite popular in recent years and this course explained how Qigong approaches stretching and its benefits to health. Stretching helps to promote the circulation of Qi and blood. However as with all things, everything must be balanced and so along with training flexibility we must also train the body to be strong as well.

The students were taught to warm up their bodies by first stimulating the Dantian so the Qi begins to flow, and then work theirway through the body. They learnt how to stretch in a healthy way and also shown how to make their Qi stronger through standing postures, Ma Bo postures and meditation, both standing and sitting.

A full list of seminars for 2004 is now available. Please contact the Tse Qigong Centre for details.

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Michael Tse it to buy shares or some investment and make some more money.

The son told the mother, "Don't worry about it. It is okay." The mother thought that the son must be under lots of stress and did not know how to handle the money. He still went out to work, but one day, the son became very ill. Soon he had to take to his bed. The mother was upset and scared. She was crying as she told the son, "I told you not to work so hard." The son just smiled and said it would be okay and then passed away.

Eventually, the mother lost everything and became a beggar. On the other side of the village, in the estate of Yi Yi Li, there lived a very rich man. However, the rich man and his wife had never been able to have children, even though they wanted to so much. They went to all kinds of doctors and even went to the temple to ask the gods to give them a child. Nothing happened for many years. Then suddenly, one day, the rich man's wife found out that she was pregnant. It was such happy news for them.

When the baby was born, it was a boy. However, the baby boy cried and cried, day and night and no one could stop him. Moreover, he would not take any milk from his mother or anyone else. The baby kept getting weaker and weaker. The rich man was very upset and worried. He knew the baby would eventually die if nothing changed. So, he put up an announcement in town square which said that if anyone could make his baby stop crying, he would give them one million dollars and if anyone could make his baby eat, he would give them his house.

People from all over queued up to try. After half a day, still no one had been able to feed the baby or make it stop crying. The man and his wife were in despair. Then, at the end of the day, the wood cutters wife came along. When she picked up the baby, it stopped crying immediately. Then they gave the woman some milk to try and feed the baby, she gave the baby the milk and the baby drank. Everyone was so happy. He told the wood cutter's wife, "Here is one million dollars and here is my home. I can always buy another home. You can live here and help to take care of the baby and be with us."

From then on, the wood cutter's wife took care of the baby. One day, when she was holding the baby boy, he looked at the her and spoke!

Duk means gain. When someone wants something, they will ask the person, who has what they want, "Are you Sei Duk to give that to me." It also means that if

He said,

If you have never done this, it will not be good as what comes around, goes around."

you do not give, you cannot gain because you cannot let go of something.

So someone who can let go of the things they have, in the end they will gain more. So now ask yourselves, have you given any money to charity? If you have never done this, it will not be good for your future as what comes around, goes around. Have you bought dinnerfor your friends without asking? If your neighbour, your friends, your family, have asked you for help, did you help? If not, help them and change your life. All the money we have, if you always think about it being "my money" then in the end you will lose that money and be poor. If you only think that the people you know are there to be used for something, then I can guarantee that in the end, you will someday be on your own and suffering.

If you can use the money you have orthe time you have to help others, then in the end you will gain more. If you have knowledge, then you can use your wisdom to help others and you will gain more wisdom and be well known. In any circumstances, if you can help others, then you will gain more friends and others will help you when you need it. The results of everything you do will come back to you and they can be more than you expect. Happiness is more than money can buy.

"Mother, don't you recognise me? I kept my promise to you and also my father's promise, so that you could live in Yi Yi Li. " The woman was so shocked that she almost dropped the baby. She realised that her son had sacrificed himself so that she could have a home in Yi Yi Li.

The universal law is, what comes around goes around. Many people want to have a very wealthy life and have lots of riches. We work hard for what we want. We only think about how to obtain and possess it and keep it for ourselves. We never think about when we give, we gain more. The Chinese have a phrase called, "Sei Duk". Sei means let go and give.


In our practice of Taijiquan, we have the six inner and outer harmonies as a guideline. The three external harmonies are the alignment, in virtually every posture, of hips and shoulders, knees and elbows, hands and feet.

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