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Dear Michael,

I have read your books and have been impressed with the practices I have found in them. I would like to know what you can tell me about the use of Qigong to treat emphysema. Thank you for your time.

Best wishes, Justin, Texas

Dear Justin,

Thank you for your letter. Qigong can help with all kinds of illnesses. The style of Qigong that I teach and practise is over 1,800 years old which means it has a lot of history and energy following it. In the Dayan Qigong system, we do movements which carry the Qi to acupuncture points in the body and also to the channels. Other movements release the sick energy and others help to create flexibility so the Qi can go everywhere, including inside the body to nourish the internal organs.

Emphysema is a problem that affects breathing and so relates to the lungs. Any movement which can open the Qihu points on the chest, make the legs and back stronger, will help both the lungs and kidneys. So in Balancing Gong, we have Roc Extends the Wings, Supporting the Sky and also Peeping Monkey and Monkey Walk which will be good for this problem. Afterwards, you can do a standing meditation called Horse Stance which is also in the book. Try to push yourself a little more and not only keep a high position, but go low as well and then come back up when you are tired.

Afterwards, do the Shou Gong and bring all the energy back to the Lower Dantian and then rest the hands here with the eyes closed for a moment. This will settle everything and help you store more Qi. Best wishes to you, Michael Tse and corrections. It becomes addictive. To think two and a half years ago when a friend asked me if I wanted to attend a Wild Goose workshop in Edinburgh how it would end. In my naivety I thought I was just going to Edinburgh the once. Now since then I have travelled up twice a year since. The same core of people have attended the workshops through out, which when each course draws near it is with anticipation we all hope to be reunited again.

From the first talk by Sifu the word family was mentioned and continually brought into context throughout the week end. Over the various workshops we have had different instructors but always the feeling of family i s t h er e . We have grown as a class and now no longer feel embarrassed about

"When each course draws near we all hop to be reunited again."

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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