Energy from the galaxy

There is a level of higher training that may interest some readers. It can be reached only after long, dedicated practice.

The exercises on pages 124 to 135 will have increased the power of your mind. The exercise that follows makes great demands on that power and stretches your mind into the solar system.

The ideal time for this exercise is sunrise. Stand facing the rising sun. Let it be the destination for your orbiting energy and bring back into yourself the power of its rays.

FOCUS YOUR ENERGY Stand in the second position — Holding the Balloon (see p. 35). Focus all your attention on your navel. Imagine that your energy has become a little point, a small satellite ready to go into orbit around you. It makes a single circle around your waist, moving anticlockwise. It travels at a gentle, natural pace and is ready to begin a second circuit around you, this time just a little further away from your body. As it travels around you, your body may sway a little; this is natural, but don't mistake this slight physical movement for the real point of the exercise, which is the circulation of the energy around you.

WIDENING CIRCLES Keep the point of energy rotating around you in ever-widening circles. They begin to reach far beyond the place where you are standing: beyond your room; beyond the park; beyond your town; beyond your country; beyond your continent — circling as wide as the earth and then spinning into space.


Make 21 orbits, reaching the sun or the moon on the 21st. Pause for one or two seconds. Then begin the return journey, this time circling back in clockwise loops until the travelling point of energy returns to your navel, on the 21st of these ever-diminishing clockwise orbits.

"Non-action is the real action. One hundred acts are not as good as one moment ofsilence. One hundred exercises are not as good as one moment of standing still."

"Big action is not as good as small action. Small action is not as good as non-action."

Wang Xiang Zhai


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