When you are pregnant a selective combination of Ba Duan Jin and Zhan Zhuang exercises practised every day will be a great help to you and to your baby.


This combination of exercises is excellent for preparing mother and child for birth. It helps to build energy for labour and, by helping anchor the centre of energy in the body, it develops strength in your lower body.

Begin with these three Ba Duan Jin exercises.

CAUTION: Do not practise the other Ba Duan Jin exercises after learning that you are pregnant.

1. Supporting the Sky with Both Hands Regulates all Internal Organs (see pp. 66-67)

2. Drawing a Bow to Each Side Resembles Shooting an Eagle (see pp. 68-69)

3. Holding Up a Single Hand Regulates the Spleen and Stomach (see pp. 70-71)

Follow these with up to 20 minutes of standing in either:

the second position - Holding the Balloon (see pp. 34-35)

the third position - Holding Your Belly (see pp. 84-85) or the fourth position — Standing in the Stream (see pp. 88-89)

After childbirth

Having given birth, your whole system goes through enormous changes. You have given a great deal of your energy to your baby, so it is essential to build up your own vitality again.


As soon as you feel able, try doing some Zhan Zhuang while sitting or lying down. Just hold the imaginary balloon for as long as you feel comfortable. Then, one month after giving birth, and as long as your recovery is progressing normally, begin doing the full sequence of Ba Duan Jin and Zhan Zhuang exercises. This combination will be of immense help in regulating your internal energy, helping you to adjust to the next stage of your life, and restoring your vital force.

Practise the second position — Holding the Balloon, while lying down if this is most

Practise the second position — Holding the Balloon, while lying down if this is most

Lying Positions Zhan Zhuang
Lie with your knees up (see below) or flat on the ground (see above). If you raise your knees, bring your toes off the ground as well.

If this is too difficult, rest your elbows and the soles of your feet on the bed, keeping your knees bent.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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