Shaking the Body Wards off All Illnesses

This exercise aims to refresh and regenerate all your internal organs by enabling them to massage each other. It is also excellent for your spine, your nervous system, and your sense of balance.

CAUTION Do not practise this Ba Duan Jin exercise when pregnant.


Standing in the Wu Chi position (sec p. 64), lower yourself slightly by bending your knees.

Rest the backs ofyour hands on the flesh just above your hip bones on either side of your lower back. Shakeyour whole body by bouncing gently up and down from your knees. Your feetstay flat on the ground. Make sure your shoulders and elbows are completely relaxed so that their weight rests on the backs ofyour hands. You will feel your hands pleasantly massaging your lower back.

On each bounce, breathe out through your nose in little bursts, until you have exhaled completely. Keep bouncing as you inhale smoothly'. Continue until you have completed eight exhalations and inhalations.

Duan Jin Standing
Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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