The sixth position variations

The next six variants on this position are achieved as you place your hands in each of the subsequent Zhan Zhuang positions: Holding your Belly (third position), Standing in the Stream (fourth position), and Holding the Balloon in Front of your Face (fifth position). Do each, first of all placing your full weight on your left leg and the next time on your right leg.

PRACTICAL TIPS Do not sink lower than 5cm (2in) in any of these positions when placing your weight on one leg. Just concentrate on standing still and unwavering on the one leg and dispelling all tension from the rest of your body. Review the charts on pages 35 and 98 to 99 for each position, to ensure that all the details for the correct arrangement of your hands, arms, shoulders, neck, and head are fresh in your mind. Make sure that you observe all these points while holding the positions with your weight on one leg. The order in which you work through the positions is unimportant.

Zhan Zhuang Positions



First Position Standing Tree Chi Kung

Master-Lam in the sixth position.

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