Weight on One Leg the sixth position

This position builds on what you have already learned. Having developed the ability to hold the first five positions, where the variation is chiefly in the position of your arms, you will now progress to shifting the alignment of your lower body. This position, as you will see, is an adaptation of the second to fifth positions. In each case, you shift your weight first on to your left leg, then your right. This means that you move through eight positions in all. Shift your weight in each position, first to the left and then to the right. Always stand for the same time on the left and right sides.

1. Begin by standing in the Wu Chi position (seep. 29). Relax thoroughly. Then bei your legs slightly, lowering yourself by no more than 5cm (2in). Arc your arms up to the second position — Holding the Balloon (see pp. 34-35). Let your upper body become weightless.

2. Now slowly shiftyour entire weight on to your left leg. Forget completely about your right leg. It is simply there, as it was before, but your mind and weight are entirely in your left leg. Imagine that your leftbuttock is supported by a huge balloon resting beneath it and taking its weight.

Hold that position for a minute or two. Do not move.

3. Next time you practise, put your entire weight on to your right leg.

3. Next time you practise, put your entire weight on to your right leg.

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