Qigong Iron Penis Exercises

Qigong Iron Penis Exercises

Iron Crotch Qigong is a traditional practice followed for thousands of years to protect the male genitalia in China, and has been a major in countless Chinese medicine colleges. It's consisted of hard crotch and soft crotch, while the hard crotch, which has been kept as a secret, must be started from the childhood; the Iron crotch that practiced by adults is soft crotch qigong, which works effectively to cure erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, penis curvature, spermatorrhea, etc. After 30 years of clinical treatment and more than 300 patients treated statistics, it has been confirmed as a reliable cure with its more than 95% effectiveness. The Practical Features OF Iron Crotch. 1. Warm and restore Qi and Blood, strengthen the renal functionIf renal function is strong, Qi will be strong and if the Qi is strong, so is Shen(Kidney). 2. Enhance renal function and arouse sexual passionimprove the function of sexual and urinary organs and your sexual life. 3.Make you Physically and spiritually happy, restorative and healthygood health accompanies you forever and health preservation provides you with a comfortable and happy life! 4. Easy to practice, time and energy-saving 40 minutes' practice per day ensures wonderful and miraculous effects. 5. No need to take drugs and no side-effectsscientific practice makes you say goodbye to igorous but harmful drugs.

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The Secret of Yin and Yang in Tai Chi practice

Meridiane Laogong

Kan-Lii and Yin-Yang adjustments are critical keys for success in Chi Kung, and so adjusting them is one of the main subjects of both training and research. According to the experience of the last thousand years, a Nei Dan Chi Kung practitioner who wishes to adjust his Kan and Lii efficiently must learn how to regulate his Yi and breathing. There are also several Chiaw Men Tricky Doors which have usually been kept secret, and only taught when the student had earned the trust of his master. One...

Training of Qi

Thenar Eminence Minor

Training Qi is the first step in developing the ability to emit Qi. A Qigong doctor usually has to undergo long-term physical dynamic and internal static exercises before his Qi can be voluntarily regulated, replenished, and circulated down to the Diantian, and then circulated throughout the body and its channels. Wherever a Qigong doctor's mind is concentrated, there is Qi, and wherever there is Qi, there is strength. This is the foundation from which Qigong doctors emit outgoing Qi. Training...

Empty Force

Tan Tien Chi Kung is one of the Taoist Chi Kung practices used to develop the Tan Tien Second Brain and Perineum Power. We need Chi and Chi pressure in the Tan Tien as a foundation for most of the Universal Tao practices, especially for Iron Shirt Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chi Kung and meditation. The Tan Tien is the energy reservoir in the body. It is the place where we store the energy we generate, gather and absorb in Chi Kung and meditation. If the energy is stored in the Tan Tien it can be...

Harmonization Exercise Tiao He Gong

Tiger Qigong

Tiao He Gong is an auxiliary exercise practised after ending of Qigong. It can be used for prevention of side-effects during performing Qigong. It was created according to expositions on cultivation, conserving health, methods of breathing and so on as found in the oldest medical book now extant in China, the Classics of Internal Medicine, and according to practical experience of curing diseases by massage. It is a kind of simple and practical exercise for health care. The maneuvres of the...

Longevity Exercise Chang Shou Gong

Taijiquan Taichichuan

Chang Shou Gong has been popular in the Taihu Lake Taihu Region of South China for a long time. It is characterized by integration of mobile and quiescent exercises, convenience for practice both on land or in a boat, providing firmness and gentleness, and all-round positive effects. When it is practised persistently, the diseases may be cured and prolonging of life obtained. 1 The preparatory posture. Calm the mind and concentrate the thoughts, but do not be slack. Let Baihui face the sky....

Self Qigong Exercise as Accessory Treatment

1 Iron Crotch Exercise Tiedang Gong Pushing the Abdomen-. Lie supine, overlap the hands with the right above the left, and push with them from the xiphoid process to the pubic symphysis 36 times. Pushing the Abdomen Obliquely-. Lie supine, and push with the palms from the xiphoid process separately and obliquely to the sides of the abdomen 36 times. Kneading the Navel-. Lie supine, overlap the hands and knead with pressure the navel clockwise and counterclockwise 36 times respectively....

Exercise for Nourishing the Kidney for Rejuvenation Yangshen Huichun Gongj

Functions Dredges the channels, reinforces the kidneys, tonifies and prolongs life. This exercise is a superior Qigong regime for nourishing the kidney and building up the health in the old and middle-aged. Methods 1. Preparation. Stand quietly with feet shoulder-width apart. Allow the hands to hang naturally, and keep the neck and spine straightened as if supporting an object on the head. Your knees should be relaxed and slightly bent, while the toes clutch the ground. Keep your tongue against...

Chi Kung can create an ultimate strong body through its breathing and conditioning processes

Secret Qigong Breathing Techniques

Qi Gong pronounced Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese energy Chi practice. It originated in China over 1,000 years ago. In ancient times healers were extensively trained in Qigong. The Chinese character gong represents the effort placed into Qi practice as well as the power gained through such practice. Qigong literally means the meditation practice of Qi energy. It is based on the concept of Chi, energy which flows through the body. There are 460 movements to learn in the Qigong and related Tai...