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Area Karma Act Tact Qi

(1) The Origin of Karma Karma is a type of black substance that is the opposite of virtue. In Buddhism it is called sinful karma, while here we call it karma. So doing bad things is called producing karma. Karma is produced by a person's doing wrong in this life or in past lives. For instance, killing, taking advantage of others, infringing upon others' interests, gossiping about someone behind his or her back, being unfriendly to someone, and so on can all create karma. In addition, some karma is passed on from ancestors, family and relatives, or close friends. When one throws punches at someone else, one also throws one's white substance over to the other person, and the vacated area in one's body is then filled with the black substance. Killing is the worst evildoing it is a wrongdoing and will generate heavy karma. Karma is the primary factor causing sickness in people. Of course, it doesn't always manifest itself in the form of sickness it can also manifest as encountering some...

Doorway Learn the Name

In the Chinese tradition, the name of an object symbolizes all the information about that object. For instance, a new baby's name is used not only for communication purposes but also contains the baby's personality and life karma. In Chinese, we have a saying, A person's name comes from the universe. In other words, it doesn't matter who gave you your name the universe is the original source of your name. The same is true for the names of Qigong forms. The name of the form is the essence and spirit of the form. Gaining a better understanding of the name will help us in our practice.

Downward Press Upper

Your adventure partner's best bet in controlling you is by holding your hand on his or her Centerline. Lao Gong point pointing downwards. If he or she grabs your left hand, make a feint Downward Press with your left elbow while protecting your head with your right arm using a secondary movement of Upper Cut. Align your left forearm with your partner's forearm without moving his or her grabbing hand. As soon as you elicit your partner's reaction in the form of resistance to your feigning the Downward Press, turn your left palm up and step with your left foot between his or her feet. Immediately proceed with an accurate Upper Cut targeting your partner's chin with your left elbow, but be careful not to break his or her jaw (do not forget about Karma). As long as you're not rushing your partner to the emergency room, continue by experimenting with this combination on the opposite side.

Why Some Patients Are Not Healed

You might also consider that the disease is of karmic origin and that the appropriate time for complete healing has not yet arrived. The patient may not have yet learned the lesson that he or she is supposed to learn. Books written on Edgar Cayce and his works provide a lot of information about karma in relation to disease.

Why do I feel tired after Meditating

The warm current concentration is an exercise of the mind, which directs the current and burns large quantities of energy in the course of purifying the nervous systems of the organism. During the early stages of practice you will be doing a great deal of repair work on your body. After concentrating you may feel tired or experience some soreness in your back. The Taoist rebirth process explains itself. It is a means whereby the sick and damaged body recreates the life process to that of a baby. To accomplish this, one needs a lot of material and energy. Those who are strong and healthy will find that after practice they feel refreshed. Those who are ill or unhealthy, or who think they are healthy but in fact are not, will feel sleepy or tired in the beginning when such energy is expended in a virtual repair and rebuilding process. One gradually changes into a stronger, more vigorous and yet peaceful person. Remember that this method calls for gradual change and a restructuring of the

Taoist Yoga and the Kundalini

Master Chia thus describes the Taoist approach to kundalini awakening as the body and mind parenting the rebirth of its own soul into the next dimension of consciousness. One does not expect a human infant to fend for itself immediately after birth that is the parent's responsibility. The reborn soul, ascending out the crown chakra and arriving as an infant in a confusing new world, would have adult guidance in the form of a powerful field of balanced chi energy protecting it from malevolent astral forces.

Small Heavenly Cycle Microcosmic Orbit

The introduction to the seven higher formulas of Taoist Esoteric practice is the Opening of the Microcosmic Orbit, or the rebirth process of return to the mother's womb. This route is composed of the Functional and Governor Channels, which must be purified and linked to form a free-flowing circuit.

Cultivating Xinxing mindnature

Q How do we eliminate karma or, as Buddhism calls it, karmic debt A Cultivation itself is a form of eliminating karma. The best way is to improve your Xinxing, which enables the transformation of the black substance into the white substance, the substance of De. De is then transformed into Gong.

Some Basic Requirements and Words of Caution for Practicing Falun Gong

Some tribulations may come up during practice. That is one way of paying off the karma. Everybody has karma. When you sense discomfort in your body, do not think of it as an illness. In order to eliminate karma and to pave the way for cultivation, some tribulations may come sooner and earlier.

The Original Spirit Breath Reborn as our Inner Child

People Deep Meditation

A primary goal of Daoist inner alchemy is to cultivate our yuan chi, our Original Breath. Original breath manifests as the presence of our unconditioned inner self. We nurture our Original Breath to help us literally rebirth our immortal child , or Original Spirit, while still alive in our body. Smiling Chinese Long Life figure, with third eye swollen from deep meditation on the Tao. Why is he always shown smiling He is holding his inner or immortal child in his arms, suggesting that the Sage has successfully cultivated his Original Breath (chi), thereby inspiring his Original Spirit (shen) to rebirth its Original Substance (jing). The wisdom of the smiling Sage and the vitality of the smiling baby are thus merged into one. The term Lao Tzu (Laozi) can be translated as Ancient Child .

Upper Cut Downward Press application

Keep in mind that this is a very powerful martial art application that can be devastating to the person grabbing you. Therefore, be mindful when working with your partner, because he or she will also be practicing on you (Karma has a tendency to come back many fold). Do not forget to practice the same combination with your left arm.

Problems Encountered In Selfhealing

Sometimes the ailment requires treatment using other supplementary or more appropriate forms of healing combined with pranic healing. On rare occasions, healing oneself of a serious ailment is not possible due to karmic factors or negative karma. Karma Some serious ailments are due to negative deeds, thoughts, and feelings in the present and past lives of patients. This is called negative karma. But not all serious ailments are due to negative karma. No pranic healer should ever turn away a patient just because he or she thinks the ailment may be due to negative karma Very few clairvoyants can actually see with great accuracy into the past karma of a patient. Even if it is negative karma, you are not in a position to know when the negative karma has been fully worked out therefore the patient is entitled to be healed. If the ailment is due to negative karma and it has not been worked out, then no amount of treatment can heal the patient. So the healer can in no way interfere with the...

Chapter Seven Conclusion Inner Smile as Path to Enlightenment

Tao Inner Smile

In mother's womb to Original Spirit in the cosmic womb of the wuji, the Supreme Unknown. Spiritual rebirth then takes us back into Creation, but this time the ego is consciously fused with the will of Original Spirit and thus becomes Eternal. Photo author with Daoist adept Lehechun in the famous Green Goat Temple, Chengdu, China. Lihechun cultivated his serene Inner Smile during a year long retreat in a cave on Mt. Huashan.

Levels of Cultivation in Falun Gong

After students of Falun Gong go through adjustment of the flesh body, they will reach the state that is suitable for Dafa51 cultivation the Milk-White Body state. Gong will only develop after this state is reached. People with a high-level Third Eye can see that gong develops on the surface of a practitioner's skin and is then absorbed into his or her body. This process of gong generation and absorption keeps repeating itself, going level after level, sometimes really rapidly. This is first-round gong. After the first round, the body of the practitioner is no longer a regular one. A practitioner will never again get sick after reaching the Milk-White Body state. The pain that might emerge here and there or the discomfort in a certain area is not sickness, though it might appear to be similar It is caused by karma. After the second round of gong development, one's intelligent beings will have grown very large and are able to move around and talk. Sometimes they are produced sparsely,...

Two Types Of Substance

Pp is a white substance and forms a field that surrounds one's body. At the same time, there exists a black kind of substance that is called karma . What k ind of r elationship d o t hese t wo substances have -- We obtain that de through suffering, enduring setbacks, and doing good deeds the black substance is accrued by committing bad deeds and doing wrong things. Why is t his DE valued s o much Religions m ention t hat if o ne does n ot have any DE , both one's body and soul will become extinct. Throughout the generations in the family, ancestors may also accumulate karma for later generations.

All kinds of amazing psych abilities developed because they practised Qigong

Kate Britton Qigong

We hopefully have underlying principles which we can apply to situations. That helps a lot. Forexample, if we always try to be kind we'll make good karma for all. But what constitutes a kindness to one person may not be a kindness to another. To do a kindness to person A may involve a hug, the words It's ok and a chat over a cup of tea. To do a kindness to person B may involve the words I'm not going to be involved in anything you do until you stop screwing up. Now go away and think about it. Different methods, of course, but still trying to give each person what they need to change and grow. One principle, different applications.

Qigong Treatments and Hospital Treatments

Theoretically speaking, qigong treatments are completely different from the treatments given at hospitals. Western treatments utilize methods of everyday people's society. Despite having means such as laboratory tests and X-ray examinations, they can only observe the sources of illness in this dimension and they cannot see fundamental causes that exist in other dimensions. So they fail to understand the cause of illness. Medication can remove or drive away the origin of a patient's illness (which is considered a pathogen by Western doctors, and karma in qigong) if he or she isn't seriously ill. Medicine will be ineffective in the event that the illness is serious, as the patient might be unable to bear increased dosages. Not all illnesses are constrained by the laws of this world. Some illnesses are quite serious and exceed the confines of this world, rendering hospitals incapable of curing them. Qigong treatments eliminate the root cause of illness. I regard illness as one type of...

Can Relaxation and Concentration cut down on the Number of hours you Sleep

The average adult needs about eight hours. It is said, traditionally, that when Chi fills all of your organs and you fulfill the rebirth process, your body will need less sleep. Yet, we must recognize that living in these times, subjected as we are to different kinds of stress, new rules must apply.

Art Lover

I understand that the arts are taught completely different in the East than in the West. I get the impression that there is more emphasis on Karma and the spirit, that the technique is more important than strength and that the power should come from the inside and not so much from the muscles.


Qigong Iron Crotch Exercise

In September 2005, after I had finished the final draft of this book, I had a great experience of nature in Hawaii with my wife Deirdre Orceyre. I practiced my shamanic alchemy Qigong on the Kan (Water) island of Kauai and the Lift (Fire) island of the Big Island. I sensed the power of Water and Fire and how they destroy and recreate life. The abundance of nature that is so evident in Hawaii showed me the importance of the symbolic killing function of the tiger. Death is indeed the path of rebirth. Through the gifts from my students and friends Malik Cotter and Joyanna Cotter, I had the chance to visit the House of the Sun, Haleakala, and the Valley of the Moon, Iao, on the island of Maui. I thought about the topic of Enlightenment as I was enjoying the magic of Maui and meditating in the bright light of the sun and the moon.

Demonic Interference

The problem of demonic interference will surely arise when a person is cultivating to high levels. It's impossible that one has not committed wrongdoing in one's lifetime, just as one's ancestors must have in their lives this is called karma. Whether a person's inborn quality is good or not reflects how much karma this person carries with him or her. Even if he or she is a rather good person it is still impossible to be free of karma. You can't sense it because you don't practice cultivation. Demons won't care if your practice is only for healing and improving health. But they will bother you once you begin cultivating to high levels. They can disturb you using many different methods, the goal of which is to prevent you from cultivating to high levels and to make you fail in your practice. Demons manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Some manifest themselves as daily life happenings, while others take the form of phenomena from other dimensions. They command things to interfere...


A We cultivators are not much different from ordinary people. Your tribulations are arranged based on your path as a cultivator. Since ordinary people are paying off karma of ordinary people, they all have tribulations. It doesn't mean that since you are a cultivator, you will have tribulations, and that since you are an ordinary person, you don't. It is the same in both regards. It is just that your tribulations are orchestrated for the purpose of improving your Xinxing whereas his tribulations have been orchestrated to pay off his karmic debt. The truth of the matter is that tribulations are your own karma that I utilized to improve the disciples' Xinxing.

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