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A trait of the most successful people of the world is unstoppable confidence. The same holds true for the greatest healers. Here are ways to express your confidence:

• Regard your sickness as your teacher and your friend. Ask yourself why you are getting sick. The sickness relates to how you have been conducting your life. Have you been following the principles of nature? Have you been eating well? Have you been doing exercises including Qigong regularly? Have you been a happy person with universal love, kindness, and forgiveness in all situations in your heart?

• Take your sickness as a positive warning. Listen to your inner voice. Follow it to understand your life, and you will certainly live a happier and healthier life.

• Accept the truth that everybody has the ability to heal himself and help heal others. We are born with these abilities. As vou use them, vour confidence builds. As your

confidence builds, you will become a more powerful healer.

• Hold in your heart that some day, through your continuous practice and with the help of your master's energy you will get well.

Blockages are not formed in a day: Some blockages have been in the body for a long time. It may take time for you to let go of them. They stay in your body for a while as a teacher, in order to teach you to get back on the right track of life. When you are totally on track, the sickness disappears.

When you are sick, talk to yourself. "I'm going to practice these exercises every day. I am sure I will get well. If not todav, it will happen tomorrow If not tomorrow, it will be the day after tomorrow, or the next week, or next month. I will absolutely get well!"

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