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Qigong is easily learned. Start by listening to the first four audio tapes. They introduce you to Spring Forest Qigong. You may listen to these anywhere, even while you are driving.

Then watch the video tape. You will meet people who practice Qigong, and you will learn the Active Exercises of Spring Forest Qigong. Consider watching the video tape multiple times to effectively learn the exercises.

The remaining two audio sessions are for exercise and meditation. The lirst, called Active Exercises, helps you with the active exercises that you learned on the video. Each side is approximately 30 minutes. On Side A, I will guide you through these exercises: Beginning of the Universe, Forming of Yin and Yang, Moving of Yin and Yang, Breathing of the Universe, and Joining of Yin and Yang. On Side B, I will guide you through Harmony of Universal Energy, Seven Steps of New Life, and the ending exercise, Harvesting Qi. If you choose to do just Side A, be sure to finish the session with the Ending exercise-it is easy to memorize.

The second other audio tape includes two 30-minute Sitting Meditations: Small Universe and Self-Concentration. Do not listen to the meditation tapes while driving.

Use one or more of these sessions each day as you learn Qigong. Serious students will do one hour of the Active Exercises and one session of the Sitting Meditations each day. While that is optimal, you will also benefit with just ten minutes ol Qigong.

As you develop your practice you may continue with the tapes, practice in silence, or use other music in the background such as the enclosed CD titled Inner Beauty. This CD is meditation music for longer sessions or simply for your relaxation and enjovment.

This course, manual i.s a Qigong treasure trove. Read through the narrative to learn:

• The Essence of Qigong • The Health Benefits of Qigong

• How Qigong Heals • The Unique Value of Spring Forest Qigong

• Six Factors that Block Qi • Three Secrets to Practicc Qigong Effectively

• Three Vital Elements of Qigong Exorcise • Six Keys to Success

• Discovering the Beauty of Life

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