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To heal the body and develop self-awareness.

Time on tape: 30 minutes

Time to do on your own: 30 minutes to 1 hour

By using mental concentration and controlled breathing, you move to a deeper level of meditation.

• Listen to the self-concentration audio tape.

• Take :hree deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhalirg through your mouth to clear away toxins in the stomach.

• Talk in your mind the password:

1 am in tne universe.

The universe is in my body.

The universe and I combine together.

AH my channels open, open, open, completely open. I have no energy blockages in my body. All my pains are gone. I'm completely healed.

• Feel your whole spine, starting from the tailbone, growing longer, straichter, longer, straighter, even longer, even straighter, completely straight.

• Feel all the channels of your body open: the nead channels, the neck channels, the shoulder chcnncs, the chest channels, the back channels, the stomach channels, the ower back channels, the tailbone channels, the channels in the bottom of the torso, the thigh channels, the leg channels, and the feet channels.

• Feel all blockages in the lungs, liver, and pancreas change into smoke and disappear. All the stones inside the body explode and turn into smoke and cisappear. All :he tuners in the body turn into smoke and completely disaopear. Vsualize the insde of your body as clean and healthy.

• Imagine that you are in the season of spring as a happy little girl or boy, running on the green grass. The air is fresh, sun warm, trees green, water blue, and flowers beautiful. Birds sing sweetly. Children play. You have no worry, sadness, sorrow, depression, o' stress. You feel safe, peaceful, and relaxed. Burdens are gone. Love, kindness, forgiveness are all coming back to you. You feel happy and healthy, totally lost in the harmony of the universe.

• When finished, take a deep breath three times.

Rub your hands. Massage your face. Cup your head. Massage your ears.

In addition, I recommend that you do the Active Exercise, any component of the Active Exercise, or cne of the Meditations at least twice a week for one hour. I strongly recommend :hatyou do the exercise or meditation at least once a cay. You will receive more benefit if you do it three times each day, especially for those people who have severe blockages in the body.

The best time -'or exercise and meditation is whenever you can fit them into you' schedule. Beyond that we find the best times for doing :he Active Exercises are in the morning and early in the evening. The best times for the Sitting Meditations are in the morning, at noon, and in the late evening around midnight, because the energy in these times are more balancec.

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circles past, someone who lives at present, or someone in the future circle of life. This person could be Jesus, Buddha, I.aotzu, your life's spiritual guide, or your grandma or grandpa. If you like my energy, you can call upon my energy, too. Or, you can call upon all of these people's energy together. No matter whose energy you call upon, you must have high respect for them to receive their energy.

To call on your master's energy is easy Stretch open your hands. Call upon your master's energy using the intention of your mind. Your master's energy is with you when you feel tinglv in your hands, you feel warmness running throughout your body you sec light or color around yon, or you smell something very nice and sweet.

4) Visualization

Enhance your meditation and self-healing with visualization. You might visualize the blockage (kidney/gall stone, bone spur, pain or tumor) changing into air and coming out of the body. You might visualize a spur as a bird flying out of the body and going back to nature. Visualize whatever may help you.

Many years ago there was a gentleman diagnosed with liver cancer. The doctor gave him two months to live. But he said, "1 don't want to die. 1 want to live. I still have so much to do." So he maintained a healthy diet, exercised, and meditated. In his meditation, he

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