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To clear energy blockages along the front and back channels. To physically clear the roots of the sickness and open the energy centers along these channels.

Time on rape: 30 minutes

Time to do on your owr: 30 minutes to 1 hour

By using mental concentration, controlled breathing, and sound, you open the front and back channels.

We have many energy charrels and energy centers in oj- oodies. When energy stars from ore point, visits all the channels and centers in the body, and comes back to the starting point, we have what is literally translated f'om Chinese ancient wisdom as a "big un verse."

The most impotant channels are the back and front charrels in the torso. When energy starts from one point on those channels, visits ell the parts of the system, and comes oack to the starting pcint, we have what is railed a "small universe."

Many small universes make up a big ur ¡verse.

The back channel starts at the lower Dart an area, which is deep in behinc the navel. It goes down to the bottom of the torso, travels up along the spine to the top of the head, and comes down from the middle of tne forehead stopping at the roof cf the mouth.

The front channel also starts frorr the ower Dantian area, goes down to the bottom of the torso, travels up the front of the body, aassing through tie hear Land IhrodL, slopphg under the tongue.

Those two channels control and influence the other channels in the oody. They automatically connect together four hours a day: at noon from 11:00 arn to 1:00 pm and at midnight from 11:00 om to 1 :C0 am. Qigong oractitioncrs like to med tate at midnight and a: noon, because it takes less energy and generates greatest benefit.

The back and ~ront channels are important oecause other channels pass extra energy into these channels for storage. Other channels draw on this energy when needed.

Nearly all of the importart energy centers are arranged along the back and front channels. As a result, a biockage in the heart ene'gy center could cause hea't, lung, breast, chest, or intelligence problems. A blockage in the tailbone could cause reproductive organ oroblems, low sexual energy, and headaches. A olockage in the cervical bone #7 of the spiral

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postures of the body. Once the channels open, enough energy flows to the organs that need the energy, and all the functions of the organs come back. The sickness will disappear. That is why you can often expect an overnight miracle.

Six Keys to Success 1) Faith

Life can be divided into two parts: material life of our physical body and spiritual life of our soul. Ignoring one can make the other meaningless.

- Small Universe, continued -

cord could cause headaches, fever, diabetes, and lung and heart problems.

The Smal Universe is the easiest meditation technique to open these two chanrels:

• Concertrate your mind in the lower Dantian, which is deep in behird the ravel.

• Visualize your own energy and your generational energy (the energy automatically passed down from generation to generation) joining together, shining very brightly in your lower Dantian.

• _isten to the master's voice on the audio tape.

Yot w II hear two souncs: O-O-O-M and M-O-O-O. These sounds are extremely powerful, because their vibration can reach every corner of the body tc clear blockages. Each time yot hear the sound, inhale; in between the sounds, exhale. On each inhale, visualize the master's energy and the universal energy joning together anc radiating into an area of your body. On each exhale, move the energy to the next area of ycur body. The specific areas of your body are shown in the phologiaph lo Hie right.

• Then start all over again from the lower Dantian.

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