Three Secrets of Practicing Qigong Effectively

Go into the emptiness

Countless different Qigong and meditation exercises exist. All teach the basic idea of using consciousness to go into the emptiness where thoughts ultimately cease or greatly diminish and sensory connections to our bodies fade. We and everything in our world are all from the emptiness and will go back to the emptiness. It is a state of pure energy where we are one with the universe.

Our bodies naturally direct us to the emptiness. When we get sick, for example, the first place we go is not to the hospital, but to bed. Wrhen we sleep, we feel relaxed and peaceful. We bring our mind and body into the emptiness. Everybody does this automatic meditation without noticing it during sleep and periods of deep relaxation. Most of our daily energv blockages arc opened and resolved in this way The deeper you go into the emptiness, the faster your body will heal. By practicing Qigong we go into the emptiness where we effortlessly balance the Yin and Yang, the female and male energy. As the balance of energy comes back, the body heals.

2) Keep it simple

My masters told me the most powerful is usually die simplest.

Many Qigong exercises are too complicated and cloaked with mystery. Qigong, in its fundamental form, is very simple. For instance, it is very easy to open energy channels. When you open your fingers, all the energy channels in the hands open. When you move your heels up and down, you open all six energy channels in the feet. It is not necessary to learn complicated movements to open channels and release blocks.

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