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Spring Forest Qigong is an advanced, simple, and powerful form of Qigong. I first introduced this unique form to mankind in 1994.

There are thousands of Qigong exercises practiced in China and around the world, Most are complicated and time-consuming, making it difficult for the average person to learn and practice. Many Qigong teachers do not explain the meaning or importance of the movements. They surround themselves and the ancient concepts they teach in mystery They tell their students that it may take years to learn the exercises and experience the benefits.

Spring Forest Qigong wants everyone to realize we are born with the natural ability to heal ourselves, detect energy blockages in the body and send Qi to help heal others. Through years of research and practice. I have revised and simplified the movements of Qigong and clarified the principles so that they are easy to learn. Spring Forest Qigong can fit into our everyday lives. It unlocks the mysteries of Qigong allowing the possibility for anyone to benefit immediately Irom its practice.


The upper part of the torso, above the navel belongs to Yang. The lower part of the torso under the navel belongs to Yin. One of the reasons people get sick is because the Yin and Yang energies scatter and are not in good balance. Hold this posture to rebalance the energy.

Time on tape: 3 minutes

Time to do on your own: 3 to 5 minutes

You will feel tingly sensations In your hands and warmth in the chest and lower stomach, which are areas faced by your palms. You may also feel a current running in the middle of the lorso or along the spine, which are the energy channels opening.

• Slowly raise your right hand, the Yang male energy, to the upper chest and your left hand, the Yin female energy, to the lower stomach Your palms fece you' body, without touching, to create a sensation of emptiness.

Visualize a t'ansparent energy column in the middle of your torso shining with beautiful colors. Il runs from the head to the bottom of the torso. Its size depends on your visualization.

• Continue to feel the emp:iness cf the universe as you remain ir this position.

When you hold your hands in this pasture, drop your elbows. Stand still; do not move your body so that energy flows unimeripted.

Spring Forest Qigong rewards you in ways not replicated by other styles of Qigong:

• You discover your natural capacity to Heal yourself

• You develop the capability to heal others

• You acquire the power to protect yourself from ill health-mentally physically, and spiritually

• You learn knowledge and skills to continually strengthen your health throughout your lifetime j

• You achieve all of the above through the training of mind, breath, and posture in a very simple form that is easy to learn, and a joy to practice

Spring Forest Qigong healers do not deplete their vital energy when they pass Qi to others. The more you help others, the more energy you receive.

The special power of Spring Forest Qigong works well with western medicine. For

To heal internal organs

Tine on tape: 13 minutes

Tine to co your own: 10 to 60 minutes. It deoends on how many movements ycu arc going :o do arid how much time ycu have.

Through the guidance of our mind and the movement of our hands, the heart energy and the kidney energy join. Blockages ooen.

• Your right hand moves out and down to the bottom of the torso while your left hand moves in and up to your -'ace. Your hands continue moving in this circula " pattern.

• Visualize a transparent energy column of beautiful colors running from the top of the head to the bottom of the torso. While moving the hands, visual ze the energy moving uo and down the transparent colurrr. Visualize the channels in the torso opening completely.

• Use yoj' e bows to guide the movements and use your hands to feel the ene-gy.

• Your hands move at a rate of 3 to 5 circles per minute.

• Keep your fingers open to receive energy. Your energy channels close when your fingers close.

Tio: Do not move your spine from side to side, even wher you feel tired, because that movement stoos yojr energy from going to the emptiness level.

Moving of Yin & Yang is the basic movement of the Active Exercise in Level I.

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example, people who have surgery recover faster when practicing Spring Forest Qigong or receiving Qigong healing. Wounds and fractures heal more quickly, and pain dissipates requiring less medicine.

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