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This product was authored and created by Ben Green. This guy is a nutritionist and a consultant in matters regarding nutrition and health. With time, he has evolved into a fitness coach, author and also a bio hacker. His work was inspired by the observance of his chronological age being younger than the biological age. The man realized that at the age of 30-yeasr, his body functioned like that of a 20-year old boy. This product has the powerful protocols that am sure will change your life for good. The author realized that even the most influential well-being article only focuses on the physical fitness and nothing else. This eBook is designed to provide you a complete well-being evolution which covers beauty, fitness, health and longevity. It is an 8 week protocol with all the details that teaches you about the important parameters that adds to your longevity. The program has all the details to help you find out your current fitness level and later discover powerful practices that will break out your metabolism. Read more...

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Highly Recommended

I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the writer was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

All the modules inside this book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

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Shaolin Eye Qigong

Why do some people live longer than others There are of course a large number of factors involved in deciding the answer to such a question. For instance it is obvious that smoking can seriously affect how long you live as can being run over by a bus. However, this kind of information only goes so far in describing why some people live longer than others. It tells us that people who don't deliberately damage their health tend to live longer than those who do, and people who are careful can prohably avoid many accidents, but what other factors ate involved in the subject of longevity There are several theories as to why we age. Some scientists believe that we have a built in redundancy - a kind of genetic time bomb that one day says time's up , others posit a theory known as antagonistic pleiotropy (this is where certain functions that help us survive in early life are destructive later on -reproductive hormone synthesising cells could well be among this category by causing breast...

Seven Formulas of the Seven Books of the

This formula is Yin and Yang power mixed at a higher bodily center. This is to reverse the aging process, to re-establish the thymus glands to increase natural immunity. This means that the radiation of healing energy stems from a more powerful point in the body and provides vast benefits to the physical and etheric organism.

Qi Exercises to Generate more Qi

Qi What is it Qi, now where did that word come from Qi (pronounced Chee ) is also known as chi, and to the Japanese it is called Ki. Chi is your life force, your energy. It is vital for without Qi you would be dead for there would be no life in you. Most people gather Qi without even knowing it they gather it from the foods they eat and by sleeping. Others have discovered how to gather more Qi through meditation, martial arts like Tai Chi (Taiji), Qi Gong (Chi Kung), and through deep rhythmic breathing from the stomach. There are several other ways but I won't list them all here. If one has a vast amount of Qi he will live longer than others who have not gathered extra Qi will. Daoists believed through meditation and Qi training one could become immortal. There are several legends of very old Tai Chi masters being able to fly because of this amazing energy. But aside from Qi there are a few other energies I will list them. Yi Yi is intention. You will. You use Yi everyday to talk to...

Qi or Chi Art of Breathing[

So, why learn and practice Qi Gong Qi Gong is and has been developed by the Taoists and forms one of the strands of the eight Brocades (these comprise the many arts of Chinese healing). Over the last few thousand years many experiments and tests have been done on the use of breath to promote physical health, longevity and well being. Today much of this work is being carried on in the Beijing Institute in China and by individual practitioners. Qi Gong concerns itself with the flow of Qi within the body, the storing of Qi and the development utilisation of Qi. The benefits of practising Qi Gong are not restricted to conventional labels, the goal is longevity and good health mentally and physically, thus Qi Gong is called the way of rejuvenation. I myself have found great benefit from the practice of Qi Gong and Tai Chi, I haven't had a cold or anything else for that matter for over 15 years, basically these practises have improved every aspect of my life in body, mind and spirit. Qi...

Nei Dan Internal Elixir

We can also classify Chi Kung into four major categories according to the purpose or final goal of the training 1. maintaining health 2. curing sickness 3. martial skill and 4. enlightenment or Buddhahood. This is only a rough breakdown, however, since almost every style of Chi Kung serves more than one of the above purposes. For example, although martial Chi Kung focuses on increasing fighting effectiveness, it can also improve your health. The Taoist Chi Kung aims for longevity and enlightenment, but to reach this goal you need to be in good health and know how to cure sickness. Because of this multi-purpose aspect of the categories, it will be simpler to discuss their backgrounds rather than the goals of their training. Knowing the history and basic principles of each category will help you to understand their Chi Kung more clearly.

Taoist Yoga and the Kundalini

Because the full transformation of all physical and mental chi into spiritual chi energy normally takes many years, there is a danger of premature physical death before the process is finished. This danger becomes more acute with practices that accelerate the inrush of kundalini energy, as the body and glands must adjust to radical changes in metabolism. The Taoist masters circumvented this by mastering the act of physical longevity, chronicled widely in Taoist literature as the quest for physical immortality. The collective genius of the Taoist masters evolved an esoteric spiritual system designed to simultaneously awaken the kundalini and function as a healing system applicable to the whole gamut of daily stresses and illnesses.

Looking for Treasure at the Bottom of the Chest

Leaning Backward Posture

The Lower Dantian and kidneys are two of the most important parts of the body and relate to Qi. These areas store energy in order for us to live longer and for when we need it. Maintaining the kidneys and strengthening the Dantian are very important for health. By doing Looking for Treasure at the Bottom of the Chest, we work for the kidneys and the back when we lean backwards. When we touch our fingers together, the middle finger relates to the heart and the thumb relates to the spleen. So when we connect them together, we stimulate these two organs to make the Qi stronger.

Martial Chi Kung for Fighting

This religious striving toward enlightenment or Buddhahood is recognized as the highest and most difficult level of Chi Kung. Many Chi Kung practitioners reject the rigors of this religious striving, and practice Marrow Brain Washing Chi Kung solely for the purpose of longevity. It was these people who eventually revealed the secrets of Marrow Brain Washing to the outside world. If you are interested in knowing more about this training, you may refer to Muscle Tendon Changing and Marrow Brain Washing Chi Kung' by Dr. Yang. For Buddhist priests, who seek the enlightenment of the Buddha, regulating the Shen is the final goal of Chi Kung. This enables them to maintain a neutral, objective perspective of life, and this perspective is the eternal life of the Buddha. The average Chi Kung practitioner has lower goals. He raises his Shen in order to increase his concentration and enhance his vitality. This makes it possible for him to lead Chi effectively to his entire body so that it carries...

Movement and stillness

Qigong can help you live longer by making you healthier. If you are ill, it can give you strength to fight the problem, just as a friend can help you when you are in trouble it can help make you well, so you can have a better and happier life. Meditation will calm your mind and make you relaxed. It will allow the Qi to settle and be stored in the Dantian so that you will be stronger and have more positive energy.

Popular Martial Styles of Qigong Training

Emei Shi Zhuang

There are two categories of Qigong training martial arts Qigong and Qigong for health, longevity, and spiritual attainment. Within each category there are many styles. The most popular non-martial Qigong methods are the Yi Jin Jing (ft ffi & ) attributed to Da Mo ( ft ) and Ba Duan Jin (Eight Pieces of Brocade, a& ). These are discussed in chapter 2.

Chapter One Qi Dao Fundamentals

About 2,500 years ago, the prominent Chinese philosopher Lao Tze presumably wrote Dao De Jing, which brought together many pieces of the ancient Oriental wisdom and formed the foundation of Daoism. The adherents of that teaching created Daoist Qigong dedicated to the attainment of great longevity and, supposedly, immortality. Around the same period of time, the followers of the famous Chinese philosopher Kung Fu Tze (a.k.a. Confucius) formulated Confucian Qigong, mainly concerned with mentoring leaders and guiding them in creating a harmonious society. Around the same time in India, Buddha Shakyamuni taught his teachings to thousands of devoted disciples, who eventually started practicing Buddhist Qigong to achieve spiritual awakening, or Nirvana. The adepts of Tantra, a mystical sect of Hinduism that spread via the Himalayas into Tibet, came up with Tantric Qigong dedicated to self-realization through the means of enlightening personal and transpersonal relationships. Therapeutic...

Golden Turtle Plunges into the Ocean

Golden Tortoise Posture

Meaning Jin means metal, gold, or golden color. Gui means turtle. Turtles can find their way back to the place where they were born no matter how far away it is. TUrtles also have the innate ability to navigate long routes in the ocean, and they always remember the origin of their journeys. Turtles are water animals but their shells are like armor, which symbolizes protective energy (Wei Qz) and thereby relates the turtle to the Metal element (Metal generates Water). TUrtles have the ability to go for indeterminate amounts of time without food, taking Qi from the air. The Golden Turtle is a symbol for longevity, the northern direction, and the spiritual energy related to the prenatal energy of the Kidney. Xia means plunge into, submerge, lower, reduce, or descend. Hai means sea or ocean. Water is the prenatal root of life on Earth and memory. This movement is a symbol for returning to the Dao, and it is related to the shamanic way of understanding the cycles of life and death. It...

Qigong Theory and Training Categories

Energy Gates Qigong Images

Acupressure or Qigong Massage is also commonly used instead of needles to adjust the Qi imbalance. This is done mostly by Qigong experts who are able to use their body's Qi to adjust the patient's Qi through touch or acupressure. This is seen in Chinese Qigong healing practices and Japanese Shiatsu massage. 3. Prolonging Life

Myotenositis Of Common Extensor Muscle

You, 48 years old, suffered from wrist pain and had not been able to wring towels for two months. There was no effect after some medical treatment. The examination showed that there was no obvious swelling on the local part, but that he felt obvious pain when pressed. When he clenched the fists, a rubbing sound could be heard clearly from the forearms. He was diagnosed as having myotenositis of the common extensor muscle of the fingers and began Qigong treatment. He practised the Longevity Exercise in the morning and evening, each time for 30 minutes, and the Palm and Finger Exercise during breaks. One week late, he no longer felt pain. Now he is continuing to practise Qigong exercises. No relapse was

The Commonlyused Points and Manipulations

Bone Proportional Cun

The meridians and collaterals and strengthen the immunological and disease-resisting abilities of the body. It can also regulate qi and blood, balance yin and yang, enhance the body resistance to eliminate the pathogenetic factors, mobilize the potential energy of the body to achieve the goal of fighting against diseases and prolonging life. However manipulation and a correct selection of points according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine is essential.

The Development of Qigong

During the Wei dynasty (a.d. 220-265), the Jin dynasty (a.d. 265-420), and the Northern and Southern dynasties (a.d. 420-589), Qigong developed as a way of preserving health and as a method for treating disease through the emission of Qi. Zhang Zhan of the Jin dynasty listed in his work Yang Sheng Essentials of Health Preservation (Yao Ji) ten essential practices, of which thrifty of mentality, preservation of Qi, conservation of constitution, and Daoyin were all related to Qigong. Tao Hongjing of the Northern and Southern dynasties recorded in his book, Health Preservation and Longevity (Yang Sheng Yan Ming Lu), many ancient Qigong methods and theories. In The History of the Jin Dynasty (Jin Shu), there is an account of doctor Xing Ling who became famous for using outgoing Qi to cure a patient who had suffered more than ten years from flaccidity arthralgia syndrome. As a result of this success, many more people became interested in medical Qigong.

Battle of Wits and Words

1982 Chinese Animal

The exercises are of particular benefit to the legs, making them stronger. Then your steps and upper body will feel lighter, your waist will be more flexible, you muscles and joints will be relaxed and looser and your mind will be relaxed. The more you practise the more you will improve the circulation of blood and Qi, balance yin and yang, improve your metabolism, your appetite, lift your spirit and improve your immunity and live longer. As it says in the poem below

All kinds of amazing psych abilities developed because they practised Qigong

Kate Britton Qigong

The qualities of movements are believed to determine how the Qi circulates. The softer and more gentle the breathing and the movements are the deeper the Qi can penetrate into the body and organs promoting good health and longevity. Continuous movements help prevent and remove blockages. Fast movements can be used to generate power but relaxation is essential. Fast tense movements can damage the body and ultimately block the development of Fajing.

Health Cultivation Massage An Mo Yang Sheng Fa

Health Cultivation Massage belongs to the mobile cultivation methods of Qigong exercises. It is characterized by cultivation by movements that are simple and easily done. In the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) this method was popularized among the Chinese people. It is good for health care, body strengthening and prolonging life if exercised frequently and persistently.

Is it better to train Upper limbs or Lower limbs Basic testing force exercises

There are many old Chinese sayings such as People are getting old first from their legs or You can read age from leg , etc which are all relating legs to health and longevity. In fact it is deeply hidden in Chinese tradition that the secret of health and longevity secret is in a daily foot practice.

The nei tan tradition

The pure nei tan Taoists rejected the necessity of outside substances to transform body and spirit and sought longevity via internal change, a process called lien tan, or exercising the tan. Taoist yogas called Tao Yin developed, appropriating the tradition and terminology of the outer alchemists.16 These yogas were

Chapter Tai Chi Chi Rung

Once you have learned how to use your Yi to lead your Chi effectively, then you can start working toward several goals in regulating your Chi. First, you want to make the Chi circulate smoothly and strongly in your body. Second, you want to build up the Chi to a higher level to strengthen your body. Third, you want to lead the Chi to the skin and also to the marrow. This will keep the skin fresh and young, and keep the blood factory (the marrow) functioning fully. Finally, you want to lead the Chi to your head to nourish your brain. It is the center of your whole being, and your health will have a firm root only if your brain is functioning well. If your brain is healthy, you can raise your spirit of vitality, which is the main key to the secret of longevity.

Chi Sacred Water Practice

Use the thumb and index finger to remove the sick energy from the cup, without touching the water. Talk to the sick cells. Let the sick energy return to the earth for recycling. Fill the water with your heart's compassion. Give the command This Sacred Water will give health, wealth and longevity . Cosmic Healing works on a cellular level. It is the water's 'job' to carry the message of the practice to all the cells, where it will remain. Drink the water in unison with the rest of the group.

Concepts and Characteristics

Qigong exercises are chosen to meet the specific needs and conditions of its practitioner. When a Qigong method is selected, two aspects must be taken into consideration the general improvement of the body functions as a whole and the treatment of an illness in particular. For example, Static Qigong, an exercise aimed at training and accumulating Qi, builds up the constitution and obtains longevity. It is excellent for improving a generally healthy body. On the other hand, for someone

Qigong Treatment

If the patient is thin and weak and has disturbance in the digestive system, she should choose the Relaxed and Quiescent Recumbent Exercise with the second respiration method to improve the appetite, prompt digestion and strengthen the constitution. She can also choose some motional exercises to combine with the quiescent ones, such as the Eight Pieces of Brocade Exercise, Longevity Exercise

Understanding Qi

What makes the matter more confusing is that these skills are lumped together with Taoist longevity exercises, traditional medical healing, Buddhist and Taoist meditation, sexual qi techniques, and more. A partial list of purported benefits of qi gong include longevity benefits, lower blood pressure, cures for cancer, the ability to lighten one's weight so as not to leave a footprint on rice paper, the ability to break bricks and tiles with slight or no physical force, the ability to toss an opponent without physical force, acquiring

General Introduction

If you study the history of the human race, you will see that a large part of this history has been taken up with war, conquest, killing, and the struggle for power. We have tended to worship as heroes those who could conquer and rule other countries, and we have wrongly educated each new generation to glorify killing and slavery, and to worship power. There have been only relatively short periods when humankind has not been at war, when people could live their lives in peace and tranquillity but it was during these times that people created art, wrote poems, and sought ways to live longer and happier lives.

The Water Path

Water Path Qigong, which goes through the inside of the spine, is probably one of the highest levels of Qigong practice. Once you have built your Pre-birth Qi in the Lower Dan Tian, you use your mind and special training to lead the Qi into the Thrusting Vessel (Chong Mai, flifli ), the Qi reservoir which is located in the spinal cord (Figure 1-7). Marrow Brain Washing Qigong generates Qi through a different method than the other forms of Qigong. Its approach is to convert semen into Qi. The Qi which has been generated by either method is led to the brain to energize the brain and spirit (Shen, ). The energized mind is then able to adjust the Qi level in the organs and other parts of the body. This Qigong practice is difficult to do, but once competence has been achieved it is the most efficient. It is reported that priests who reach this level are able to slow down the aging process to a minimum, and some are able to live over two hundred years.

Breathing and Qi

So as you practise Qigong, relax your chest and upper body and breathe naturally. If the upper body is not relaxed, the shoulders will be tense and the Qi will not sink to the Dantian. When we are under stress, the shoulders will become tense and tight, you find it difficult to breathe through your nose and Qi will not sink to the Dantian. The Dantian is like a safe where you store all your valuables. The most valuable thing your body can have is plenty of good Qi. It is the battery that keeps you healthy and helps you to live longer.

Thymus Gland

In Taoist Yoga, when properly and proportionally activated the energy center at the thymus alchemically harmonizing with the energy from the pituitary gland energy center and the generative force residing in the sperm and testicles, can reverse the aging process. This occurs in the practice of the Greatest Enlightenment of the Kan and Li, in which white hair becomes black, teeth grow back again, and a youthful appearance develops.

Silk Brocade Qi Gong

These qigong exercises for many years to assure longevity and to aim towards attaining the special the immune system, remove toxins, tone the muscles and tendons, uplift mood, contribute to longevity, bear and stretching their neck like a bird to achieve longevity - this is what such practitioners of Dao-yin, cultivators of the body and all those searching for long life like Ancestor Peng, enjoy.

Mih Tzong Shen Kung

I believe that it is very important for the Western world to learn, study, research, and develop this scientific internal art immediately and on a wide scale. I believe that it can be very effective in helping people, especially young people, to cope with the confusing and frightening challenges of life. The general practice of Chi Kung would reduce the mental pressure in our society, help those who are unbalanced, and perhaps even lower the crime rate. Chi Kung balances the internal energy and can heal many illnesses. Older people especially will find that it will maintain their health and even slow the aging process. In addition, Chi Kung will help older people to conquer depression, and to find peace, calmness, and real happiness.

Martial Arts Qi

A lineage name is derived from each respective place in the poem, a word for each generation from first to twentieth. Dong designed the system because of his fear that people from different sects and sub-sects would not be true to his own generation. Each Chinese character in the poem indicates the lineage position of the person holding the given name. Author Liu's given name is Shan Ping. Translated as Peaceful Mountain, this name shows his position as fourth-generation inheritor. The poem in English reads Prosperity as wide as the sea. Longevity as enduring as the mountains. A strong art makes firm the foundation of the country and makes glorious, prosperous, and radiant the land. Through morality and virtue, wu chi is established. In Chinese, the generational names derived from this poem read Hai Fu Shou Shan Yung QiangI TingKuo Chi Ch 'angMingKuang Ta Lu Tao Te Chien Wu Chi.

Qigong is Wonderful

For example correct exercise and maintenance of the perineum (uro-genital diaphragm) in the west is almost unheard of. Western toiletry practices, diet, soft furnishings, and lack of proper exercise means up to 90 or the population will develop haemorrhoids at some point in their lifetime. This ailment is almost unheard of in China. From early on children learn 5 Animal play, which includes the Deer exercise. Many standing and seated Qigong systems focus upon the Hui-yin point on the perineum and exercise the diaphragm itself, as well as the fascia which connects to most of the organs of the lower abdomen. These Qigong exercises stimulate circulation to these organs, they contract and invigorate them to aid them in their function. They encourage good digestion and elimination, proper functioning of the reproductive organs, and stimulate the glands to secret hormones at a level which promotes longevity.

Origins of Qi Gong

Swimming Dragon

In many instances in Ko Hung's work, the Pao P'u Tzu, he advocates these types of breathing for the attainment of longevity and immortality Dayan Qigong is a very profound system of Qigong. It has a very long history and has been proven to be good for health and longevity. The 27th generation inheritor, Grandmaster Yang Meijun is 105 years old and is still healthy. She is living proof of the benefits of Dayan Qigong, however there are many other people who have learned it properly who also have gained a lot of health benefits from it. Grandmaster Yang Meijun's longevity is not just a result of her skill. It is also her heart. The skill she has developed helps her heart and her heart helps her skill.

A ripe old age

Basic Qigong Exercises

Even if you take up Zhan Zhuang at an advanced age, you will feel the benefits. Your digestion will improve, as will your bladder control, and your bones will strengthen. You are almost certain to feel that your energy is being restored, that you feel younger in yourself, and that you have an increasing measure of self-control. Many older people also report great improvement in their sleeping patterns.

Good Qi sick Qi

For high-quality Qi, it is very important that the air you breathe is fresh. If you breathe air that comes through a ventilation system, you can still get Qi, but the quality is not as good as fresh air from nature. Sometimes you see old people live longer, even without practising Qigong or any other exercises, if the area where they live has plenty of good, fresh air. The better the air, the more Qi it contains.


Command 4 This Sacred Water will give me you health, wealth and longevity. Hold the cup with both hands near the heart and project goodness into the water. Command 4 This sacred water will give me you health, wealth and longevity. Fig. 4.33 This Sacred Water will give you health, wealth and longevity. Fig. 4.33 This Sacred Water will give you health, wealth and longevity.

Breathing techniques

The five major schools of breathing are medical, Confucian, Buddhist, Taoist and wushu or martial arts. Medical breathing techniques aim at strengthening one's overall health and are mainly preventive. The Confucian school of breathing deals with self-cultivation and temperament. Taoist breathing deals with one's moral character and longevity. The Buddhist breathing exercises are broken into two lines of thought and involve mainly the mind. The first Buddhist school is called 'Samadhi' and claims that everything in the world is illusionary. The other school is that of meditation which deals with the cultivation of the mind and the preservation of all forms of life on earth. The wushu method of breathing is for physical training and good health. All of these schools have one thing in common, that of training of the mind and development of the qi, or ch'i.

Table Of Contents

The important principle of the art is relaxation, which encourages meditation. T'ai Chi Ch'uan encourages meditation in motion while it circulates the life fluid through the body. It is conducive to longevity. There are documentary evidences that some practitioners of this art have lived to a very old age.

Martial qi gong

Taoist Walking Qigong

Ba Gua is a Taoist yogic and martial art involving the use of Taoist transformational exercises and special breathing. Originating from mountain-dwellers seeking health and immortality, today Ba Gua is primarily an art of health. Ba Gua qi gong, the name for Ba Gua exercises that promote health and longevity exercises, is the main concern of this chapter.

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