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Small Dojo, Big Profits offers sage advice for people who wish to operate a successful martial arts studio.If you run a dojo or are thinking about starting one, this guide could be the secret to your success. Find out how to begin with your own martial art school with almost no money and no credit (I started with virtually no start up capital and I explain exactly what steps I took to start my school without getting a mortgage loan.) Find out how to earn more money in your studio with less students (and less headaches!) Learn how to make $297,000 every year with less than 250 students (Just follow the business plan inside the book the numbers are right there.) Learn the way you can earn $70,000 a year working 25 hours a week or even less (You can work part-time and start making a very stable income it's possible!) The secrets to end your student recruitment frustrations permanently Easy and simple methods to maximize your retention and attract better students into your martial art school Reliable methods that will certainly make you the recognized expert on the martial arts in your region What the big billing companies are not telling you youll be shocked when you read this! Simple tips to avoid costly mistakes that may ruin your business Understanding the risks that are threatening your martial art school and ways to protect yourself from them. More here...

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Hard Qigong Level II Passed

Hi, my name is Sifu (name supplied -ed), and I am a 3rd degree Blackbelt Sifu Instructor. I have been a martial arts instructor my entire adult life. I am a decorated combat Vietnam Veteran and I received a purple heart for wounds received in combat. I currently own and operate a professional bodyguard agency for wealthy clients outside Orlando, Florida.

Spread the Word

There are two reasons why I have come to visit the U.K. firstly my aim is to make British people love Chinese Wushu like the Chinese people love football. Secondly, I would like my daughter to carry on the tradition and be the fourth generation of our family to teach martial arts.

Martial Arts Qi

Why do surfers make better martial artists Over the last twenty years of operating a martial arts school on the Southern California coast I have observed that many internal martial arts students who excelled in combat applications were surfers. As far as internal martial arts go, the surfers' physique and training embody the ideal wiriness, achieving connection, coiling and rooting while in motion. This training is no doubt a crossover skill of their surfing sport which requires balance and rootedness to a narrow piece of fiberglass being tossed about by a wave, where fear, and resulting tension, immediately brings defeat.

In Wing Chun KungFu

Having read many books on Wing Chun over my 35 years in the martial arts business, it is with great pleasure that I now write the foreword for Scott Baker's book. This book is an attempt to bring Wing Chun out of the purely physical domain and in to the internal area including such things as Chi Kung (Qigong) and Dim-Mak. There have been other books that include Dim-Mak, however, these have been sketchy to say the least. Scott attempts to delve deeper into the area of point striking, covering acupuncture points and their effects etc. This book will be a great inclusion in any Wing Chun player's library.

One More Aloha


Aster Chan Pui was born in 1936 in Guangxou, Shangxi province. It was the beginning of hard times in China, with the communists beginning to exert their power and influence. Rather than stay and be persecuted for the skill I that was his life, he escaped to Hong Kong in 1956 by swimming through Ishark infested waters separating the two bodies of land. In Hong Kong, he started teaching there but soon began to travel abroad to spread his skill. He first shared the Wah Lum skill in a martial art school in Boston's Chinatown and eventually emigrated to the United States in 1968. In 1971, he founded his own school in Boston, calling it the New England China Martial Arts Association. By 1974, he had six schools in the New England area.

For Life

Master Chan Kam Shu was born in Hong Kong in 1928. When he was a teenager studying in school, he had a teacher who ran a martial arts class and it was this that first drew his attention to the martial arts. He Grandmaster Lai Ng Sam was born in China. At that time, China was torn into two parties separated by civil war. Grandmaster Lai Ng Sam joined Kwok Man Dong to be a soldier. They were chased by the Communists and he himself eventually escaped to the South Fujian Shaolin Temple where he took refuge. There, he met a very high level martial art monk who passed his skill to him. After many years of study with the monk in the temple, in 1949 the communists took over China. He then escaped once again, this time to go south to Hong Kong. Once there, he began to teach martial arts for

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