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discovered Qigong. My uncle was very strict and made me practise Siu Lim Tao (Wing Chun's first form) for at least half an hour. With only a little movement, this taught me to be patient, and quickly I found that once I accepted the training it changed from a boring, painful chore to a calm relaxed feeling. Then I began continued on page 8

Wing Chun Four Gates

I Editorial with Michael Tse.

4 PO Box

7 Principle, not the Technique

How often have you wondered which technique you should use when studying martial arts? The answer can be found in the principles that guide your art.

By John Hayes

10 Taste of Sweet and Sour

Everything has it unique aspects. What makes things the same or different depends on your point of view. How you use this knowledge is perhaps more important.

By Julian Wilde

II Taijiquan & Daoism

Taijiquan is credited as being a Daoist art. This does not mean that you have to follow Daoism as a religion, but what does it mean?

By Glenn Gossling

18 ChanSiJing

We are lucky enough to present to you an article by one of the foremost masters of Chen style Taijiquan - Grandmaster Chen Zhou Kui.

By Chen Yu collated from his father's notes

21 Sky Eye or Sprit Talk

Zhi Gong or the Mad Monk is a well known Daoist figure in China. People go to him to ask for help and advice. How does this work? Here we try to find out.

By Jessica Blackwell

12 Creative Practice

What you get out of your practise depends a lot on what you are looking for. If you look for different things it will keep your mind fresh and outlook open.

By Helen Massy

12 Instructor Insight

Highlighting another Tse Qigong Centre instructor.

14 Castles

In martial arts your defences are like the walls of a castle. How does Wing Chun protect its walls?

By Martin Gale

16 Head Massage to Fight Fatigue

Massage stimulates the Qi and blood. When you are tired, it can help not only to ease aches and pains, but also to keep you alert and awake.

By Zeng Qingnan and Liu Daoqing

17 Food Cure for Asthma

Many foods can affect your lungs. If you eat the right things then it can help to make them strongerand so ease Asthma and other problems.

By Jessica Blackwell

Anniversary Special...Anniversary Special

24 Celebrating in Style

This is the 15th Anniversary of the Tse Qigong Centre and Qi Magazine. To celebrate this milestone the Centre held a demonstration of all its skills to showcase Master Tse, his students and grand-students. By Jessica Tse

36 Golden Days and a Bright Future

A personal and inside look at how the Tse Qigong Centre and Sifu Tse has developed over the years.

By Darryl Moy

38 Tempus Fugit (Time is fleeting or that cup of tea went a long way!)

The author, John Hayes was the very first student of the Tse Sifu and the Tse Qigong Centre and is fondly called, "Dai Si Bak" (Big older uncle) by all. Here he shares his memories and thought on the 15th Anniversary.

By John Hayes

40 Anniversary Insights

Thoughts, observation and memories of the past 15 year.

Anniversary Special...Anniversary Special...

V VHln 1

Tea plays a great role in many cultures around the world. In China, tea is still the first drink and plays an important part of everyday life.

By Jessica Blackwell

46 In the Tiger's Mouth

A look at how Wing Chun can be used to defend against multiple attackers.

By Peter Baird

48 Chen Style Taiji 19 Form

Continuing this series on the short form created by Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang.

By Michael Tse

55 Daoist Wisdom for Healthy Living

Wisdom that can lead you to a healthy mind and body -real balance.

By Adam Wallace

56 The Story of Wing Chun - Part 2

Having escaped the government soldiers, Ng Mui makes a discovery which was to change the face of Chinese martial arts and the world.

By Michael Tse

58 River City

Wuhan is not as well known as Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong. So here we have chance to learn more about this ancient city.

By Peter Andersen

59 Feng Shui of the Car

Many people will not have considered the Feng Shui of their car. How does this affect you and what does your choice of wheels say about you?

By Michael Tse

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Martial Arts An Introduction

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