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Daoist Master part III

In 1966 Wang Li Ping graduated from his secondary school. However, this was not a good time for him as the Cultural Revolution had just started in China. Many people changed their jobs and began to study politics. A great many people, including Wang Li Ping's parents were criticised and this affected the whole family. All the time you would be treated badly, criticised and put down. You would also be called "Black five styles".

Wang Li Ping asked his teachers if there was anything they could do about the situation. His teachers replied, "This decision has been made by heaven. No one can change it. China has to suffer it." Having heard his teachers' reply, Wang Li Ping decided he did not want to waste his time with it. He suggested following his teachers as a Daoist, travelling to different areas to study more of Daoism and learning more Qigong skills.

After another ten years of Daoist life Li Ping's skill improved very quickly and he began to taste the benefit of Daoist Qigong. He knew he was very lucky to be able to follow his two teachers and learn their very high level skills, but they also taught him how to be a good person, to understand nature's principles and know things that ordinary people did not.

As Wang Li Ping progressed, he was officially appointed as the eighteenth generation inheritor of the Daoist Dragon Gate Qigong system and he was named "Liang Liang Zing" which was a special Daoist name.

Daoists say, "Seven times seven (meaning forty-nine) days the quality of the blood has changed. Nine times nine (meaning eighty-one) days the quality of the bones has changed. After three years, small success and after ten years, a happy immortal". This means that if you practise everyday your blood will change becoming fresh and full of Qi. Then if you carry on practising, your bones will change because the Qi will be stored in the bones' marrow, making the bones strong and giving you more strength. Then, after three years of training, your Qi will be strong enough for you to help other people and you will be able to see things differently. After ten years you will be happy and live for a very long time. So you have to start at the beginning before you can reach a high level and you must practise day by day and year by year.

In 1982 Wang Li Ping's teachers told him to go back into society and help other people as this was one of his responsibilities having learnt all these skills. And of course, his teachers knew he was at a high enough level to go and do this. They also allowed him to teach the public.

After two years, Wang Li Ping's name was becoming very well known as he had used his skills well and impressed many people. A lot of people wanted to study with him.

On one occasion he told one of his students to stand by a tree. He went round to the other side and then punched at the tree. The

"If you carry on practising, Qi will be stored in the bones'


tree did not move so much, but his student was knocked to the floor. This sounds impossible, but Wang Li Ping's Qi was strong enough to go through the tree and affect the person standing on the other side. This impressed people even more. They had never seen anything like it before.

At another time during a class, Wang Li Ping made a long sound. All the students in the class started to feel unwell. Some felt sick and some could not stand up. Then he changed his voice. This sound made everyone feel sleepy and some even started snoring. Then he talked to some of them and they immediately began to tell him everything, even personal secrets. They seemed to be hypnotised by his voice and the sounds he made.

Finally, he made a high pitched sound and everyone woke up. They felt as if they had been somewhere, and some had even forgot about what had happened.

After this occasion his name became even more famous and he was invited all over China to give seminars and lectures.

Once he went to Xi Shan where he gave a lecture in which he talked about sound as one of the special energies that could affect people and even animals. Some people had scientific backgrounds and were very sceptical. Some laughed at him and said they did not believe. Wang Li Ping just smiled.

That night, at around midnight whilst most people were asleep, some started to learn the special sound skill. After a while, from inside their rooms, people woke to hear animal sounds. They could hear cats, dogs, chickens and even wolves. They could not recognise some of the animal sounds and a lot of them were very scared. This made even more people accept Wang Li Ping's amazing skill, it was more than ordinary people could imagine.

Another of Wang Li Ping's amazing skills was his ability to receive messages from patients who were far away. He could bring the patient's symptoms to his own body so that he knew which parts had a problem and he could describe the patient's face by looking at his own palm.

This ability comes because the Qi is strong. You can receive other people's Qi which comes like a message and will show in your body and your palm even has their image.

Once Wang Li Ping went to Canton and someone told him of a very sick relative who lived in Hong Kong. He was very, very ill and had seen many doctors. None were able to help and so his relative had become very depressed.

So the person in Canton asked Wang Li Ping to help. Wa: told the man to think of his relative. Wang received his thoughts a looked at his own palm. He was then able to check the patient's internal organs and diagnose his condition. Eventually he found that the liver was swollen. He told the person to take his relative to a doctor so that he could have his liver treated. After a few days treatment, the relative in Hong Kong was much better.

The more Daoism Wang Li Ping studied the more he realised that some things in life were fixed. You could change certain things, but other things, no matter how strong you are, you cannot change. This you could call fate, or the system of nature, the way - Dao.

In October 1986 Wang Li Ping was giving a seminar in Zhejiang Hwa when he received an urgent message from his family. His aunt was very ill and they wanted him to treat her. Instead of rushing straight back, Wang Li Ping asked for her date of birth. He used the Bagua and a method called Ba Zhi to work out her horoscope.

In Chinese horoscopes the date of birth includes the year, the e month, the day and the time. This information includes "Earthly numbers and Heavenly numbers". Each number relates to the Five Elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. You use them to see which elements you need most. For example, wood can help fire, fire helps earth, earth helps metal and metal helps water. Conversely, metal cuts wood, wood takes the energy from the earth, water puts out fire, fire melts metal and the earth stops water flowing. Every year belongs

g Li Ping did not only check the person's date of birth He also us edh is Qi. He could bring the person's Qi could feel their problems through his own body. Not only could he feel the other person's Qi, he could also a skill called Long Vision Qigong. He could see erson was wearing and even what they were doing. J" When your level of skill is very high you can receive messages people, even when they are far away. However, using Long ng and Long Vision Qigong skills you first have to have a strong ity to receive Qi. Your body's channels and acupuncture points i and more sensitive, and your Sky-eye (Third eye) hen you may be able to do this. But if you are trying to see a person you do not know, you may not pick up the correct message, it might not be from the correct person, or you might be iving the wrong message. Also the result might not be right. When yo u receive these messages you wjll^lso'Iakesome nergy from the person. Usually these people are not very healthy u can easily catch their illness. This means you are taking their negative energy.

So when you study Qigong to one or two elements. If you meet a lucky element you will be in luck and if you meet an unlucky one then you will have trouble.

During his studies of Daoism, Wang Li

Ping had studied the Five Elements and Chinese astrology. After he had checked his aunt horoscope he found that she was coming to the end and it was the right time for her to leave.

He contacted his family and told them that his aunt would only live another four days. He also told them not to worry too much as everyone eventually reaches this point.

In Daoism life and death is natural, everybody passes through them. We do not have to worry about it, eventually it happens to us all. Even when death comes it does not mean that we are finished. We just start in another situation, it is just like any other process. We do not know what will happen because we have never been in that situation and so we are frightened of it. It is like walking in the dark, when you do not know where you are, you are scared, but once you know the situation you will not be scared.

Of course, Wang Li Ping's aunt did die on the day he had predicted.

In the following few months, other people heard that Wang Li Ping could predict the outcome of one's illnesses. Five people came to him and asked about their relatives who were very ill. He told them when they would pass away and in most cases he was right. Even when he did make a mistake, he was only one day out.

to one or two elements. If you meet a lucky element you will be in luck and if you meet an unlucky one then you will have trouble.

During his studies of Daoism, Wang Li

Ping had studied the Five Elements and Chinese


>- ■ " «Fin v fir you must have a way to release this negative energy.

Many people may be born with the ability to see and feel over long distances, but they do not know how to rid themselves of the negative energy. So the more ill people they contact, the more illness they will carry and this will affect their own health. This is very important.

Wang Li Ping once told his students, some of whom lived in different places far away, Canton, Beijing, Hai Nan Island, Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang etc., that he would transmit a message to them from where he was in the middle of China. After a few days they all sent him letters saying that they had received the message and that their bodies felt tingling and warm. This was the Qi from Wang Li Ping.

Wang Li Ping also had another amazing skill called "Cutting the Spirit Method". With it he could control a person's breathing and heart beat.

In Da Lian a female soldier was attending one of his seminars. She said to Wang Li Ping, "This is bad magic! And what about this Cutting the Spirit Method?". Wang Li Ping replied, "We can try it if you wish. At nine o'clock stay at home".

That night, at around nine o'clock the woman suddenly felt her whole body become hot. She then found it very hard to breathe. After a while her heat beat became difficult. Then she lost consciousness for about two minutes.

The next day, she felt very weak. She personally went to Wang Li Pig and apologised for her behaviour.

Wang Li Ping said, "This skill can help people and it can also be used to defend yourself when something dangerous happens. We do not use it to hurt people, otherwise we will have a problem in the future. When you study Daoism you should help victims and save lives, then your level will be higher and your future will be good."

Many years ago I went to China and met one of Wang Li Ping's students. Fortunately, I was able to learn a little bit of his skill. This also helped me understand Qigong more. I found his skill and my Dayan Qigong skill were very similar in parts and also very different in others _

Translated by Michael Tse

Often we are caught in an endless cycle. Everyone seems to be looking for something better, but no one ever seems to find it. However, much of the time, we already have what we need and the fact we don't notice it shows us how perfect it is.

The End of the Search

Once upon a time there lived a man named Wah Keung who was a carpenter by trade. Often he would travel for long distances to earn his living, taking with him little more than his tools, some food and his horse. His life was a simple life, his needs were few and so should have been his dreams. But man has a way of dreaming of greater things than he can afford or really need and so it is that sometimes these dreams will cast a shadow on that which is plain or simple.

In the case of Wah Keung, he dreamed of one day owning a horse that would run so well that sitting on its back would be like gliding across a lake in a swift boat. This horse would be strong and smart without his having to make it so. It would be handsome to look at and so others would look at him with respect as he travelled on his journeys.

Wah Keung dreamt of many horses of many different colours and sizes and temperaments. He saw even more in his waking life. Each time he entered a village, his eyes would begin searching for the dream horse that would be his soulmate and companion. But each time he would find this fault or that fault.

One time it was the horse was too fine, its bearing too noble. He knew that this horse would easily grow restless with his simple life. Another time the horse was too docile and he knew he would grow angry with its lack of spirit.

It was late autumn and he was returning home after an absence of almost two months. As he happened to pass through the village, he saw that a horse trader had stopped to rest at a local inn. Wah Keung sat with the man and together they talked and drank wine. Wah Keung, who was usually quiet and reserved with his speech, felt himself growing warm and talkative with the wine and so he told the man of his dream. "Ah," said the horse-trader, "I think I may have just what you are looking for."

Together they made their way to where the horses were penned for the night. A sharp whistle brought them dancing to the trader. Wah Keung could see a gleaming black coat behind the others. Slowly the mare made her way forward to Wah Keung and the horse-trader. She had a broad forehead but not too wide. She stepped firmly

"There was one thing missing - she did not touch his heart."

perfectly black except for a white star below her right eye. It is with this eye that she looked at Wah Keung. He tried to stroke her nose but she tossed her head away and snorted. She gave him once last glance and wheeled quickly away from him and was gone.

Wah Keung was disappointed. Outwardly she was everything he had dreamed of in a horse but there was one thing missing and that was she did not touch his heart. He thanked the man for his time and decided to continue his j ourney though it was late.

He climbed onto the horse who had been his companion for some seven years and let the reins lay slack against her neck as he dozed off and on in the saddle as she climbed the mountain path upwards. He knew that she knew the way home and let her carry them onwards through the night. Towards midnight, he stopped so they could rest till dawn. They lay close together as they had done so often before, conserving the heat between them in the cold mountain air.

That night, the man dreamed a different dream. He dreamed that he had finally found his equine soulmate and he blinked against the sun in order to see the horse as it ran towards him. The colouring was like that of his own horse, a burnt sugar colour, and he could see that it also ran like that of his mare, a gait that she had developed to suit his long legs and strong body. He heard the horse cry and he answered. As the horse slid to a stop in front of him, it looked into his eyes with the joy of seeing a long-lost friend. There was no doubt, this horse was his own Jung Sum.

After this dream, Wah Keung woke feeling like a man who had eaten a full meal. He no longer had a gnawing feeling of hunger in his heart. He fed Jung Sum and himself and together they continued on their journey home ^

by Tse Sihn Kei.

You can email Tse Sihn Kei on SihnKei @qimagazine. com

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