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The Flow State is simply your optimal state of being, your potential. The Flow of State is the complete involvement in an activity for its own sake. It is the state of being where you feel your best and perform your best. Together with the information availed to you and other courses incorporated in this program, it is essential to understand the signs of the flow state as it acts like a candle in a dark room, a guide so to say. This program purposes to make this state of optimally accessible to you through the consistent practice of training. This program is designed to build your awareness and your familiarity to hone that state of being. Achieving this state of being is not supposed to be a one-time thing like most of us think or have experienced. Another way of achieving this state is by training yourself in this state, which challenges you to maintain the state and by doing so, you may become a warrior of flow if you purpose to do it. Attain the ability to find your flow, no matter the environment. This program contains numerous courses that all gear towards equipping you with the ability to achieve the flow of state, not once, not twice but your whole lifetime. Read more here...

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Basic Styles of Meditation

There are several different ways of classifying meditation that we will explore in this section. You can differentiate them according to their place of origin. Hence, you can study Western, Eastern, Buddhist, Taoist, Shinto, Hindu, Indian, Chinese, Christian, and so on. You can also categorize them by name or type visualization, Transcendental Meditation (TM), breath counting, problem solving, spiritual advancement, and physical healing. Western meditation methods tend to be newer styles that is, because we are such a relatively young country, we don't have the long history of experimentation with meditation that, say, the Hindus have. We have had some big hits Transcendental Meditation, or TM, was quite popular in the 1960s and 70s. But most of the Western methods are modifications or adaptations of older, Eastern methods. Eastern methods encompass many schools of practice Buddhist, Taoist, Shinto, and Hindu are among the main ones. Their styles often pose a problem for Western...

Wai Dan Standing Still Meditation

Over the years, various Tai Chi and Chi Kung masters have created many postures for standing still meditation. Generally speaking, they are safer to practice than the Small Circulation exercises because they build up the Chi locally in parts of the body, rather than directly in the Chi vessels. The ultimate goal of this training is to combine the Chi built up by this Wai Dan practice with the Chi built up in the Dan Tien through the Nei Dan practice. Advanced Tai Chi martial artists will do this during their standing meditation. However, as a beginner you should just do the Wai Dan training, keeping your mind calm and letting the Chi build up naturally through the postures.

Still Meditation includes a The Stillness of the Body Yin and b The Activity of the Yi and Chi Yang

In still meditation, the physical body should be very still, relaxed, and calm. This opens the Chi channels and allows the Yi to During still meditation you will experience a different feeling. Normally, when you inhale, your physical body feels light and cold, and when you exhale, you feel heavy and warm. Naturally, all of these symptoms are closely related to the Chi Kung strategy, your breathing. B. Moving Meditation includes a. Mind (Yin), and b. In moving meditation, although the physical movements stimulate the body, the mind should remain calm so that it can lead the Chi smoothly and calmly. Therefore, the motion of the physical body is Yang and the calm mind is Yin.

Nei Dan Sitting Meditation

Although Small Circulation is usually achieved through Nei Dan still meditation, there are several Wai Dan techniques which can also be used to achieve the same goal. These Wai Dan Small Circulation practices are normally done by martial artists in the Shaolin styles. For example, some of the Muscle Tendon Changing In order to reach a deep stage of Nei Dan still meditation, it is especially critical that you follow the five important training procedures which we discussed earlier a. regulating the body, b. regulating the breathing, c. regulating the mind, d. regulating the Chi, and e. regulating the spirit. You also need to know the location of the Dan Tien and the roles which the Conception and Governing Vessels play in Chi Kung. These are discussed in detail in the YMAA Chi Kung book The Root of Chinese Chi Kung. It is recommended that you study that book before you start practicing the Small Circulation. Since Nei Dan Small Circulation has been discussed in detail in the earlier...

Nei Dan Meditation Training

Flow The Body Tai Chi Chuan

The first and most important step for effective meditation is proper breathing. There are two basic methods in use in Chinese meditation Daoist and Buddhist. Both methods use the same principle of Qi generation. The main difference is that the coordination of the abdominal motion and the breathing is opposite. In fact, many meditators can use either method, and switch very easily. Meditation and Qi Circulation. Once you can breathe adequately according to the Daoist and Buddhist methods, you can take up sitting meditation to begin the process of Qi circulation. The first goal is to achieve a calm mind while concentrating on deep breathing. You create a type of hypnotic state to do this. You should stay at this stage until you can expand and withdraw your Dan Tian while breathing with no conscious effort, and without your attention wandering. In order to insure that the accumulated Qi passes into the correct cavity, the sitting posture must be correct (legs...

Massage and Exercises after Meditation

Taoist Massage Beat The Heavenly Drum

After meditation or Qi transport training, you should massage yourself and do some loosening up exercises. The main purpose of massage is to loosen and relax the muscles on the Qi pathways. This can help you to clear your mind, and can also help to eliminate any Qi residue that might remain in certain cavities. This residue of stagnant Qi, if left in the cavities, can affect normal Qi circulation and cause muscle and cavity pain. If a partner is available, it is best to massage each other, because it is easier to relax that way. Furthermore, a partner can massage the pathways on your back, which is difficult to do by yourself. Knees. During meditation your knees may become stiff and absorb cold air through the pores. To warm them up and relieve stiffness, use an open hand to rub around the whole joint (Figure 3-45). General Exercises After Meditation The Ming Tian Gu exercise is very important in Qigong training, and should always be practiced after meditation. It helps you to awaken...

Stretching Meditation

The final seminars of 2003 were held in London and Manchester on Dec 6 and 7th. These were on stretching and meditation. Yoga has become quite popular in recent years and this course explained how Qigong approaches stretching and its benefits to health. Stretching helps to promote the circulation of Qi and blood. However as with all things, everything must be balanced and so along with training flexibility we must also train the body to be strong as well. The students were taught to warm up their bodies by first stimulating the Dantian so the Qi begins to flow, and then work theirway through the body. They learnt how to stretch in a healthy way and also shown how to make their Qi stronger through standing postures, Ma Bo postures and meditation, both standing and sitting.

The Microcosmic Orbit The Small Heaven Meditation

Twelve Points Microcosmic Orbit

Small Heaven Meditation. *************** You have now completed The Microcosmic Orbit The Small Heaven Meditation - circulating your energy from your navel, down the yin Conception Meridian to your perineum, then up the yang This is the Upper Tan Tien. It includes the brain and the pituitary and pineal glands.

Chapter Seven Conclusion Inner Smile as Path to Enlightenment

Tao Inner Smile

But the Inner Smile was originally transmitted by the Tao hermit One Cloud as a tool for enlightenment, as the linchpin of his Seven Alchemy Formulas for Immortality. One Cloud himself was a breatharian for many years, meaning he lived on chi alone, and ate no food in his mountain cave on Long White Mountain in northeastern China. If you are interested in enlightenment, please join me in a smiling exploration of Tao cosmology and its implications for those of us living in a body and trying to figure out the spiritual meaning of free will.

Lao Tzu and Nothingness

Yin Yang Nothingness Everythingness

The opening line of Tao Te Ching, Tao gave birth to the One, can be interpreted as meaning, Tao gave birth to the One Tao from Noth-ingess. Tao creates all things and Tao is the prime mover. Nothingness (Not-being) does not mean empty space, but an inexhaustible capacity. The creative action of Tao is brought forth as the admixture and mutual action of Yin qi and Yang qi-, it gives birth to vital power harmonized with Yin and Yang. In the Yang philosophy we divide things into two and then integrate them once again. The clockwise Tai-ji diagram symbolizes the creation of all things when Nothingness is transformed into Yin and Yang. The counterclockwise Tai-ji diagram symbolizes the opposite process (Yin and Yang unite and return to Nothingness). We can think of this as a never-ending process of differentiation and union, development and decline, birth and death. But we should note that while Yin and Yang are each constantly evolving and disappearing, each also contains the other. In...

Sitting Meditation Selfconcentration

By using mental concentration and controlled breathing, you move to a deeper level of meditation. In addition, I recommend that you do the Active Exercise, any component of the Active Exercise, or cne of the Meditations at least twice a week for one hour. I strongly recommend hatyou do the exercise or meditation at least once a cay. You will receive more benefit if you do it three times each day, especially for those people who have severe blockages in the body. The best time -'or exercise and meditation is whenever you can fit them into you' schedule. Beyond that we find the best times for doing he Active Exercises are in the morning and early in the evening. The best times for the Sitting Meditations are in the morning, at noon, and in the late evening around midnight, because the energy in these times are more balancec. Enhance your meditation and self-healing with visualization. You might visualize the blockage (kidney gall stone, bone spur, pain or tumor) changing into air and...

Chapter Five Guided Inner Smile Meditation

Dylan Eakin

Deep meditation allows the heart's inner soul to radiate an inner smile as an expression of self-realization. My kriya yoga teacher was allegedly in nirvakalpa samadhi for 45 years at time this photo was taken. Swami Hariharananda's powerful inner smile gave him the aura of a spiritual Santa Claus . He recently shifted dimensions at age 96.

Relaxation Letting Go Surrender and

In some religions and spiritual paths, there is a great emphasis on surrender and letting go. This is actually a form of relaxation. Taoist practices emphasize relaxation, letting go, and emptiness. When a person is relaxed, the muscles are open, the breathing is soft, and the energy can flow through the channels of the body. There is no resistance and no fighting. This allows the creative and higher forces to flow into us.

Meditations Techniques

Some people learn to meditate the first time they try - especially if they know how to listen to Spirit - the 'little voice in their head'. Others develop meditations skills with time and practice. There should no time parameters on your meditations. Some days you may meditate for just a few minutes - while other times you may mediate longer. You may want to meditate on a specific subject - or just see what information you receive in general from Spirit. A tape recorder can be use to play music or to tape messages during meditation.

Originality of Chi Kung as Active Energy Meditation

Treatmes For Pneumonia

It is precisely for this reason that, at a very early stage, Chinese Taoist practice took distance from the spiritualist path. Meditation by the mind at the expense of the body and in disconnection from the body is seen as the only legitimate form of meditation in some schools. The Taoist position emerged, as it was observed that this kind of passive meditation was inspired by and led to a serious contempt for the body, thereby undermining balance, ease and well being. It is this focus on the integration of mind with Chi and of the cultivation and transformation of Chi as an internal active meditation practice which constitutes the originality of the Chi Kung practice. In this it is different from all other approaches to meditation in all religious traditions. Undoubtedly this Chinese originality is deeply connected with a pragmatic sense of life which is so characteristic of Chinese culture. At the same time the originality of the Chinese Taoist active meditation tradition has its...

Qigong Meditation Part

Qigong Frequencies

Right Brain Activity Meditation Stillness Creativity Inner potential Spirituality ALPHA Brain Waves Materialism BETA Brain Waves It has been scientifically proven that meditation results in a regulation of the cerebral cortex and brain activity. An ECG of a person in a normal everyday state shows many high frequency brain waves with poor rhythmic patterns . Meditation produces low - frequency positive waves which are synchronic and three times higher than a non-meditating person. It is at this low-frequency brain wave, which are called 'Alpha Brain waves' that the body goes to work to heal itself and the body's immune system is enhanced. Alpha brain waves, which are slower than the 'Beta Brain waves' of everyday , ordinary activities, arc said to be at the centre of human brain waves spectrum. This may account for the feeling of Centredness experienced during meditation. Interestingly, scientists have also discovered that the frequency of the Alpha brain wave, which is 10 cycles per...

Nothingness and Physics

Although no electron exists in Nothingness, an electron can exist if energy is provided. Thus, Nothingness, i.e., Not-being, is potentially able to transform Being. From this view, Nothingness is one manifestation of Being. As the Buddhists say, 'Form is Emptiness and Emptiness, form.' In other words, the phenomenal world, consisting of form, is equivalent to Not-being, and that Not-being is equivalent to the phenomenal world. At the beginning of the universe and the ultimate of matter, one of the latest theories in physics is that the universe, or matter, was given birth from Nothingness. According to this theory, in the world of Nothingness, where nothing spatiotemporal exists, immeasurably tiny space-time with inexhausible energy keeps appearing and disappearing. Time-space called the 'baby universes' potentially grows into future universes. It can be hypothesized that our universe happened to

Three Centered Meditation

Cynthia Bourget Centered Meditation

What does meditation mean to you I asked a few people that don't do it, and aside from a one or two that thought it was nothing more than a waste of time, I got similar answers Then I asked a few people that do meditate, Why do you meditate What do you get out of it Again I got similar answers, and this time their faces lit up just in thinking about it Each person I spoke to that meditated had their own unique way of doing it, yet they all had one thing in common Ritual. Most had a special time, a favorite place, and a significant style of music softly playing in the background. All had a pattern of some sort that they followed. For some the ritual was personal, sacred, and they didn't want to share it. Others had created their own approach by using various methods of posture, breathing, and internal imagery. It's not so much the details of following a meditation method exactly to a tee, as much as it is the feeling you get when you're doing it and the sense you carry with you when...

How Is Meditation Related to Tai Chi and Qigong

Even the learning of T'ai Chi and Qigong exercises can be a meditation. When we learn a new movement in class (or from this book), we first attempt to understand it with our rational, logical mind. We follow that initial understanding by physically trying the movement, then thinking some more, practicing some more, and so on. When you are so involved in this process that, hours later, you look at the clock and see that it's much later than you thought you're meditating. You were in a different world for a while, devoting your concentration exclusively to T'ai Chi. You didn't worry about the bills, or the grandchildren, or taxes you were living in the moment, enjoying your learning experience. That's meditation. Another link to T'ai Chi is found in the concept of Qi itself. Certain meditations use a visualization of energy (Qi) flowing through the body in a prescribed manner. This increases your concentration and focus, once again taking you outside of yourself. T'ai Chi and Qigong, of...

The Concept of Meditation

Meditation is the art of learning to quiet your mind so that the constant internal dialogue is turned off, at least for a few minutes a day, and you can enjoy a feeling of profound peace and happiness. It can be performed in many different ways visualization, guided visualization, breath control, breath counting, problemsolving meditation for when you can't come up with the answers you need, and relaxation meditations for when you're stressed. Meditation can answer some very big questions that we all have Why am I here Where am I going Who am I

Meditation Exercises

In this section, we will learn eight different meditation techniques, two each from four different categories of meditation. The categories used here will be breath counting, visualization, relaxation, and healing. Once again, realize that there are dozens of categories of meditation, and that this section is meant to be only a sampler of the available techniques. If you wish to explore these methods in more depth, New Page Books has many meditation titles available. Breath counting is simply a method of meditation in which you count the number of breaths you are taking. There are several variations that you can employ in this exercise Count up only to a small number, say three or four. (This is the method we will explore here.) The purpose of keeping the count low is to ensure that you don't begin to fixate on the count itself, but rather to keep your mind on the act of breathing. We don't want to make meditation a competitive sport, and this often happens with the counting-style...

Why Dont We Meditate

In my years of teaching meditation, I've heard probably most of the possible responses to this question. It is easy to justify a non-action, but to actually have the gumption to get up and do something, well, that's a different story. Some of the excuses I've been given as to why meditation would not be appropriate or possible include Lots of people seem to start meditation classes, but don't stick with it. If meditation is so good, why does this happen I don't have time to meditate. I'm too busy. Let me address a few of these to set your mind at rest about what meditation is and what it is not. No, it doesn't. I can teach you to meditate in about an hour. The rest is up to you. Understanding, practice, experimentation that's all something that you have to want to do. But learning the basics, enough to actually begin meditating, goes by rather quickly. People these days are notoriously fickle when it comes to learning a new art or ability. They may start the classes with wonderful...


A wish, a desire, a thought, your will, imagination, visualization, etc., all that come from your mind. They are also all en ergy and they can be very powerful and helpful to you. Placebo effect domination of mind over matter. Meditation slows the heart rate and respiration. 11 strengthens t he im mune system. W hen you m editate, your b rain sends chemical messages to your body to help you relax. Meditation enhances an over all feeling of well-being. In meditation, the muscles of the body relax and storing oxygen. In Qigong meditation, you learn to go into the emptiness .

Ma Bo meditation

Wuji Posture Straight Back

There are three positions for Ma Bo meditation high, medium and low. In both the high and medium postures, the right posture is to keep the Baihui and Huiyin points in a straight line (see Chapter 9, 'Importance of Correct Posture'). In the low stance, the Baihui point and the Yongquan point should be in line. This is because when you are this low, it is not possible to keep the back in a straight line. However, in all of the postures, make sure that you keep your head up and eyes looking straight ahead. will block the Qi and put the weight on the lower back instead of the legs. All the weight must be on the thighs for the Qi to develop properly. It will make your bones and kidneys stronger and will increase bone marrow. We keep the eyes open for this meditation because the Qi is very powerful. If you close the eyes, the body may start to move and you will lose Qi.

Ways of meditating

We have so many ways to practise meditation. We can do it lying down or sitting on a chair, stool or cushion. We can do standing or even lotus meditation. All of these different kinds of meditation, in the end, have the same benefit, although with some ways it may take longer to see the benefit. Standing meditation is stronger than sitting meditation because when we stand, the Qi is very powerful and it makes the kidneys strong very quickly. Kidney energy is the first energy created from our Qigong practise. When the kidneys are healthy and strong, we will not feel tired. Our bones and teeth will be strong, our minds clear and our memory good. Sitting meditation has a stronger effect than lying meditation. Sitting meditation is very good for helping the body to relax and heal injuries but should not replace standing meditation, as standing meditation will create very powerful Qi in the body. As for lying meditation, when you are lying down it takes much longer for the Qi to circulate...

Sitting meditation

Qigong Sitting Meditation

Sitting meditation is a Yin meditation and can be done anytime for relaxation and storing Qi after practising the Healthy Living Gong. If you can meditate for five to 10 minutes, you will start to find a lot of benefit. In the future, you can even try to build up to 20 minutes. Meditating this long will help to heal all the illness and problems in the body, as well as store Qi.

Levels of meditation

There are three levels of meditation we can practice using movement. There is another, which requires no movement and is common to most forms of Indian yoga. This is where we sit cross-legged and meditate on a mantra or an object. Most westerners find this quite difficult, and can sometimes fool themselves into thinking that they are meditating. Moving meditation, although involving learning certain patterns of movement, can be easier because it does not use mind games. All we have to do is to learn and practice the movements in the correct way and the meditation will happen by itself the mind will relax, the body will relax and as the body relaxes so too does the mind, and so on. The first level of moving or 'working' meditation is where we stand in a certain position with slightly bent knees. This is the 'work' part of the meditation. The bent knees provide the heat necessary for certain chemical or energy changes to take place. It is not too difficult to maintain this sort of...

Da Mos Yi Jin Jing Exercises

Facial Tightening Exercises

Vehicle, which includes Tibetan Buddhism and Chan ( ) or Zen (&) Buddhism, which is very well known to the West. The second is Praktika or Zhong Sheng (t the Middle Way, which is the Buddhism of action, and is mostly practiced by wandering preachers. The third is Hinayana or Xiao Sheng (-1 ), the Lesser Conveyance, which is generally practiced by ascetic monks and aims for the personal achievement of enlightenment. Figure 2-3. (a) A stone monument at the place where Da Mo faced the wall in meditation. (b) A rock with Da Mos image found at the place where he meditated. Figure 2-3. (a) A stone monument at the place where Da Mo faced the wall in meditation. (b) A rock with Da Mos image found at the place where he meditated. When Da Mo arrived at the temple, he saw that the monks were generally in poor physical condition because of their lack of exercise. He was so distressed by the situation that he retired to meditate on the problem, and stayed in retirement for nine years (Figure 2-3)....

Principles of Nei Dan Qigong

Ming Men Mai

As was explained before, the method in which Qi is generated in the Dan Tian or Qihai and then guided by the mind to circulate through the entire body is called Nei Dan. The location of the Dan Tian is about one and a half inches directly below the navel. The name Dan Tian means Field of Elixir and is used by Daoist meditators. The name Qihai is used by acupuncturists and means Sea of Qi. The Dan Tian is considered to be the original source of a person's energy, because the embryo uses the lower abdomen to circulate its supply of nourishment and oxygen from its mother. After the baby is born, it continues to breathe with emphasis on the lower belly for several years. But gradually the focus of breathing moves higher and higher in the torso, so that by late childhood, people think of themselves as breathing with their chests, and they have lost control of their lower abdominal muscles. In Nei Dan meditation, the practitioner returns to the embryonic method of breathing at least the...

Jruce Lees

Bruce Lee Bodybuilding

Bruce Lee's training was too external and had no internal training and so it lacked balance. His daily routine involved training four times a day. Firstly, he would do ninety waist twists. Secondly, he would do sit up twists. Then he would do fifty leg raises, followed by fifty leaning twists and then fifty frog kicks. This is all external training, not internal training. He did no meditation or forms to balance it all. There are some people who do not respect training forms and doing meditation. They think that this cannot help their martial art or fighting. This is completely the wrong concept. If a blacksmith wants to make a sword, he needs to heat the metal, then cool it down and then beat it with a hammer. After he has repeated this many times, he will eventually make a very nice sword. However, if he was only to heat the metal, just keep burning it, the metal would only melt and the sword would be lost. Forms and meditation help you to balance any injuries and tension, smooth...

Posture and Breathing

A quick review of the basic postural and mechanical requirements of meditation is in order at this point, before we proceed to the actual meditation exercises. Whether sitting or standing in meditation, your head should be lifted slightly upward, as if being pulled up by a string. Shoulders and arms should be relaxed. If you are standing, the hands should fall comfortably to your sides. If sitting, there are a few options for hand placement. You can adopt a Western method and just let the hands rest on your thighs or knees, palms down. If you go with Eastern methods, the palms are usually held facing up in your lap, the fingertips almost but not quite touching. A variation of this pose is to lay the back of one hand in the palm of the other, the tips of the thumbs touching lightly. This is said to ensure a continuous energy pathway, and is perhaps one of the most commonly seen positions when meditation is practiced. Breathing techniques are also similar to the T'ai Chi and Qigong...

Philosophical Foundations

The concern of Tai Chi Ch'uan is with the cultivation of Chi. This is accomplished through relaxation and breath control. Through this process the entire body is revitalized and the individual is, thus, bom anew. He is like a newborn babe. But Tai Chi Ch'uan is not merely concerned with the revitalization of the individual's body, but with his spiritual development and enlightenment. If man is able to flow from positive to negative and from negative to positive, he will be in harmony with the universe. To be in harmony with the universe is Yin and Yang in succession. Yin and Yang in succession is called Tao. It is the goal of the student of Tai Chi Ch'uan to become one with the Tao. The formal exercise of Tai Chi Ch'uan is a flowing process that moves through a positive and negative series. As life is a continual flow so is Tai Chi Ch'uan a continual flow. The body is guided through the form of Tai Chi Ch'uan by the flow of the mind and the flow of Chi. This entire process is...

Wired for Stress Programmed for

We may be wired for stress, but, according to Andrew Newberg, M.D., we are also wired for spirituality. In his book Why God Won't Go Away, Newberg describes information from brain-imaging data collected from both Tibetan Buddhists and Franciscan nuns, practicing meditation and contemplative prayer, respectively. A SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) machine shows the way that blood flow to the prefrontal cortex, which correlates with neuronal activity, indicates how people register a transcendent or mystical experience. Newberg found that when the brain is denied typical sensory information, the censor of conscious thought is unplugged, and thus space and time are perceived differently. Meditators often describe this enhanced conscious state as having touched infinity or being one with everything. The clinical search for the cerebral G spot in the brain has led to a new discipline called neuro-theology, the study of the neurobiology of spirituality. Meditation of any...

Martial arts and health of body and mind

Martial arts have a long tradition in Chinese culture. Credit is traditionally given to the Buddhist monk Ta Mo (Bodhidharma), who came from India to China in the sixth century A.D., for beginning a tradition of merging physical training with spiritual practice. Tradition holds that he found the monks of the Shaolin temple in such poor physical shape that he created a system of exercise to train them. The goal of these exercises was to improve their ability to sit for prolonged periods in meditation. The Muscle and Tendon Changing Classic is attributed to Ta Mo

Definition of Taoist Philosophy

A basic working definition of Taoism, at least for our purposes, would be the individual's search for balance, contentment, and health by attempting to align themselves with the universe. This universe can be as big as the known universe, or it can be as small as your house or apartment. The alignment occurs through exercise, diet, meditation, medicine, and attitude adjustment. When you are balanced in thought as well as in body, you can be said to be in alignment with the Tao.

Our Inner Family of Biological Intelligences

The goal of Daoist meditation is to live in dynamic balance. This requires getting our entire family of inner biological intelligences to smile to each other. The goal is not to sit in emptiness, but to cultivate our Authentic or True Self (zhen ren), which always seeks harmony. But without Inner Smile, these practices would not be as deep or as effective. At each level there is a chi kung movement practice as well as a sitting meditation practice that balance each other. When people ask me, what is the best way to prepare for higher levels of practice , I usually tell them to practice the Inner Smile more deeply. A state of total openness is the best way to learn something new. Smile to your rigid boundaries, open to a new level of flowing chi harmony. It is truly wonderful to do the Inner Smile in combination with dynamic chi kung or sublime alchemy meditations. Yet the Inner Smile is also a simple, fun, and easy stand alone practice. It can be even more than that. The Inner Smile...

Profiles of Spirituality

A similar, but no less remarkable, story of grace under pressure is that of the former model Gari Carter. While driving on a country road one snowy afternoon in Virginia, Gari was hit head-on by a car whose driver lost control. Upon impact, her car spun in circles, then smashed into a side rail. Gari crashed through the windshield, and metal and glass destroyed her face. Medics were astonished to see that she was still alive. Completely immobilized and grossly marred, she was told that the damage to her facial structure was nearly irreparable. Gari was determined to come back strong, and that she did. I met Gari at a conference in Florida, where she explained that with incredible willpower and fortitude, she incorporated prayer, meditation, and a host of healing practices into her life, which have allowed her to return to normal.

Tai Chi and the New

This section may be difficult for some of you to take. I have nothing against anyone trying to achieve enlightenment, seeking answers to cosmic questions, or attempting to feel the vibrations from a collection of crystals. Some of what we practice in T'ai Chi, especially at the more advanced levels, seems like magic to many folks.

The Functioning Of The Luminous Body

What ha ppens w hen the l uminous body m atures - This can h appen even within t he life span of one very creative person. Such a person will reach a state of enlightenment due to his e xceptional c reativity, and t his w ill l ead i ts l uminous b ody to i ts f ull m aturity. And something exceptional happens. Another mature luminous body is created out of the yellow core of the enlightened person. After their biological life is over, both luminous bodies go to places of power. Once it matures, it does not need to follow human lives any longer, and it does not take over human embryos any more. The second luminous body was created as a result of a person's exceptional development during the person's life.

Exploring the flexibility of the groin on the ground

This exploration may remind you of a popular butterfly exercise although with lengthening rather than stretching in mind. Sitting on the floor with legs bent and the soles of both touching each other, hold the feet with both hands as close to your crotch as possible. Gently apply some pressure on your inner thighs with your elbows while leaning forward and exhaling. Lower your head towards the feet keeping your back as straight as possible. Inhale when you come back up contracting the pectineus (groin muscles). You can rock back and forth like this, in synch with your breathing, until you experience letting go of any excessive tension and lengthening of the groin muscles. The main challenge is to move slowly instead of rapid and jerky motions of the legs up and down, hence the name butterfly. You will notice a significant increase in flexibility if you practice these movements mindfully on a regular basis without overdoing them.

Flexibility Exploration

That it does not have to be tense to feel better. When your central nervous system realizes that it no longer has to be tense, it will start letting go. Interestingly enough, as soon as you stop sending signals of tension, it will be able to become more relaxed than it used to be, at the same time lengthening naturally.

From the Han Dynasty to the Beginning of the Liang Dynasty BC AD

Because many Han emperors were intelligent and wise, the Han dynasty was a glorious and peaceful period. It was during the Eastern Han dynasty (c. 58 A.D.) that Buddhism was imported to China from India. The Han emperor became a sincere Buddhist, and Buddhism soon spread and became very popular. Many Buddhist meditation and Chi Kung practices, which had been used in India for thousands of years, were absorbed into the Chinese culture. The Buddhist temples taught many Chi Kung practices, especially the still meditation of Charn (Zen), which marked a new era of Chinese Chi Kung. Much of the deeper Chi Kung theory and practices which had been developed in India were brought to China. Unfortunately, since the training was directed at attaining Buddhahood, the training practices and theory were recorded in the Buddhist bibles and kept secret. For hundreds of years the religious Chi Kung training was never taught to laymen. Only in this century has it been available to the general populace....

Medical Chi Kung for Healing

In addition, many Chinese doctors used their medical knowledge to create different sets of Chi Kung exercises either for maintaining health or for curing specific illnesses. Chinese medical doctors believed that doing only sitting or still meditation to regulate the body, mind, and breathing as the scholars did was not enough to cure sickness. They believed that in order to increase the Chi circulation, you must move. Although a calm and peaceful mind was important for health, exercising the body was more important. They learned through their Over the thousands of years of observing nature and themselves, some Chi Kung practitioners went even deeper. They realized that the body's Chi circulation changes with the seasons, and that it is a good idea to help the body out during these periodic adjustments. They noticed also that in each season different organs have characteristic problems. For example, in the beginning of Fall the lungs have to adapt to the colder air that you are...

Chronic Debilitating Pain

I hungrily gobbled up what Master Lin taught. It was new to me, but this Chinese philosophy of life made sense. I could easily apply it to my life experiences. I felt stronger and happier. I could even make the pain I would wake up writhing with in the middle of the night go away using one of the exercises taught in his Level One class. I listened to and practiced the Small Universe lying down in bed because sitting up was too hard. I felt like a horrible student, but I did a lot more than I gave myself credit for at the time. I realize now that my kidney energy was so depleted that concentrating on the Small Universe meditation as I did was perfect for me. Both of my mom's parents had died from cancer so my mom was terrified for my uncle. She was panicked and grief stricken when she called. My reaction, however, was calm, and I had a feeling of empowerment because I knew exactly how I could help my uncle. So I told my mom what I would do and encouraged her to do her own healing...

Depression and Balance

When I do the exercises or I do a meditation now, just go into the emptiness like Master Lin teaches and not force it, just wait for it to come and that peacefulness always comes. It's almost like the mind goes to sleep and the spirit comes awake. I meditate and just the weight of the world leaves my shoulders and when I open my eyes it's just happiness and contentment. And to me, I think it's just a stairway to heaven. Without a doubt in my heart, Spring Forest Qigong will work for anybody who consistently puts forth the effort to do a little Spring Forest Qigong meditation, a little exercise for themselves. You may not always feel like doing it, but, by golly, you go ahead and do it and it will pay you ten-fold.

Severe Allergic Reactions

I have worked with my inner self for 11 years and have learned different ancient wisdom teachings, meditation techniques and healing modalities such as Healing Touch, Reiki, Flower Essence work, etc. I attended 4 years at Sancta Sophia Seminary as part of the drive I needed to pursue at that time. I used to think that God, the Angels, our Masters were somewhere in the clouds, way far away. Now I know that they are only a breath away. Whenever I do Qigong for myself or for others, it is my time to reconnect with the same Light and love that I experienced during my near death experience. I am happy to share this feeling of the Light through Qigong and know that anyone can connect with this same energy. The quiet time during Qigong meditation is time to connect with Spirit, our loved ones and ourselves.

Regulating the Breath

Which means Heart (mind) and breathing (are) mutually dependent. When you reach this meditative state, your heartbeat slows down, and your mind is very clear you have entered the sphere of real meditation. The Daoist book Chang Dao Zhen Yan (Sing (of the) Dao (with) Real Words) says One exhale one inhale to communicate Qi's function, one movement one calmness is the same as (is the source of) creation and variation. 6 The first part of this statement again implies that the functioning of Qi is connected with the breathing. The second part of this sentence means that all creation and variation come from the interaction of movement (Yang) and calmness (Yin). Huang Ting Jing (Yellow Yard Classic) says Breathe Original Qi to seek immortality. 7 In China, the traditional Daoists wore yellow robes, and they meditated in a yard or hall. This sentence means that in order to reach the goal of immortality, you must seek to find and understand the Original Qi which comes from the Lower Dan Tian...

Huiyin and Anus Coordination

Chi Kung Solar Plexus Point

Because there is only a thin layer of muscle on the tailbone, the Chi vessel there is narrow, and can easily be obstructed. Once you have built up a lot of Chi in the Lower Dan Tien and are ready to start circulating it, the tailbone cavity must be open, or the Chi might flow into the legs. Since you are only a beginner, you might not know how to lead the Chi back to its original path. If the Chi stagnates in the legs it could cause problems, perhaps even paralysis of the legs. This danger can be prevented if you sit with your legs crossed during meditation, which will When you train using your breathing to lead the Chi, you should always pay attention to several things. The first is keeping the tip of your tongue touching the roof of your mouth (Figure 3-35). This connects the Yin (Conception) and Yang (Governing) Vessels. This process is called Da Chyau, which means building a bridge. This allows the Chi to circulate smoothly between the Yin and Yang vessels. The bridge also causes...

Seven Formulas of the Seven Books of the

This formula literally combines the separate energies of the five principal elements into one harmonious whole. The meditation has a particularly powerful filtering and purifying effect upon the human nervous system. This formula is regarded as a highly secret method of Taoist meditation. In Chinese Philosophy each element corresponds to a particular organ. The Earth corresponds to the spleen, metal to the lungs, water to the kidneys, wood to the liver, and fire to the heart. The five elements interact with each other in three distinct ways producing, overcoming, and threatening. The producing or creating cycle runs thusly wood burns to make fire, the ashes decompose and seep into the earth, where are born and mined metals, which when melted become water (liquid), which nourishes trees and plants. The overcoming or destruction cycle runs thusly wood is cut down by metal, fire is extinguished by water, earth is penetrated by wood, metal is melted by fire, and water is interrupted and...

Qi Exercises to Generate more Qi

Qi What is it Qi, now where did that word come from Qi (pronounced Chee ) is also known as chi, and to the Japanese it is called Ki. Chi is your life force, your energy. It is vital for without Qi you would be dead for there would be no life in you. Most people gather Qi without even knowing it they gather it from the foods they eat and by sleeping. Others have discovered how to gather more Qi through meditation, martial arts like Tai Chi (Taiji), Qi Gong (Chi Kung), and through deep rhythmic breathing from the stomach. There are several other ways but I won't list them all here. If one has a vast amount of Qi he will live longer than others who have not gathered extra Qi will. Daoists believed through meditation and Qi training one could become immortal. There are several legends of very old Tai Chi masters being able to fly because of this amazing energy. But aside from Qi there are a few other energies I will list them. Yi Yi is intention. You will. You use Yi everyday to talk to...

Thyroid Gland Gland of Energy

The thyroid gland is located in the throat and lies in front of and on either side of the windpipe and just beneath the larynx (voice box) and is connected just below the Adam's apple. This gland arises from the same tissue and almost from the same spot as the anterior lobe of the pituitary body. It weighs about an ounce. Each lobe of the thyroid is about two inches in length, and from an inch to an inch and a quarter in width. In the Taoist Approach, the energy center at the thyroid is considered to be one of the most important centers in the body because it controls the growth of the dense vehicle and mental development and it is very closely related to all of the other six energy centers under consideration. It is the great link between the brain and the organs of generation (reproductive organs). In the Taoist Esoteric System, the thyroid energy center is called Hsuan-Chi (the twelve story) and is used as an energy Center only to draw in power. It is not ordinarily included in...

After the Han Dynasty and before the Liang Dynasty to AD

In China, the Han dynasty was a glorious and peaceful period. It was during the Eastern Han dynasty (c. 58 A.D., fcfc) that Buddhism was imported to China from India. Because the Han emperor was a sincere Buddhist, Buddhism soon spread, and became very popular. Many Buddhist meditation and Qigong practices, which had been practiced in India for thousands of years, were absorbed into the Chinese culture. The Buddhist temples taught many Qigong practices, especially stilt meditation or Chan (Zen, ' &), which marked a new era of and created a religion called Dao Jiao Many of the meditation methods were In addition to the Qigong meditations passed down secretly within the monasteries, traditional scholars and physicians continued their Qigong research. During the Jin dynasty ( ) in the third century A.D., a famous physician named Hua Tuo used acupuncture for anesthesia in surgery. The Daoist Jun Qian ( ) used the movements of animals to create the Wu Qin Xi (Five Animal Sports, -5-ftA),...

Qi or Chi Art of Breathing[

Body - Energy - Spirit movements of meditation and health for body, mind & spirit Qi gong practise and training is based on adopting Chi or energy from nature and the universe to strengthen and balance the mind, body and spirit, through breathing and vocal exercises, movement and meditation. At a later stage other methods of development were introduced, which involved strengthening the muscles, When we have learned to dispel the rubbish and tension from our bodies and relax our minds and regulate the breathing, we can now start to incorporate some still meditation. This will help to control the Kan and Li (water and fire) aspects of our bodies.

Ill Effects Of Masterbyt

Tai Chi Dla Latkuw

The brain wave pattern tends to slow to the 8-10Hz range, as in meditation (the alpha state). With regular practice of Reiki (according to training given in the weekend seminar) the practitioner develops a keener intuitive awareness of underlying causes of disease, which can be interpreted metaphysically.

Awaken the Chi Life Energy

Chi Energy Flow

Meditation, properly speaking, is the stilling of the mind. Most of the meditation techniques taught today still the mind using one of two basic approaches. The first is the Zen approach of silent sitting , facing a blank wall until the mind becomes blank. You sit until the moment of pure awareness arrives, even if it takes twenty years. The second is the Mantra approach, in which the mind is rhythmically lulled to sleep with sounds or images. After thousands of repetitions the body begins to vibrate at a higher frequency, and the meditator becomes aware of the higher energies operating beyond the sensory process functions of our daily mind. The main channels of chi energy flow in the body were discovered by sages meditating upon the human fetus inside the womb. They observed the baby grows up around its mother's navel point, and that through the navel the fetus absorbs nutrients and expels waste. The fetus literally breathes through the umbilical cord from the mother into its own...

B Buddhist Breathing Strategy

According to the documents, there are three times in the day which are considered best for practice before midnight, dawn, and after noon (between one and two o'clock). If you cannot meditate three times a day, you should meditate in the morning and evening, and skip the afternoon session. When you meditate, you should sit with your legs crossed on a mat or cushion about 3 inches thick. Your tongue should touch the roof of your mouth to connect the Yin and Yang vessels. Once you have opened up the three gates and circulated the Chi smoothly in the Conception and Governing Vessels, you should then continue meditating to build up the Chi more strongly and to learn to store the Chi in these two reservoirs. Opening up the gates may take only a few months, but building up the Chi to an abundant level may take you many years of continued practice. At this stage, the more you practice, the more Chi you will accumulate. Remember ABUNDANT CHI STORAGE IS THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR HEALTH.

Regulating the Body Tiao Shen

If the posture in meditation practice is incorrect, the body will be tense and this will affect the smooth Qi circulation and also disturb the mind. (When) shape (i.e. body posture) is not correct, then the Qi will not be smooth. (Conversely, when) the Qi is not smooth, the Yi (i.e. Wisdom Mind) will not be at peace. (When) the Yi is not at peace, then the Qi is disordered. 18 1. To find the most natural, relaxed, and comfortable posture or position for meditation. This will allow the Qi to flow freely, with the breathing natural and smooth, and with the mind relaxed and focused, so the Shen can be raised up to a higher level.

Begin the Orbit Open the Front Channel the Functional

Meridian Points Hui Yin

Fig. 4.4 First Energy Center Meditating on the navel point strengthens the Gastro-Intestinal organs. ness in the area. If they have any kind of sensation other than what they normally experience in their meditation, they can shift their attention down to the Hui-Yin (perineum), midway between the anus and penis or vagina. Time is essential in all meditation. You cannot expect any results without putting in a great deal of effort. Remember that the navel is the generator and every time you commence practicing you have to start from this point. When you feel power has developed there (warmth, tightness, expansion, etc.), bring it down to the second point, then down to the third.

Prepare to Circulate the Chi Energy

The key to Chi circulation is deep relaxation in order to circulate the warm current you must be calm within yourself. If you are distracted by the television, passing cars, or your unmade bed, your mind will turn outwards and you will be unable to focus on your energy. As you progress you will learn to ignore the distractions and will be able to meditate anywhere, but in the beginning choose a quiet spot and a special time. The more comfortable the atmosphere the more easily you can concentrate. During Chi (meditation) dress in loose-fitting clothing. Loosen your belt and remove your glasses and watch. Remember to keep the knees, nape of the neck and toes free of binding clothing. Dress warmly enough so that you are not distracted by the cold. The room must be kept well-ventilated, but do not sit in front of a window. The body generates excess heat during meditation and a draft may cause a cold. Avoid meditating with light shining in your eyes. If a room is too light it will disturb...

Nei Dan Internal Elixir

We can also classify Chi Kung into four major categories according to the purpose or final goal of the training 1. maintaining health 2. curing sickness 3. martial skill and 4. enlightenment or Buddhahood. This is only a rough breakdown, however, since almost every style of Chi Kung serves more than one of the above purposes. For example, although martial Chi Kung focuses on increasing fighting effectiveness, it can also improve your health. The Taoist Chi Kung aims for longevity and enlightenment, but to reach this goal you need to be in good health and know how to cure sickness. Because of this multi-purpose aspect of the categories, it will be simpler to discuss their backgrounds rather than the goals of their training. Knowing the history and basic principles of each category will help you to understand their Chi Kung more clearly.

Taoist Esoteric Yoga Course Offerings

Taoist Esoteric Warm Current Meditation as these practices are also known, awakens, circulates, directs and preserves the generative life force called chi through the major acupuncture meridians of the body. At progressive stages, dedicated practice of this ancient esoteric system eliminates stress and nervous tension, massages the internal organs, and restores health to damaged tissue. Opening of the Microcosmic Orbit is the first level in the Taoist Esoteric Warm Current Meditation. Through unique relaxation and concentration techniques, it provides for purification of the first two major acupuncture channels of the body, the Functional and Governor meridians. Master Chia will assist students in the mastery of this technique by passing energy through his hands into their energy channels. (Course No.1) Fusion of the Five Elements and Cleansing of the Organs is the second level of the Taoist Esoteric Warm Current Meditation. At this level one Iearns how the five elements (earth,...

Tian Mu The Third

A There are levels when it comes to opening Tianmu. In other words, how much truth you will see depends on your level. The opening of your Tianmu doesn't mean you will be able to see everything in the universe. You, however, will gradually improve your level through further cultivation until you reach enlightenment. Then, you will be able to see more levels. But even then, it is not guaranteed that what you see is the truth of the entire universe. Because when Sakyamuni was preaching during his lifetime, he was also improving himself continuously every time that he reached a new level, he discovered that what he lectured on previously was not definite, and it changed again at an even higher level. That was why he finally said, There is no Dharma that is definitive. There is one principle for each level. It was even impossible for him to envision the truth of the entire universe. From the standpoint of our average people, it becomes inconceivable that someone in this world can...

Shoulder Widening Exercise

Shoulder Widening

Hold each wrist with the opposite hand. Keep the arm down low near the torso rather than lifted. Gently, but firmly, pull the elbows out to the sides without letting go of the hands. Be sure the shoulders are kept consciously dropped. Let the force at the elbows be reflected up to the shoulder joints which will increase the sense of widening at the shoulders. This is a subtle feeling, but can very definitely be felt. (Fig. 4.11)

Taoist Yoga and the Kundalini

The symbolic difference translates into a real difference in terms of the meditational approach aimed at awakening the release of this cosmic energy. The Hindu yogis emphasized raising the kundalini energy up to a higher transcendant level, while the Taoist masters emphasized harmonious circulation of this energy between chakras. The Taoist emphasis was on achieving perfect balance between yin and yang forces within the body rather than on leaping beyond human form into divine states. The Taoists advocate moderation, not asceticism. They teach that if a desire is destructive, it will drop away naturally as the body's chi flow comes into balance. The goal is to bring the body, mind, and spirit into harmony with the world, not to escape from it. Tradition has it many Tao masters would spend decades moving among the common people. Only after teaching them how to balance their anger with love, how to live more harmoniously, would they disappear up into the mountains to work on a very high...

Collecting Chi Energy after Practice

Iron Shirt Chi Kung

After practicing Iron Shirt, take time to do the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, also called the Awaken Healing Energy meditation, as described in Chapter 2. During your Iron Shirt Practice, you generate tremendous energy which tends to flow up and become trapped in the brain and the chest, especially in the heart. With practice, you will be able to direct the energy down to the navel from all sides and collect it there. (Fig. 3.81) As your practice of Iron Shirt progresses, you will open up the navel area more for the storage of energy to be utilized in the higher spiritual practice.

Tai Chi Chuan Long and Short Forms

The staff includes western M.D.s, nutritionists etc. Master Chia regularly visits each center to lecture and individually counsel Taoist practitioners. He also aides all students in increasing their circulation of Chi by passing energy , especially to those who for whatever reason feel blocked. This is not instant enlightenment , only an experience of higher Chi flow so that the student may better learn to create it on his own.

Moon on the Chest Hwai Jong Baw Yeuh cp

Pranic Body Positions

Many advanced Tai Chi practitioners continue to practice this standing still meditation. In addition to building up Chi in the shoulders, they also train using the mind to lead the Chi in coordination with the breathing to complete two Chi circuits. The first Chi circuit is a horizontal one in your arms and chest. On the exhale you lead the Chi to the fingertips of both hands, and then across the gap from each hand to the other. On the inhale you lead the Chi from the fingertips to the center of your chest. The second circuit is a vertical one which connects heaven, man, and earth. On the inhale you take in Chi from nature through your Baihui (Figure 3-41) on the top of your head and lead the Chi downward to the Lower Dan Tien. On the exhale you lead the Chi further downward and out of your body through the Bubbling Well (YongquanXFigure 3-42) cavities. When you practice, the two circuits should happen at the same time. If you are a beginner this is not easy to do. If you persevere,...

By Lawrence Young MD An Interview with S

Young I would like to do an extended study of people who meditate. It's a venture that would call for a lot of follow up. Were you to take a drug for a month or so it would be fairly safe but were you to take it for 5 years it would not be. In the same way, the medical field is very eager to learn about people who meditate for a lifetime. That might include people who have problems, what the nature of those problems are, how they get problems and what they do to be rid of them. I'd like to know how you came to practice with Master Chia, whether there was any health problem that brought you into it or whether it was simply because you were interested in it. S I hurt my back about 6 years ago and ever since then have a hard job sitting, let alone lying down. I couldn't sleep through a whole night, my neck especially would hurt me. Ever since I came to practice with Master Chia, in fact, immediately upon trying this, the pain abated. As though to prove the point, about 2 or 3 weeks...

Psychosomatic Diseases

If the disease is of emotional origin, the healer must not only give pranic healing but also psychological counseling. The patient should be asked to undergo a c ourse in character building and to meditate regularly to help overcome these negative emotional tendencies. If the influences are positive, then the effects are positive. If the influences are negative, then the effects are negative.

Becoming a Qigong Master

AFTER RETURNING TO CHINA, I devoted my time to my Qigong meditations and practice. I was now the Dean of the English department at my college and was in charge of making the teaching schedules. I arranged all of my classes into just a couple During my years of study I had spent days and weeks at a time in Qigong meditation and practice. Sometimes I spent a month in meditation, sometimes as long as two months. The first winter after my return home, I took two months off to go to Master Zhang at Qing Cheng Mountain. I spent those two months mostly in deep meditation deep inside a cave. First, there was a three day fast and meditation in the cave. Then, a week-long meditation and finally a month-long meditation. During these meditations I was allowed little or no water and very little food. During the month-long fast and meditation I had just three apples to eat and a few small bottles of water. This was a test of your ability to control your Qi and a test of your discipline. These deep...

Shui Hu Jue XingfcM Sleeping Tiger Wakes Up

Sleeping Tiger Meaning

Hu means tiger. In Chinese, another name for tiger is Dachong Affc . Dachong literally means big or great worm. There is a symbolic connection between the tiger and the worm. The symbolic meaning of worm in Chinese shamanism is strong life energy, no stagnation. This strong life energy is apparent when we cut a worm in half. It can still move and it can regenerate itself into two worms. Jue means wisdom or Enlightenment. Xing means to wake up. Shui Hu means sleeping tiger and is a symbol for an unenlightened person. Everyone has the capacity to be enlightened. However, we may never discover this quality and cultivate it if our consciousness is buried in a busy, customary, routine-filled life. This movement, which imitates a tiger waking up, represents awakening our deep consciousness and potential energy in the body. Through practice and discipline daily cultivation we work with the three treasures, the best medicine in the body Jing (essence), Qi...

Endorphins and Qigong

Don't forget to do some kind of exercise like stretching or taking a short walk at the end of your practice. You must quickly bring your consciousness back from the qi stage to the real world. While you are in a state of deep meditation produced by the practice of Standing Zen, the mind seems to influence deep parts of the brain. Another reason that I recommend Standing Zen is that this discipline makes it easy to avoid earthy thoughts. This point distinguishes it from most forms of meditation.

An Introduction to Qigong

So, why do we sleep Sleeping is a natural meditation. Sleep is one of the ways we're born with to help balance the energy in our bodies. That's why we need sleep. Qigong is all about energy balance. So, you see, sleep is one type of Qigong. So in Chinese medicine and meditation, people always Qigong combines meditation, focused concentration, breathing techniques and body movements to activate and cultivate our Qi as it flows through the invisible energy channels, the meridians, of the body. If you're familiar with acupuncture you know it's also based on the energy meridians in the body. But, acupuncture requires a skilled expert to help you. Qigong you can do for yourself.

Heavenly Dew Purifies the Body

Energy Gate Meridians

Meaning Ti Hu refers to refined milk, a substance that is powerfully nutritious. For the purpose of our practice, the nutrition referred to here is spiritual nourishment. Guan means to pour. Ding refers to the top of your head. This movement is a way to open the gate of wisdom, symbolizing not only the way of physical wellness resulting from Qigong but also the way of spiritual Enlightenment. It also means the pleasure of receiving wisdom, like pouring rich liqueur over your head. Function This movement purifies the physical body as well as the energetic Heart. Its function is to move one into a deeper layer of meditation. Your consciousness will be in a high energetic state. One phenomenon of this state in your body is that your saliva (Heavenly dew) will be more refined, more abundant, and will produce a special calming smell. It will purify and nourish the body and Shen.

Balancing Qi Shou Gong

Chapter 10 Meditation After finishing the movements of Qigong you need to do a quiet exercise -meditation. There are many different ways to meditate, both western and eastern, and meditation has a long history, related in particular to religion. These forms of meditation emphasise the 'heart and the spirit'.

Six Word Chant Ong Ma Lee Bae Mae Hong

This is the wisdom of the universe. MA LEE means a person's heart, which is full of changes. BAE MAE means the purity of the heart, the emptiness. HONG means the enlightenment of a person with the wisdom of the universe, or with the power of God. In Taoist meditation, there are also many chants. The most popular one is the six-word chant - SHEE, OOO, HOO, XEE, CHUI, YEE. SHEE is the sound of spring. It helps with all problems in the liver system. OOO is the sound of summer. It helps heal all problems in the heart system. HOO is the sound of seasons. It helps with the pancreas. XEE is the sound of fall. It helps with problems in the lung system. CHUI is the sound of winter. It helps with the problems in the kidney system. YEE goes to the THREE-JIAO, which is in the middle section of the torso between the heart and the liver. The vibrations of different sounds are well-known and we even have equipment for measuring the vibration and frequency of sound. It...

Cultivating Xinxing mindnature

Q Does cultivating Xinxing (mind-nature) or getting rid of all attachments refer to the Buddha School's emptiness and the Tao School's nothingness A The Xinxing or De (virtues) we talk about is not contained in the emptiness from the Buddha School or the nothingness from the Tao School. On the contrary, the emptiness from the Buddha School or the nothingness from the Tao School are included in our Xinxing. A After you have reached enlightenment through cultivation, you are an enlightened being, in other words, a being of higher levels. But there is no guarantee that you will never misbehave. Of course, normally you won't commit wrongdoing at that level because you have seen the truth. But if you have handled yourself poorly, you will drop down without exception. If you always do good things, you will stay up there forever. A This is determined by a few factors 1. Good inborn quality. 2. Outstanding enlightenment quality. 3. Excellent ability of forbearance. 4. Few attachments while...

Martial Chi Kung for Fighting

Religious Chi Kung - for Enlightenment or Buddhahood In China, religious Chi Kung includes mainly Taoist and Buddhist Chi Kung. The main purpose of their training is striving for enlightenment, or what the Buddhists refer to as Buddhahood. They are looking for a way to lift themselves above normal human suffering, and to escape from the cycle of continual reincarnation. They believe that all human suffering is caused by the seven emotions and six desires. If you are still bound to these emotions and desires, you will reincarnate after your death. To avoid reincarna This religious striving toward enlightenment or Buddhahood is recognized as the highest and most difficult level of Chi Kung. Many Chi Kung practitioners reject the rigors of this religious striving, and practice Marrow Brain Washing Chi Kung solely for the purpose of longevity. It was these people who eventually revealed the secrets of Marrow Brain Washing to the outside world. If you are interested in knowing more about...

Movement and stillness

Following this principle, if we accept that movement is good for the body, we can accept that stillness is also good for the body. Therefore, if we want to be healthy, we must know how to move and also how to be still. Qigong is Yang, as it is moving. Meditation is Yin, as it is still. Meditation is a resting for the body and mind. When we get tired, we need to rest or sleep. Resting can recharge energy, but in ancient times, people found that the best way to rest was to be somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness - neither too awake nor too sleepy. Closing the eyes helps the body and mind relax better and helps to exclude outside stimulations and let the mind be at rest and empty. When a person is in tune and balanced with nature, it means nature can recharge your energy and help to restore harmony to the body and mind. When the mind is calm, it is very good for the health. With a calm mind, you will become very clear about everything around you and you will see not just...

Head Neck Alignment as the Basis for Spinal Elongation and Upright Structure

Back And Neck Misalignment

The feeling that the head is suspended from its crown and gently pushed back from the upper lip without strain should be applied at all times. It is the foundation for an erect upper body and free breathing. Appropriate alignment of the head and neck insures a healthy communication between the body and head. Thus, awareness spreads more fully to the whole body. In a higher meditation formula of the Universal Tao System called Lesser Enlightenment of the Kan and Li, one learns to observe oneself with the Inner Eye. In the body structure, conscious alignment of the head and neck without strain is the foundation for a greater awareness that results from self-observation and self-awareness. In the practice of Hatha Yoga, elongation of the back of the neck that results from head neck alignment is called the root of watchfulness, or the root of mindfulness .

How does Chi affect the Sick Body

I have had a few students who have had just this problem arise. They went to see doctors who were not familiar with Chikung or the Microcosmic Circulation and who assumed the trouble came from practicing meditation . In fact, the energy had been opening blockages, which had been there for some time. Long before they began practicing, they had sometimes felt their heart beat very quickly and had become short of breath but had never attached any importance to it.

Practice Principles and Methods

A I am telling you all that when this kind of thing happens during your meditation or dreams, they are not dreams. It is caused by your spirit leaving your physical body, which is completely different from dreaming. When you dream, you do not see that clearly or in such detail. When your spirit leaves the body, what you see and how you float up can be seen like it was real and could be remembered clearly. A On this issue, you should think and decide for yourself. Taking medication during cultivation implies that you do not believe in the disease-curing effects of cultivation. If you believed in it, why would you take medication However, if you do not hold yourself up to the standards of Xinxing, once problems arise, you will say that you have been told by Li Hongzhi not to take medication. However, Li Hongzhi has also asked you to strictly hold yourself to high standards of Xinxing. Have you done it The things that exist in the body of true cultivators are not those of ordinary...

Eight Extraordinary Channels and Chi Kung

Therefore, Taoists focus on opening up the flow of energy through the eight extraordinary channels as a prerequisite for opening the energy flow in the twelve ordinary channels. In the Universal Tao system, you first open up the Governor Channel and the Functional Channel in the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation. The second pair the Thrusting Channels and the Belt Channels are opened in the Fusion of the Five Elements II Meditation. The last four channels, the Yin and Yang Bridge Channels and the Yin and Yang Regulator Channels are opened in the third level of Fusion of the Five Elements Meditation. After opening all eight channels, in the next level of Taoist inner alchemical meditation called the Lesser Enlightenment of Kan and Li, the twelve ordinary channels are then opened.

Chapter One Qi Dao Fundamentals

This way of receiving answers to the most challenging questions has been a direct path for many spiritual masters to self-realization and awakening to the truth of our Being. This experience of self-realization is often so transcendental that many mystics who experienced it never became prophets, since they could not even start translating their incredible revelations into the language of the everyday life. Some of them did speak out and shared the remarkable sense of awakening and enlightenment as to the real source of our existence. They became well-known prophets and founding fathers of different spiritual teachings and world religions.

Clear and Pure Mind

Some people can't achieve tranquility when they do qigong exercises, and so they search for a method. Some have asked me Master, why can't I become tranquil when I perform qigong exercises Can you teach me a method or technique so that I can become tranquil when I sit in meditation I ask, how can you become tranquil You still couldn't become tranquil even if a deity were to come teach you a method. Why The reason is that your own mind isn't clear and pure. Because you live amid this society, things such as various emotions and desires, self-interest, personal matters, and even the affairs of your friends and family come to occupy your mind too much and assume a high priority. How could you become tranquil when seated in meditation Even if you intentionally suppress them, they will still surface by themselves. Buddhism's cultivation teaches precept, samadhi, and wisdom. Precepts are for letting go of the things that you are attached to. Some Buddhists adopt the approach of chanting a...

The Original Spirit Breath Reborn as our Inner Child

People Deep Meditation

Smiling Chinese Long Life figure, with third eye swollen from deep meditation on the Tao. Why is he always shown smiling He is holding his inner or immortal child in his arms, suggesting that the Sage has successfully cultivated his Original Breath (chi), thereby inspiring his Original Spirit (shen) to rebirth its Original Substance (jing). The wisdom of the smiling Sage and the vitality of the smiling baby are thus merged into one. The term Lao Tzu (Laozi) can be translated as Ancient Child .

My First Trip to America

While I had never before thought about going overseas, just before this opportunity came I got a message in a meditation that I would be going to the United States. It now After I arrived in Minnesota, some people took me around to see some of the lakes. I had never been to the U.S. and knew nothing about the state of Minnesota. Strangely, the land and the lakes looked so familiar to me. Then, I remembered a meditation I had that showed me a land to the north with lots of lakes, lots of water. In my meditation I traveled to this land from China and now here I was. This was that land. My wife and baby son couldn't come with me for my year in Minnesota. As a result, I had a lot of free time and spent hours meditating and practicing Qigong every day. I would start at 10 30 or 11 at night and often meditate until the wee hours of the morning. It was during this year that my life's mission was revealed to me. I was to become a Qigong master myself. I would use my knowledge to create and...

What is the Inner Smile

The Inner Smile is a simple, effortless Daoist (Taoist) meditation on how to live with an open heart. You can practice it sitting quietly, or while engaged in everyday activities. The Inner Smile challenges us, in a series of smiling baby steps , to unconditionally accept every aspect of our body, mind, and spirit. Chi Kung was originally known in ancient China as yang sheng, or nourishing life . Its methods embraced both the stillness of meditation and the movement of life. Its art became most famous for its simple, gentle healing body movements.

Taoist Flower Essences for the Emotions

Truth is, it is so labor intensive to put 72 flower essences into this one formula, that it is really just her labor of love for those willing to receive this gift. She has also developed eight special flower essence Tao Elixirs just for the Inner Smile and other Tao practices like the orbit, sexual practices, letting go with the Six Healing Sounds, etc. I use them in all my classes because I've found that people shift much more quickly into their energy body with them. These images of flowers opening within as the petals of our psyche, are images from nature, which have traditionally been used by Daoists in their meditations. They appreciate nature because their whole cosmology is about resonating with the quality of chi flow inside nature, inside trees, inside mountains, inside rivers, oceans, planets and stars. And so we will begin our journey into the Inner Smile by creating a lovely natural space within ourselves as fragrant flowers in bloom.

The Technique for Reaching Emptiness

The Yoga Sutra speaks of eight limbs. These are restraint, observation, postures, regulation of the breath, drawing the senses inward for calming the mind, concentration, meditation, and superconsciousness. The last three are the sammaya ( inner limbs ). The sammaya is a series of spiritual exercises, the last stage of which is superconsciousness, or samadhi. As Swami Vishnu explains in The Sivananda Companion to Yoga, During concentration, one keeps a tight rein on the mind during meditation, the rein is no longer necessary, for the mind stays on its own accord on one single thought wave. The eighth limb is samadhi, or superconsciousness, a state beyond time, space, and causation where body and mind are transcended and total unity exists. In samadhi, the meditator and the object of concentration become one.

The changing of the sinews or triple warmer Qigong

Never eat before or after practising any Qigong for at least 10 minutes and preferably one hour as digestion uses up too much energy The main areas of energy use are procreation (sex), digestion and physical or mind movement. So when practising any meditation we need the ch'i to flow freely. If we use up the gained energy there is no sense in doing the exercise in the first place.

The Qi Energy and Peak Performance

There are athletes and coaches who already are interested in alternative approaches to thought. They're interested in Eastern thought and they do meditation and they do Tai Chi. They don't know this though. It's not the same. The results come quicker with Spring Forest Qigong because you can target specific organs, because you can target specific muscle groups and because you can heal quickly.

Moving with the Energy Ball

The practice of Empowerment, which forms the foundation for more advanced Qi Dao practices, can be described as meditation on the movements that spontaneously follow the flow of the energy ball. Instead of moving the energy ball as you please, you will learn to let this field of energy move you in the most spontaneous and unpredictable ways. As I mentioned in the introduction to this book, dream being can be considered both a noun and a verb. The practice of Empowerment is like being in a lucid dream, knowing that everything manifests the way it should and enjoying the ride. If you want to become an embodiment of being in the flow, you may need to fine-tune your energy awareness. You will find it fairly easy to start perceiving Qi while enjoying the first guided meditation called Lucid Daydreaming from the meditation CD entitled Qi Dao Initiation (which can be ordered online at cd101) guiding you to imagine experiencing whatever you can

Tan Tien Chi Kung and the Universal Tao Practices

Universe Yin And Yang

It is here that the birth of the very Universe from Nothingness towards Fullness is reflected in the unity of Yin and Yang at the beginning of our life Journey. By smiling and relaxing into the belly, we ease the metabolism in the whole body, facilitating the digestion of food and creating favorable conditions for the greater digestive happening the processing and blending of Universal, Earth and Cosmic Particle energies to support the growth of the embryo. It is in the Cosmic Inner Smile that the heart of Tan Tien Chi Kung as an active energy meditation practice lies. It prepares the ground for all other Universal Tao exercises. The presence of inner peace determines to what extent exercises will be effective. For all these alchemical transformations, a high accumulation of concentrated Chi is needed. To supply this Chi, Tan Tien Chi Kung plays a key role. This explains why Taoist Masters and practitioners in their meditations always center on the Lower Tan Tien. It is here that the...

Roberta Prada Opera Singer

As a classically trained singer, I find the Iron Shirt practices, in combination with the Microcosmic Orbit meditation and the Six Healing Sounds, to be of great benefit to my technique. Specifically, my goals for my singing include a free and easy vocal mechanism and an ability to feel grounded and centered while performing. Since beginning the Taoist practices, I have achieved the relaxation of my jaw, the lowering of my breathing, and the ability to search out areas of tension in my body, so that I can release them and allow the free flow of energy throughout my body. The more tissues resonate freely along the paths of vocal production, the more beautiful and I would heartily recommend the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, Iron Shirt and Tai Chi to singers, actors, conductors, instrumentalists and dancers as a valuable adjunct to their studies.

General Cleansing And Energizing

Diffuse o r scatter your consciousness to all pa rts of your body. Do pranic breathing for ten cycles. I nhale slowly. Will and feel prana going into all parts of your body. Exhale slowly and visualize grayish diseased matter being expelled from all parts of the body. Visualize the health rays as being straight. After doing pranic breathing for about ten breathing cycles, meditate on your navel for about ten m inutes a nd s imultaneously do pranic breathing before ending the session. When you become p roficient, you will feel pranic e nergy going into a ll parts of your body. Method 3 Meditation on the White Light This method of general cleansing and energizing is usually called medi-tation on the white light or meditation on the middle pillar. The middlepillar technique has been used by various oriental and o ccidental e sotericschools. T his technique i s divided i nto two pa rts. T he first p art d eals withgeneral cleansing and energizing. The second part deals with the...

The Heart Sutra of Kukai

Master Zhao Guang has said, The origin of qi is Nothingness. Nothingness is the only origin of reality that cannot be proven. In Buddhism, it is called Emptiness. I have always been concerned with finding practical methods and techniques. Since I am a long-time practitioner of qi, armchair philosophy on Nothingness or Emptiness has never satisfied me. In my research, I have investigated techniques, trying to find a level at which technique would give way to something more. And yet I also did want to understand the true meaning of Nothingness, or Emptiness. At first I was not sure if I understood it correctly. Now that I have reached the level of the Macrocosmic Orbit and have trained in OM qigong, which is a modern adaptation of the Grace of the Three Mysteries, I think I can explain Nothingness. The bodhisattva has no obstacle in mind because of his dependence on Transcendental Wisdom because he has no obstacles, he has no fear. Being free from all perverted views, he reaches...

Empty Force

Tan Tien Chi Kung is one of the Taoist Chi Kung practices used to develop the Tan Tien (Second Brain) and Perineum Power. We need Chi and Chi pressure in the Tan Tien as a foundation for most of the Universal Tao practices, especially for Iron Shirt Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chi Kung and meditation. The Tan Tien is the energy reservoir in the body. It is the place where we store the energy we generate, gather and absorb in Chi Kung and meditation. If the energy is stored in the Tan Tien it can be accessed later, if not, the Chi dissipates and cannot be used. The Tan Tien is therefore also called the Ocean of Chi. According to the Chinese medical theory, once the ocean is full, it will overflow into the eight extraordinary meridians. Once these are full, the Chi flows into the twelve ordinary meridians, each of which is associated with a particular organ. The Tan Tien is therefore the foundation of the entire energetic system of the body. We usually refer to the lower abdominal area as the...

Shri Kalachakra Mandala

Shri Kalachakra

In Tibetan traditions of Buddhism, mandalas are created for initiation rituals, when the teacher gives the pupil permission to meditate on and follow the teachings of a certain deily in order to produce the same attributes. This is known as direct transmission of the teachings, or empowerment. who lives in it are recognised as representatives of aspects of the fully enlightened mind, and that this reaches out and blesses all and everything that comes into its environments. The concept is that the seed of enlightenment and awareness are nourished by meditating on a mandala. and that the illusions of the world are seen for what they are. giving freedom from desire and attachment. They are created in the spirit of the awareness of non-permanance. and non-attachment to the results of one's efforts. Scientific Studies On Meditation

Qigong Theory and Training Categories

Energy Gates Qigong Images

The main purpose of the Qigong styles in this category is to first gain mental and spiritual calmness, peace, and balance. With this mental balance, you can then engage in moving exercises which maintain the smoothness and balance of the Qi circulation. This category uses both still meditation and moving meditative exercises. In the still meditation used for maintaining health, a major part of the training is getting rid of thoughts so that the mind is clear and calm. When you become peaceful and calm, the flow of thoughts and emotions slows down, and you feel mentally and emotionally neutral. This kind of meditation can be thought of as practicing emotional self-control. When you are in this no thought state, you become very relaxed, and can even relax deep down into your internal organs. When your body is this relaxed, your Qi will naturally flow smoothly and strongly, clearing obstructions in the channels and maintaining your health. This kind of still meditation was very common in...

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