Embracing the Tree Explanation of Procedure

Embracing the Tree is the Master Stance practice. This practice joins many body structures and tendons (Chi channels) together into one system. In the beginning it seems difficult, quite like putting a puzzle together. However if you begin this practice by taking one step at a time, practicing each one until you can master it, then moving on to the next step, you will find this practice much easier to do. Once you have mastered the Horse Stance on the wall, you will find it much easier to practice Embracing the Tree.

1. Correct Stance

The correct distance between the feet in all Iron Shirt stances is the length of the lower leg from knee to toes. (Fig. 3.5(a)) Beginners may wish to place feet slightly farther apart, but the standard position yields the quickest results. (Fig. 3.5(b),(c) and (d))

Embracing Tree StancePhoto Qigong Exercise Postures

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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