Anus is connected to Organ Energy

The perineum (Hui-yin) region includes the anus and sexual organs. The various sections of the anus region are closely linked with the organs' Chi. The Chinese term Hui-yin (perineum) means the collection point of all the Yin energy, or the lowest abdominal energy collection point. It is also known as the Gate of Death and Life. This point lies between the two main gates. One, called the front gate, is the sexual organ which is the big life-force opening. Here the lifeforce energy can easily leak out and deplete the organ's function. The second gate, or back gate, is the anus. This gate can also easily lose life-force when not sealed or closed tightly through muscular toning. In the Tao practices, especially in the Tao Secrets of Love and Iron Shirt, the perineum's power to tighten, close and draw the life-force back up the spine is an important practice. Otherwise, our life-force and sexual energy can become a ''river of no return.''

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  • danyl
    What is the energy collection point for the organs?
    8 years ago
  • umberto
    Which organ is the anus connected to?
    8 years ago
  • Angelica
    What are organs in anal gate?
    3 years ago
  • tiina
    Is there energy centre in anal region?
    2 years ago

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