Chapter General Introduction

A. Universal Tao System and Iron Shirt Chi Kung

In addition to the more popularly known martial arts disciplines of Kung Fu and Tai Chi the Universal Tao System includes health practices, healing arts, the development of a state of mindfulness, and the management of vital energy (Chi). The martial arts aspect of this training, the practice of Iron Shirt, develops a highly refined moral and spiritual awareness.

The goal of the Universal Tao System is to keep our physical bodies in good condition in the physical plane in order to build and store more Chi energy for further use in the higher level of the spiritual plane. (Fig. 1.1)

Plane Spiritual
Fig. 1.1 Realm of the Primordial Tao - 17 -

In the spiritual plane, the aim is to develop the immortal fetus. The immortal fetus is developed in two stages. The first stage is concerned with overcoming reincarnation. The next stage develops and educates the immortal fetus to become a full-grown immortal spirit.

Iron Shirt is one of the most important exercises of the physical plane because through its practice one learns rootedness to Mother Earth energy, a phenomenon intrinsic to the spiritual plane. (Fig. 1.2)

Invention Rocket Boost
Fig. 1.3 Launching of the Spiritual Body

One may compare the foundation, or rootedness, of the physical body to an Earth Control Tower, vital to the travel of a space shuttle in space. (Fig. 1.3) To boost the space shuttle, the spirit, into space the Earth Control Tower requires a booster rocket, the soul or energy body, which is guided by an inner compass and computer, the pineal gland. The Earth Control Tower, in the form of our physical body developed during the practice of Iron Shirt, becomes a storage place for fuel: Chi (our life-force energy) and our creative or sexual, energy. Here our fuel awaits transformation into another kind of energy: spiritual energy. As we learn how to develop an immortal spirit compass and computer by opening the pineal gland which will guide us back to Earth to complete the unfinished job of development here, we must maintain our foundation, or rootedness, to the Earth. (Fig. 1.4) Thus we are able to return to Earth, refuel and resume our space travel to our destination until, eventually, we are able to discard the earthly base entirely.

Soul or Chi Body i

Physical Body i

Physical Body

Fig. 1.4 Rootedness

1. Iron Shirt Chi Kung—Ancient Kung Fu Practice a. Bolin Period (the Time of Kung Fu Fighters)

Kung Fu was used in China long before the advent of firearms. During the Bolin Period, approximately 1000 B.C., training in the various spiritual/martial arts was very intense. It is said that at the time one tenth of the population of China was involved in some sort of Kung Fu.

In ancient Kung Fu practice, training began in very early youth. One first worked to develop internal power (inner strength through organ exercise), a venture that could take as long as ten years. Thereafter, one might have to throw a straight punch 1,000 times a day for a period lasting from three to five years. One might be instructed to strike the top of a water well with the flat of his palm 1,000 times a day for five to ten years, or "until the water leapt out of the well".

Iron Shirt Chi Kung, a method of Kung Fu, was learned as a protective training, providing internal power by the practice of simple external techniques. The practitioner was guarded against the effects of blows to his vital organs and glands, the primary sources for the production of life-force energy (Chi). The word Chi means air. Kung means discipline: one who puts time into practice. Therefore, Chi Kung means "to practice the process of breathing to increase Chi pressure (life-force pressure)".

A thousand times a day internal power was cultivated until it could be felt flowing out of the hands. With weights tied to the legs, the practitioner ran and jumped in prescribed ways for over three hours a day until, eventually, he could jump easily to great heights and, at the same time, further develop his internal power. Only after these exercises were mastered were actual fighting techniques taught.

The importance of the development of internal power in martial arts training may be compared to the effect of being struck by a steel rod as opposed to one that is made of soft plastic. The Chi Kung practitioner of old practiced one punch for years until he could feel the power go out of the lower part of his hand, while the rest of his body seemed as though made of steel. There were many other benefits as well, e.g., internal power improved general health and is claimed to have maintained youthfulness.

b. Iron Shirt helps to Perfect Mental Faculties

Chi Kung also helped to perfect mental faculties, enabling the practitioner to have knowledge of many things. One reads that during the Bolin period, there were eight "immortals" who spent most of their lives in such practice and developed extraordinary abilities. They could predict the future and see into the past. They are said to have been capable of space travel and of clairvoyance and clairaudience. It is also said that during that period, many people had at least some such powers, a result of widespread Kung Fu practice. Some sources attempt to explain this by claiming there must have been a general universal reservoir of power, far greater than is now available, from which the more capable practitioners could draw.

c. Age of Gunpowder

After the invention of gunpowder and the subsequent elaboration of firearms, men no longer felt the need to spend a decade or more of their lives learning skills that no longer seemed practical. A man could now defend himself, or cause great damage at a great distance from his objective, with weapons. (Fig. 1.5) Contact fighting became a thing of the past, and much of the associated knowledge that was useful to man was lost with it.

Taijiquan Taichichuan
Fig. 1.5 Age of Gunpowder

Today, however with the recent revolt against the depersonalizing and unhealthy effects of a technology of monstrous proportions, there has been a revival of interest in the simpler ways of life. Thus, Kung Fu is again in the limelight. Kung Fu has been called a way of perfecting the inner self.

2. Creating Chi (Life-Force) Pressure

Chi Kung may be thought of as internal aerobics. Chi, as an aerobic energy involving air, steam, and pressure, presses out and circulates to protect the human body. One can compare the internal pressure created by Chi to the force of air in a tire which is sufficient to keep the tire inflated and maintain a cushion between the car and the road. (Fig. 1.6)

a. Breath of Life—Chi Pressure

Breathing is the most important part of our lives. We can go without food for months, or without water for days, but we can go without air for only a few minutes.

In practicing Iron Shirt, we use our breath to maximum advantage. We can actually increase our vital energy, strengthen our organs, and promote self-healing by increasing the Chi pressure (pounds per square inch) in the organs and cavity of the body. The circulatory system, the lymphatic system, the nervous system, and the endocrine glands will be activated, and blood, spinal fluid and hormones will flow more easily so that the heart will not have to work hard.

Fig. 1.6 An inflated tire provides cushioning.

b. Origin of Iron Shirt Breathing

Taoists believe that while we are in the womb, we use Iron Shirt Packing Breathing. Before birth, the infant does not use the lungs and nose to breathe. The Chi (life-force) enters through the umbilical cord to the navel (Fig. 1.7), down to the perineum, up the sacrum to the spinal cord to the head, forehead, and down the front from the tongue (Taoists believe the fetus always holds the tongue on the palate) to the throat, heart, abdomen and navel centers in the abdominal area where the Chi pressure can be used. You will recognize this as the path of the Microcosmic Orbit (described more fully in Chapter 2).

At birth, we begin to use lung breathing and generate our own energy rather than use the internal source of energy. To begin with, the lungs are not strong. The abdomen, closer to our original source of energy in the navel, has more Chi pressure. It assists the lungs in breathing by pulling down on the diaphragm so that the lower portion of the lungs fills with air; initiating inhalation. In this way, the lungs use less energy, but take in more life-force (oxygen). As children, we still use abdominal Chi pressure energy.

Fig. 1.7 In an unborn infant, the Chi (life-force) enters through the umbilical cord to the navel.

Fig. 1.7 In an unborn infant, the Chi (life-force) enters through the umbilical cord to the navel.

One can see the effects of reduced Chi pressure with age. In older people the prenatal life-force (Chi) is drained out from the navel and kidney areas. Gradually Chi pressure is lost, creating an energy imbalance: when the pressure is low, the fluid flow in the entire system slows down. As a result, at the times when our energy becomes too hot, it will move up and congest the chest and head. Cold energy will move down through the sexual organs and leak out. Gradually, we lose Chi pressure. We begin to lose the habit of abdominal breathing. The lungs are left alone to do chest breathing.

This is inefficient. It requires greater energy to expand the rib cage, which action fills only the upper third of the lungs. Scientists have affirmed that we use only one-third of our vital capacity (lung capacity) for breathing. This method of breathing actually expends more energy than it creates. Yielding to the external pressure, we collapse inside. With abdominal breathing we can expand the amount of pressure exerted on the organs and voluntarily compress them so that they will strengthen upon release.

B. Why put on your Iron Shirt?

1. Internal Management

Many of the physical changes associated with Kung Fu come through management of the internal organs and endocrine glands.

In Kung Fu, a person's life-force is said to depend primarily upon the endocrine glands, or sexual hormones. It is very likely that this was deduced from the following observations.

Consider what happens when someone is deprived of a fully functional endocrine system. A male is radically altered when his testes, part of the endocrine system in males, are eliminated, and more so when this is done before puberty. Such characteristics as weak musculature and feminine fat distribution develop. Depending upon the time in life in which he was so mutilated, he might also lack such secondary male characteristics as a deep voice, facial hair and sexual drive. Male and female castrates have been well documented to have shortened life spans.

With Iron Shirt Chi Kung, one is able to increase the flow of hormones produced by the endocrine glands, building up the immune system and giving a general sense of well-being. The sexual (creative) energy produced as a result is another source of Chi energy which may later be transformed into spiritual energy.

Integral to Iron Shirt are the organs' exercises which clean and strengthen the organs. Strong, detoxified organs are important to modern life. Iron Shirt practice will strengthen; help to clean out the toxins, waste materials and sediment in the organs; and convert the fat stored in layers or sheaths of connective tissue (fasciae) in the body into Chi energy. The Chi is subsequently stored in the fasciae layers where it works like a cushion to protect the organs. As previously mentioned, this process may be compared to a tire which, when inflated with air, can sustain tremendous weight. Chi which has been stored in such a way then becomes available for transformation to a higher quality energy that can nourish the soul and spirit.

In the practice of Iron Shirt, we put more emphasis on the fasciae connective tissues, organs, tendons, bones and bone marrow and less emphasis on muscle development.

a. Chi, the Fasciae, Organs and Bones

The body may be conceived as consisting of three layers: (a) the innermost which is made up of the internal organs that produce Chi; (b) a layer consisting of fasciae, bones and tendons; and (c) the muscles, which constitute the bulk of the body. Chi, after being developed in the internal organs, is then distributed throughout the fasciae. It is with the fasciae that Iron Shirt I is primarily concerned.

(1) Fasciae

Each organ has a fascia layer covering it. (Fig. 1.8) In the heart this layer is called the pericardium; in the lung it is called the pleura. The fasciae which cover the stomach, liver and kidneys have protective, connective, regenerative and nourishing properties. They act as energizing chambers for the organs.

In Heller work and Rolfing massaging techniques, the fasciae are dealt with from the outside in. The art of Rolfing involves the freeing of areas of fasciae that have become stuck together through trauma, infection or chronic muscular tensions. Iron Shirt works from the inner layer of fascia out. (Fig. 1.9) The intent is to allow for a free flowing energy in the body and to enable psychological insight into events long harbored in restricted musculature.

Cranial Cavity

Spinal Cord Thoracic Cavity


Abdominal Cavity

Pelvic Cavity

Pleural Cavities


Cranial Cavity

Abdominal Cavity

Pelvic Cavity

Pleura And Musculature

Pleural Cavities

Pleura ericardial Cavities Pericardium

Psoas Muscle

Pelvic Cavity

Fig. 1.8 Each organ has a fascia layer covering its cavity.

ericardial Cavities Pericardium

Psoas Muscle

Pelvic Cavity

Fig. 1.8 Each organ has a fascia layer covering its cavity.

Fascia Layer Kidney

(2) Second Layer Fascia


(3) Third Layer-Posterior Fascia c. Peritoneum

Fig. 1.9 Fasciae Layers a. Subcutaneous Tissue b. The Deep Layer

(1) First Layer-Anterior Fascia


(2) Second Layer Fascia


(3) Third Layer-Posterior Fascia c. Peritoneum

Fig. 1.9 Fasciae Layers

The fasciae are extremely important in the practice of Iron Shirt because, as the most pervasive tissues in the body, they are believed to be the means whereby Chi is distributed along acupuncture routes. Research has shown that the least resistance to the flow of bioelectric energy in the body occurs between the fascial sheaths, and that when these routes have been charted, they have been found to correspond to the classical acupuncture channels.

(2) Iron Shirt Strengthens and Protects the Organs

When we pack and wrap the organs with Chi pressure, we start to strengthen the organs. The fasciae layers covering the organs, when filled with Chi pressure, will act as energizers to the organs. Extra Chi pressure will escape to the abdominal fascia layer fill the abdominal cavity with Chi pressure, act as a protector to the organs and permit the Chi to flow more easily. When the abdominal cavity fills with Chi pressure, the Chi pressure will start to fill in the deep fasciae and, finally, fill in the outer layer, acting as a triple layer or cushion of Chi pressure to pack and protect all of the organs, muscles and vital glands.

To better understand how Chi, the fasciae and the organs relate to one another, picture an egg residing inside a balloon filled with air residing inside another air-filled balloon, both of which reside inside one more air-filled balloon. (Fig. 1.10) An egg is normally quite vulnerable, but inside a blown-up balloon, it is cushioned against blows. Inside a triple layer of balloons, we see that the egg has even greater protection. You can throw and kick these three layers of balloons and the egg will remain unharmed. Chi and the fasciae act in the same way to protect the fragile organs. The fasciae are elastic and protective like balloons, and the Chi, expanding as the air expands within the balloons, creates pressure (Fig. 1.11)

When Chi pressure is reduced by sickness or a weakened state the organs become cramped because they yield and become compressed by pressures external to them.

Most people, when hit in the abdomen will fall down, or if they are so unlucky as to have the vital organs hit, are seriously injured in the vital organs. When the vital organs are injured, life can be endangered. With this practice of building layers of protection, you will greatly reduce the risk of unexpected injury and in many instances might help to save your life.

From the fasciae, Iron Shirt extends to involve the bones and tendons and, finally the muscles.

Qigong Energy Flow
Fig. 1.10 Balloons containing an Egg
Protect Organs
Fig. 1.11 Pack the Chi into the organs and fasciae layers to protect the organs.

(3) Burn Out Fat and Store Chi in the Organs

Food (nutrition) that is taken into the body but is not required by the body is turned into fat and stored in the outer layers of fasciae. This fat will greatly reduce the flow of Chi. The Iron Shirt Packing Process will help to pack and squeeze the fat, transforming it into energy to be stored in the fascial covers of the organs for use whenever needed. When Chi pressure occupies the fascial layers, the fat cannot be stored there. Therefore, the body becomes trained to convert fat into Chi energy for storage in the fascial layers.

(4) Structure of the Bones

When the fasciae are filled with Chi, the tendons are strengthened and the bones hold together as one structural piece. When the fasciae are weak, the muscles are weakened and the bone structure will not hold together. Similarly, when the muscles are weak, both the fasciae and the tendons are weak. When muscles are not used, they diminish in size and strength as do the fasciae which contain them and the tendons upon which they pull when activated.

There is a constant turnover of most of the cells of the body and replacements are governed by ongoing needs. It has been demonstrated that during prolonged periods of weightlessness in outer space, the constitution of bones is not as dense as it is on the surface of the Earth where the greater stresses of gravity signal heavier bone growth. When we are young, our bones are filled with marrow. (Fig. 1.12) When we become adults, the bones gradually hollow out, filling with fat and producing less blood cells, until they become brittle and susceptible to fracture. Iron Shirt Chi Kung is primarily designed to gradually reabsorb the Chi life-force back into the bones, which can be transformed into bone marrow to strengthen the bone structure.

What Fills The Hollow The Bones
Fig. 1.12 When we are young, our bones are filled with red marrow.

b. Chi Pressure and Meditationi increase Circulation while

Reducing the Heart's Work

As mentioned, we must learn again to use the abdomen to aid in breathing and to help increase the circulation. The abdominal area accounts for two-thirds of the blood supply that flows through the liver, kidneys, stomach and spleen. When one knows how to pack and release, the abdomen will act like the most efficient heart you could ever have. In Iron Shirt Chi Kung Packing Process Breathing, by limiting the space of the abdomen and increasing the pounds of pressure per square inch, all the organs in the abdominal area will be packed in a very small space. This will expel all the toxins and sediment which have accumulated in these organs. The diaphragm will pull down to create a vacuum in the lower part of the lungs, filling the lower lobes first, and extending to the whole lungs. This gives a longer deeper breath which will furnish sufficient time and quantity of oxygen to cleanse the body of waste materials, sediment and toxins.

Our systems rely entirely upon Chi pressure to move the fluids. Increased pressure in the abdominal cavity will help to increase the Chi pressure in order to move Chi, blood and lymph fluids. (Fig. 1.13) When the new blood is released, oxygen and nutrition will enter into the organs. With this practice, you will gradually increase the flow of the circulatory and lymph systems and, in return, will greatly reduce the work of the heart. As you gradually increase your vital capacity by learning how to pack air into the organs, thereby creating the cushion, or Chi pressure, to protect and strengthen them, the heart will have to work with progressively less effort and circulation will increase. The vital energy thus conserved can be used to enrich our spiritual and creative lives.

Our goal, then, is to increase the organ and abdominal pressure so that the Chi presses outward on the fasciae layers from inside. To do this, you will learn Packing Process Breathing to increase the pressure of Chi in the organs and abdomen. When this pressure is released, the fasciae expand, as do the organs.

Chi circulation meditation affords a means of generating and directing far more Chi than would ordinarily be available without causing pressure on the heart. Meditation increases circulation and the production of lymphocytes without affecting blood pressure the way running and western aerobic exercises do. Once you have practiced Chi circulation meditation by learning the Microcosmic Orbit, you will understand that the energy made use of in Iron Shirt travels very much along the same route of the Microcosmic Orbit, but is found to be expressed differently in each of the channels. As the Chi flows more freely throughout the entire body the experience takes on new dimensions.

c. Preventing Energy Leakage

The Taoists believe that Chi can be transformed into anything in our body. Certainly the energy we channel in the body has a generative effect. Therefore, an important function of Iron Shirt is to learn how to create space in the body to store Chi energy and how to prevent energy leakage. Energy is dispersed and scattered in the average person, escaping out daily through various openings in the body. Iron Shirt teaches the practitioner how to seal these openings. A process is then learned to direct this conserved energy to the navel region, there to be packed and condensed into an energy ball (Fig. 1.14) which can be directed to any part of the body or in later practice, to build an energy body to boost the spirit to a higher plane.

Holding The Golden Urn
Fig. 1.13 Compressing the organs, thereby creating a pressure in the abdomen, can cause the abdomen to pump like a heart, moving fluids through the system.
Fig. 1.14 Concentrating Energy into an Energy Ball. - 33 -

2. Iron Shirt prolongs Life

Long life and happiness have been pursued by people for centuries, and the search still continues. However, even with the added impetus of all that modern science and technology can offer, little, if any real progress has been made that is in the common domain. It is currently believed by many here in the West that daily physical exercise helps to stave off aging. However, statistically, athletes do not live longer nor seem to be appreciably healthier for their efforts. In fact, as the effects of aging impede them more and more, many of them become subject to depression. They are no longer able to compete successfully. In order to do more strenuous exercises, parts of the body must be changed. Also, there seems to be some basis for thinking that certain situations, such as the stress of competitive athletics or the use of drugs, may contribute to premature aging (discounting injuries that are sustained in more violent pursuits). A Taoist might comment that this is so because in accenting the physical, the spiritual was neglected, as well as the mind, the nervous system and the internal vital circuits.

Man's life span has been prolonged by science and technology. However, more often than not, the added life span can be of a low enough quality not to seem to be of great benefit.

The old Taoist sages say that in ancient times, men lived from 500 to 1,000 years. Modern society emphasizes material aspects of life whereas the ancient Taoists sought a balance of the material with the spiritual. The Taoist and Yogic approaches describe an "inner world" which man can develop and cultivate that is reflected in his "outer world". There is an old Taoist saying, "Living one hundred years is common. Life is in my hands, not in the hands of a Universal Being." It might be that this positive statement is derived from a genuine knowledge of how to prolong life in such a way that it is also vital and satisfying.

The Taoist System is very precise in the matter of building Chi, guiding it and finally developing skills to make the best use of it. To attempt to hasten the process by skipping steps is to end with nothing or to create complications such as irregular heartbeat, chest congestion, headache, pain in the heart, chest or back, which result from not knowing how to guide the energy.

3. Summary of the Benefits of Iron Shirt Chi Kung Training

In summary, Iron Shirt Chi Kung I training is divided into three levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.

a. On the physical level, one learns how to (1) align structurally to strengthen and alter a weak structure into a strong structure so that Chi can flow easily throughout the body and provide room for organs to grow within the body's structure; (2) develop a Chi Belt, the major connection of the upper and lower energy channels, without which proper structural alignment and Chi energy will be lost; (3) detoxify and exercise the organs and glands in order to charge and pack the Chi in them, to serve as cushioning to surround and protect them, and to fill the cavity of the body with Chi pressure; (4) increase Chi storage between the fasciae sheets; open the fasciae to serve as Chi storage areas of the body replacing fat previously stored there; understand the function of the fasciae layers as cushions around the body which protect the vital organs; (5) root down to the earth, sink down and become one with the earth, to be able to pass the outside force down to earth through the structure without obstruction, and to pump the earth force up into the structure and counteract outside forces with the assistance of the earth; (6) generate an easily flowing Chi through the meridians of the body and transform Chi to a higher "octane" to serve as the nourishment of the soul and spirit body.

b. On the emotional level, or soul level, one learns how to (1) condense the Chi into a controllable mass of energy, transforming and moving the Chi by changing negative energy into positive energy; (2) condense life-force Chi into a ball. This is one of the most important functions of the Iron Shirt Chi Kung practice since it enables one to control his Chi so that the Chi will not scatter around the body and leak out of the system. Condensed Chi will stay together and have more condensed power to be used as a person desires. When you are well trained in condensing the Chi energy into a ball, by physically moving the abdomen up and down, or left and right, you will be able to move the ball. In later practice, you will be able to use your mind to move the ball and direct it through channels in your body, always returning it to the navel. In the higher level, the condensed Chi becomes a light ball, like a glowing pearl, which develops into the energy body, serving as a booster rocket to boost the spirit or space body into orbit.

c. On the spiritual level, Iron Shirt Chi Kung condenses, strengthens and creates more Chi, thereby laying the groundwork for a spiritual foundation (rootedness) which serves the later part of the system. Previously referred to as an Earth Control Tower this foundation will direct the spirit in its journey through space where preparations are made for life after death.

C. Iron Shirt Chi Kung Exercises

The Iron Shirt exercises introduced here are primarily concerned with the fasciae and bone structure as well as with some tendons.

These eight exercises (namely, Embracing the Tree, the Yin and Yang Positions of Holding the Golden Urn, the Golden Turtle Immersing in Water (Yang Position), the Water Buffalo Emerging From the Water (Yin Position), The Golden Phoenix Washes Its Feathers, the Iron Bridge and the Iron Bar), condensed from forty-nine postures, are very precise in developing the most vital energy routes. There are many exercises known that will serve this purpose; however, by doing the eight exercises and the structural alignment exercises described in this book, you will derive as much benefit as you would from a much wider selection of positions and movements. These exercises develop Chi flow and strengthen fasciae, tendons, bones and muscles. In the tradition of Taoist Esoteric Yoga, it is said that (a) Chi moves the blood (and the heart works less); (b) blood moves muscles; (c) muscles move tendons, and (d) tendons move the bones to which they are attached.

Iron Shirt strengthens muscles, tendons and bones by subjecting them directly and gradually to increasing stress. It is a well rounded approach which offers, as an additional benefit, a means of releasing long held areas of tension. This often reflects in a general sense of well-being, of self-assurance and ease, along with better posture.

Many of my students report that Iron Shirt has enabled them to achieve a deep sense of feeling grounded and centered. Others suddenly discover that their hands and feet are no longer cold.

There is another advantage to Iron Shirt. The pneumatic effect joins what would otherwise be separate members of your body into one continuous unit. This produces a tremendous increase in mechanical advantage that increases geometrically as this work progresses.

The Universal Tao System offers many types of practices, many of which can be practiced individually. However, it is most beneficial to the practitioner to realize that all are interrelated and practicing them together will bring the best results. If one attempts to practice Tai Chi Chuan, for example, before having first cultivated internal energy through Iron Shirt, it might be compared to entering high school without having learned the alphabet.

Iron Shirt Chi Kung is the foundation of Tai Chi which uses structural alignment as a basis for exercise. Many people have the wrong idea about Tai Chi. When the energy is felt in the Tai Chi movements, the practitioner wants to move the energy. However, the moving form of Tai Chi occupies the mind with many things other than moving the energy. The more the practitioner moves his form, the busier his mind, making him less aware of the subtle energy that can be felt within himself. In other words, the simpler one keeps the activity of the mind, the better one can feel his inner workings. Iron Shirt uses the mind to guide the Chi flow in a static position. If you train in the methods of Iron Shirt first, you learn well how to move the Chi. Then when you practice Tai Chi, it is easier to move the Chi while practicing the moving forms. In the Universal Tao System, we require students to learn the Microcosmic Orbit, Iron Shirt Chi Kung, and then Tai Chi. Therefore, the structural rooting and energy discharge and control that is learned in Iron Shirt can be transferred into the Tai Chi form. It should also be noted that to practice Tai Chi Chuan properly, it is necessary that your meditation practice take you at least to the levels in the Universal Tao System of Fusion of the Five Elements or to Lesser Enlightenment Kan and Li.

Since the basic approaches of the Microcosmic Orbit, Iron Shirt Chi Kung, Seminal or Ovarian Kung Fu, and Tai Chi Chi Kung deal with some aspect of coaxing energy out of the deepest and outermost reaches of the body, it is wise for the practitioner who is interested in developing fully his physical, emotional and spiritual potential to consider the Universal Tao System in its entirety.

D. Three Levels of Iron Shirt

This first Iron Shirt book is concerned with the first level of Iron Shirt, Iron Shirt Chi Kung I, in which, through internal organs exercises, the fasciae (the connecting tissue which cover the organs and glands) are energized.

The second book, Iron Shirt Chi Kung II, deals with tendon exercises, known since olden times as 'Changing the Tendons'. This practice utilizes the mind and heart to direct, stretch and grow the tendons.

Iron Shirt Chi Kung III, the third book in this series, works on bone structure and increases the bone marrow. This procedure, known by the ancient Taoists as "Cleansing the Marrow", is used to clear out fat stored in the hollow bone and absorb the creative power (sexual energy) into the bone to rebuild the bone marrow. Bones are the major blood builders, including the white blood cells necessary to the body's defense mechanisms.

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