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I have been a student of spiritual practice for many years. I was involved for a very long time with the Gurdjieff work as a practitioner. In 1978 my teacher died and I decided to step out of that teaching which, by then, I'd been involved in for some fourteen years. I began studying Taoist work, particularly Tai Chi and then Chi Kung, studying the latter with Don Ahn. In September of 1980, I met Master Chia and learned to practice the Microcosmic Orbit, Seminal Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chi Kung and now Iron Shirt. The approach taken in teaching Iron Shirt is extremely precise and has provided what was lacking in my previous experience of Chi Kung. Although my health had improved enormously in my earlier experiences, and I had a great deal of energy I had reached the point of feeling stuck and blocked. I hadn't made any progress in a year. I feel that the Iron Shirt teaching has been very helpful in getting me going again.

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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