Sacral Pump

The sacrum consists of five pieces of bone when we are young; when we grow up these five bones fuse into one piece. Taoists regard the sacrum as a pump which will help to hold the sexual energy coming from the sperm/ovaries and perineum and transform the energy, at the same time giving it an upward thrust. It is similar to a way station, refining the sperm/ovaries' energy as it circulates in the body. In the Iron Shirt practice we tilt the sacrum to the back, or against a wall, exerting force to straighten the sacrum. This helps to activate the sacral pump to pump the spinal cord fluid up.

Sacral Canal

Sacral Canal

Sacral Pump
Fig. 2.16 Sacral Pump

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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