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Meridian Tapping And Mindfulness For Depression

Learn to use Meridian Tapping/Eft for your own self-healing from Depression, Anxiety, Trauma and Stress. Step by Step instructions from the basics to the subtle art of getting powerful results quickly, even with complex issues. Depression. Anxiety. Stress. Unresolved past traumas. Post Traumatic Stress. Relationship Issues. Anger and Resentments. Fear. Codependency Issues. Lack of Clarity and Purpose.

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The Greater Heaven Meditation

Extraordinary Meridians Masterpoints

The Bridge amp Linking Channels Yin amp Yang Qiao Mo and Yin amp Yang Wei Mo To open and activate the channels that extend into the extremities of the arms and legs. To integrate the four secondary extraordinary meridians, with the four primary extraordinary meridians. To turn on the complete system so that it functions as one integrated whole. To learn a fast and immediate practice that can be performed in two breaths. The Macrocosmic Orbit is the complement to the Microcosmic Orbit, it is the...

Chapter Initial Preparations

Stomach And Sternum

Iron Shirt Breathing and Relaxation You must not use force in any of these procedures. These exercises depend very much upon mind control and relaxation. In doing the chin press, which is accomplished by pressing the chin down to the chest and pushing out C-7, the chest must remain relaxed if you are not to develop chest pain and congestion and if you are to avoid difficulty in breathing. Practice the relaxation of the Inner Smile and run your Microcosmic Orbit described briefly in this...

An Introduction To Qigong

Chi Kung Symbol

In translating from Chinese into English there is not a single equivalence of one word into another. There are often multiple interpretations. Qigong does not have a singular exact meaning, not least because there is no equivalent or comparison in the West. 'Qi' means Energy, Vitality or Life. 'Gong' means Working With, Developing or Cultivating. It is a collective name given to a vast array of practices that have been developed over 2,500 years, by one of the world's oldest cultures. At the...

The Twelve Regular Meridians

Heart Meridian Hand Shaoyin

The twelve regular meridians include the three yin meridians of the hand the lung, the pericardium and the heart , and the three yang meridians of the hand the large intestine, the Sanjiao and the small intestine , the three yang meridians of the foot the stomach, the gallbladder and the bladder , and three yin meridians of the foot the spleen, the liver and the kidney . Since they belong to the twelve visceral organs and are the major trunks in the jingluo system, they are called zheng jing...

The Six Healing Sounds

Chikung Six Healing Sounds

Use sound to discharge stagnant energy, and refresh your organs officials. Sound is a vibrational frequency which reverberates through the tissues and organs of the body. Different sounds have different frequencies which effect specific organs and functions. Colors also have their individual vibrational frequencies. One of the main causes of problems, symptoms, and illness is stagnant energy in the various organs and tissues which can cause a condition of internal heat, that then inhibits the...

Sweeping With Pranic Breathing

General and localized sweeping is more effective when used with pranic breathing since more bioplasmic matter and prana are harnessed to remove diseased bioplasmic matter. When doing pranic breathing, the healer becomes more powerful because the etheric body or bioplasmic body becomes brighter and denser. Just follow the instructions given in the first level of study for applying general and localized sweeping, and simultaneously do pranic breathing. With this type of sweeping, the patient is...

Training Program

The Governing Vessel Meridian

THE EIGHT EXTRAORDINARY MERIDIANS QIGONG A Practice Instruction Guide 10. The Master and Coupled Points 11. Drawing In Heaven And Earth The Eight Extraordinary Meridians have many names The Eight Miraculous Meridians, The Eight Deep Pathways, The Eight Strange Flows, The Eight Miscellaneous Channels, The Eight Original Meridians They are the deep, primary and core energy channels in the body, said to originate at conception, and to structure the familiar, common, shape of the human body. They...

Practice of Anus and Perineum Power

Breathing exercises to develop the Chi pressure in all the following seven areas and in the whole Tan Tien. We distinguish seven important areas in the Lower Tan Tien where we would like to develop the Chi pressure A. Below the navel Chi Hai Ocean of Chi . B. Lowest Abdominal Bladder area. C. Above the navel Area of the Solar Plexus. D. Both left and right sides of the front part of the Tan Tien. E. Both left and right sides of the body. Fig. 4.15 Areas for the development of Chi Pressure...


Yang Meridians Energy Flow Direction

When asked by his disciple Zi Lu how to serve deities and gods, Confucius rebuked him We haven 't served Man enough, how could we serve deities Some Qigong practitioners like burning incense and kow-towing to deities. Not knowing much about the history of Qigong, they think that Qigong's roots are in Buddhist and Taoist religion. It is uue that Taoist classics contain a lot of Qigong literature, hut Taoism as a religion came into existence much later than Qigong. Taoist ideas as embodied in a...