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Wu Wei

The term Wu Wei describes an attitude to The Dao and life. It is a way of looking at the world and what happens, and acting appropriately. Wu Wei has been translated as 'non-action' or 'non-interference'- however, in the opinion of the author this has often wrongly been understood as meaning 'doing nothing'. On the contrary, it means being in such Harmony with the Dao that everything happens as it should, of its own accord. It may also be described as correctly understanding something in terms of its energy dynamics, and then taking the appropriate action.

This has been called 'The Water Way', because the essential nature of water is to fill whatever it comes to, and then keep on flowing. Sometimes it is indeed appropriate to not interfere, but at other times it is necessary to put every last ounce of effort and resources into something. You do the correct action/ non-action in the situation. We all have the experience of doing something exactly right, so that it all went perfectly. This is Wu Wei.

The State of Health

So what is the state of energy-health? How is it measured, assessed, described?

The state of correct functioning of your energy/control-system/ blueprint can be described as when it works the way it is designed to, and how it is supposed to. This has five particular and specific characteristics that can be described as being when your energy has:

1. BALANCE, and

2. FREE-FLOW, with




When you have these five characteristics then you have the necessary foundation for the state of health and correct function. Your give yourself the Best Option.

The Pulses

Acupuncturists and Oriental Doctors can technically measure this condition by feeling/palpating 12 separate pulses on the wrists, as well as other indications such as a person's color, the sound of their voice, the spirit in the eyes, the odor, the mannerisms and emotions etc. The pulses are a unique characteristic of the meridian system. They are the basic way in which the Chi in the 12 major meridians, and therefore a person's energy, is read and monitored clinically. Each of the 12 organs/officials has a separate and distinct pulse, which can be felt and "read" by the fingertips of a trained and experienced practitioner. These pulses are located on the radial artery of the wrist, and they may also be felt at the ankle and neck.

There are three positions on each wrist, one at the normal position for feeling the heart-rate pulse, opposite the styloid process, then another a fingertip in front of this, and the third position a fingertip behind. In each position there are two levels — one superficial, the other deep, so therefore there are six positions on each wrist, making a total of 12 pulses altogether. This a most revealing and comprehensive technique, and it is limited only by the skill and experience of the practitioner.

Radial Artery

Left Wrist Superficial Deep

Small ... Intestine Meart

Right Wrist Deep Superficial

Lung 0 Colon

Radial Artery

Gall Bladder (2) Liver

Spleen (2) Stomach

Radius Ulna

Reading 'The Pulses'

Bladder ^3) Kidney

Pericardium (3) Triple Heater

Radius Ulna

Reading 'The Pulses'

Pulse positions and their Correspondences

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