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James MacRitchie

What's in a name?

Qigong, Chi Kung, Chee Gung...

'Qi' is also at times written as 'Chi', but is pronounced 'Chee'.

'Qi' means Energy, Vitality or Life. 'Gong' means Working, Developing or Cultivating.

So, Qigong can mean 'Working with Energy' 'Developing Vitality' or

'Cultivating Life'

The author's preferred term, and the titles of his books, is Chi Kung

Qigong is used in this document because it is now the predominant term in use internationally.

Extraordinary Meridians

Hello, and Welcome to this document on Qigong.

I hope this information is as valuable to you as it has been to me, and many others.

Qigong increases the energy and life inside you.

Try it, and find out for yourself.

Jim MacRitchie

About This Document

This document is a PDF files, which means that the pages are fixed, as if they were photocopies, and cannot be changed. The page design and layout is important to illustrating and understanding the information.

It has been designed to be used in a number of ways.

- You can just read it off the computer.

- You can print out on your own printer - section by section, or as one complete document.

- It can be sent by email, or downloaded and taken to a photocopy or printshop who will print and bind it.

- It can be printed out as a complete double-sided book.

- It is designed with odd numbered pages on the right side, and even numbered pages on the left, so that double-page spreads face each other, therefore there are some blank pages in places. Please set your computer display to show it this way.

- You can also send it to anybody, anywhere, over the internet, the world wide web, as it is condensed into a very small file size of just over 1 megabyte, about the size of an average photograph. It can be sent as a simple 'attachment'.

- An audio version is available, where the practices are led as if you were in a class. Details are in the Afterword section.

This material is copyrighted, but there is no charge or cost. If you are reading this it belongs to you, and you can pass it on or give it away to whoever else you think would benefit from learning about Qigong and doing these most valuable practices.

Good Wishes.

Part I

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Qigong also spelled Ch'i Kung is a potent system of healing and energy medicine from China. It's the art and science of utilizing breathing methods, gentle movement, and meditation to clean, fortify, and circulate the life energy qi.

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