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Ecology can be described as the science of the totality of the patterns of relationships between organisms and their environment. A specific concern for us here is Human Ecology. There are two major considerations - people's effect on the environment, and the effect of the environment on people.

As a species on the planet it is a well-known and accepted scientific fact that we are close to a delicate stage of disturbing the external environment beyond a critical point. Human created pollution is degenerating the air, the water, and the upper atmosphere, and altering weather patterns. Soil is polluted. The icecaps are melting. Irreplaceable resources are being used up in enormous quantities, and the world's human population is continuing to grow. The primary requirements for sustaining human life are now in question.

The focus of attention in energy usage is usually on the amount of external energy that is being used to sustain our present lifestyle - electricity and petroleum being two major issues. Perhaps the real question is how much energy each person uses for themselves, and how much efficient use they make of the energy they inherently have. If a person's energy system is working properly they will make maximum use of their own energy, and require less external energy. They will function as a better energy-using system. Also, if their system is operating correctly they will want, and need, less external energy. They will make the most use of the energy of the food they eat, and the air they breathe. Some Qigong practitioners can eat one meal every few days, get four hours of sleep and operate at a high-energy level output the rest of the time. Periodically, every couple of days, they have to get full rest and recuperation with eight hours sleep, like everyone else, but they can operate at much higher levels on much less than most of us usually do.

If people learn how to effectively and efficiently use their own energy they will not be driven to use up vast quantities of external energy to satisfy some internal need that could be equally satisfied by doing a simple internal practice. They will not be compelled and addicted to find external answers for internal imbalances - they will take care of it themselves sitting quietly in a chair, and practicing. The more people that practice Qigong, the better for the planet, and everybody else.

The effect of the environment on people is a different issue. As we grew out of the planet, we are part of it, molded by its patterns and rhythms. We have evolved totally in the context of, and under the metronome of, energy patterns of the Earth - Gaia. The body-energy, which surrounds each person and extends out around the body in an electro-magnetic field, is familiarly known as the aura. This is each person's own antenna for these larger energy patterns. We are not only affected by the obvious cycles of day, week, month and year, but also by sun spots, by the cycles around the planet know as the Schumann resonance, by rhythms and oscillations that we are only just learning how to read and measure, now that we have satellites and space stations.

This awareness of, and sensitivity to, the energy of the earth has always been inherent in human culture, and special places have been recognized and preserved for this reason. We call them Sacred Sites, and they are the locations of stone circles, pyramids, temples, churches, palaces... These special places are long established healing centers where people have instinctively gone to heal and refresh their souls and spirits... and their body-energy. Hot springs, special mountains, gathering sites... every area of land has them. This has come to be known by the name Geomancy, and there is ample evidence that energy lines on the planet's surface, called Ley Lines, (similar to the meridian pathways in the body used in Acupuncture) congregate at these special places.

Respect of, and care for, the environment is something that affects every person. Qigong is a way that, like recycling, each one of us can individually be responsible for in caring for our common home, Planet Earth. ***************

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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