The Master And Coupled Points

The Purpose:

To learn the four sets of Master and Couple Points.

To activate these by simple sequences of touching them.

To turn the whole Eight Extraordinary Meridians on, in a quick and immediate way.

To gain instant access to your Qi/Energy. Overview and Explanation:

The following is an abbreviated, but advanced, form of the Eight Extraordinary Meridian practice, using a group of points called the Master and Coupled points.

This practice is the result of personal exploration and experience by the author in teaching a wide range of students. It involves locating and touching these points in a specific sequence, like opening a combination lock. Because of their special function they activate the Eight Extraordinary Meridians in a fast and immediate way.

This simple practice activates all your Eight Extraordinary Meridians. They are the foundation and infrastructure of your whole energy system.

- You can do this at any time — to revitalize and refresh yourself.

- Once learned the routine can be done in 5 minutes for an instant recharge.

- You can eventually do this with your mind alone.

- With enough practice, your energy begins to do this automatically and you begin to operate in your everyday life at a higher energy level.

Each of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians has a Master point and a Coupled point. While there is common agreement from all sources regarding the location of these points, there is little explanation or understanding of their pathways of action. These Master and Coupled Points are all standard points on the 12 regular organ/officials meridians. The names and numbers of these points are outlined in the following charts, diagrams and illustrations, which give their general location.

When doing this practice use the middle finger of either hand, whichever is convenient or preferred, and focus your mind and attention to send your Qi through your finger tip into the point to turn it on. Keep your mind clear of extraneous thoughts, and just pay attention to how your energy responds and feels. This practice activates the deepest core of your energy infrastructure. Note your whole energy state afterwards. Remember it. It is the very life inside you.

The Master and Coupled points combine one of the four 'Primary' Extra Meridians with one of the four 'Secondary' Extra Meridians as follows.

- Governor & Yang Qiao Mo

- Conception & Yin Qiao Mo

- Thrusting & Yin Wei Mo

In each pair, the Master Point of one is the Coupled Point of the other, and vise versa. One of these points is on the arm, and the other is on the leg.

The Master & Coupled points are:





Small Intestine 3 Lung 7

Gall Bladder 41 Spleen 4

Yang Qiao Yin Qiao Yang Wei Yin Wei

Bladder 62 Kidney 6 Tri Heater 5 Pericardium 6

Another way of understanding this is in the following layout:

Master Pt

Coupled Pt

Governor/Du Mo Yang Qiao

SI 3 BL 62

BL 62 SI 3

Conception/Ren Mo Yin Qiao

Belt/Dai Mo Yang Wei

GB 41 TH 5

TH 5 GB 41

Thrusting/Chong Mo Yin Wei


Minimal: The Ba Gua, The Microcosmic Orbit, The Belt Channel, The Thrusting Channel, The Macrocosmic Orbit.

Optimal: Everything so far. THE PRACTICE:

- Remove any watch or bracelets, shoes and socks.

- Take a sitting position, on the edge of a chair. Concentrate on your breathing and clear your mind, focusing on your Qi.

Using The Master And Coupled Points

The Master and Coupled Points can be used in a number of ways, but most effectively after learning to open and activate the whole Eight Extraordinary Meridians system as previously described in this program.

Extraordinary MeridiansTriple Warmer Meridian
Triple Heater 5 Pericardium 6

There are 16 points, 8 on each side of the body, as follows:

The method for opening these Master & Coupled points is easiest understood if they are given numbers, as in the following list. For clarity, and ease of learning, they are divided into four sets of four. In each of the following sets the first two are on the left, and the second two are on the right.


Small Intestine 3.

Left hand


Bladder 62.

Left foot


Small Intestine 3.

Right hand


Bladder 62.

Right foot


Lung 7.

Left hand


Kidney 6.

Left foot


Lung 7.

Right hand


Kidney 6.

Right foot


Gall Bladder 41.

Left foot


Triple Heater 5.

Left hand


Gall Bladder 41.

Right foot


Triple Heater 5.

Right hand


Spleen 4.

Left foot


Pericardium 6.

Left hand


Spleen 4.

Right foot


Pericardium 6.

Right hand

Go through these, guided by the diagrams and illustrations, until you are familiar with the point locations. This may seem a little daunting at first, but with a small amount of practice will become as familiar as finding your fingers and toes.

As you go through these sequences it is most effective if these points are touched first with your finger, and 'activated' - press slightly and rotate in a clockwise direction - so that your mind identifies their location and correct position.

Then do the sequence with your mind alone, and 'hold' the points with just your mind.

After each practice place your hands on your thighs. Close your eyes. Put your attention into all of these sixteen points at the same time. Hold your focus. Pay attention to how your energy feels and what it does. Feel it. Experience it. Remember it.

There three major sequences that can be used.

Sequence 1

Right 11. 12.

Left 13. 14.

Right 15. 16.

Sequence 2

Sequence 3

Other combinations may occur to you, in which case try them and use your own judgement as to the effect and benefit. Pay attention to yourself.

What is most important after you have completed the practice is to be sure to bring your Qi back to your Navel/Umbilicus, and seal it. Do this by placing the palm of one hand/Lao Gong point over your navel, and the other on top of that. Right first for women. Left first for men.

Then close and seal your Qi by spiralling out 9 or 36 times, and back in 6 or 24 times.

* Woman spiral out and downwards to the right/counter-clockwise, and reverse back in to the left/clockwise.

* Men spiral out and down to the left/clockwise, and reverse back in to the right/counter-clockwise.

Once you have practiced this a few times it will become very familiar and easy, and you will be able to open your whole system with just your mind alone.

The ability to use the Master and Coupled points provides a way to open and activate your system with your mind alone - because 'The Mind Leads The Qi'.

And while it is not as effective as first activating your whole system sequentially, which can take one hour at a relaxed pace, this can be done in a matter of minutes if need be.

So, you can open your Eight Extraordinary Meridians very quickly if you need or want to. For example, if you are about to go into a meeting, have an interview, give a lecture, start work, finish work, wind down, rest, start up... whatever activity you may engage in, this practice is useful.

This can help make you more resistant to stress.

The comparison is with turning up the dimmer of a light switch, or the volume control on a sound system, so your Qi becomes brighter and stronger.

An analogy is with one of the old incandescent light bulbs compared to one of the new 'Long Life Energy Saving' bulbs, known as Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs), which use less energy and last longer. Qigong makes us more energy-efficient human beings.

Qigong holds many possibilities and promises, but will most importantly increase the 'Life' in you - your energy.

And it is all available free, inside you, right now. All you have to do is practice.

The Master and Coupled Points are the summary and end point of this program of Eight Extraordinary Meridians Qigong, and can only really be effective once all of the preceeding practices have been learned.

However, they are complete in themselves, and may be practiced as such - as and when needed or desired.

Tan Tien Breathing Qigong

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