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This product was created by a Christian Goodman and a woman who has been suffering from migraine problems for over a decade. As she followed the advice in the book along with easy to do stationary movements, she was able to help unlock the path of the oxygen to the brain and make her migraines stop forever. This was done not by treating migraines by the triggers, but by the cause of the migraines which was the lack of the body to send the oxygen and work well. Finally, the creator of the product was able to locate the problem along with easy to do tricks that are not known to the public. Along with that, you will also learn how to sit and walk correctly and loosen the muscles in the body for easier airflow into the brain. You will no longer have to face migraines and let them cripple your ability as a person. These easy tricks will even make you feel better immediately as you start doing them. You won't even need any experience on how to do these exercises because they are all super easy to do. In addition to that, you can get started today in stopping your migraines and headaches by getting the guide. More here...

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I started using this ebook straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

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Migraine Headache Light Whitish Green Blue and Violet

Persons who suffer from prolonged or chronic headaches including those types termed 'migraine' headaches have an abnormal accumulation of energy in various parts of their bodies. Starting with the solar plexus, this energy follows a route up the vertebral column and thence into the neck and head. As a result the various blood vessels in the head expand, causing pain in the head area. Mental strain and emotional disturbances usually cause this type of headache.


Headaches are subjective symptoms that can be found in many acute or chronic diseases. TCM holds that headaches can be caused by the following internal injury or exopathy (i.e. invasion, of exo-patho-genic wind-cold into the vertex and then into the brain via channels), adverse rising of accumulated stomach-heat, insufficiency of Qi and blood, improper preservation of the reservoir of marrow (referring to the brain), stagnation of phlegm-dampness, lucid Yang failing to rise, or excessive fire of the liver and gallbladder. The head is the pivot of all the Yang channels, collaterals, and channel-Qi. Collateral-Qi and Qi of the viscera all meet in the head. Headaches of various types are named after the routes of channels (i.e., Yangming Headache). Symptoms Yangming Headache (Frontal Headache). Pain in the forehead (the Yangming Channel goes to the forehead along the headline), dry thirst, dysphoria with feverish sensation, foul breath, constipation, yellow tongue fur, and a forceful or...

Qigong Acupuncture

According t6 the location of pain, insert the filiform needles into Shang- xing (Du 23), Touwei (St 8), Hegu (LI 4) and Ashi points (pressure pain points) in the case of Yangming headache into Baihui (Du 20), Tongtian (UB 7), Xingjian (Liv 2) and Ashi points in the case of Jueyin headache into Shuaigu (GB 8), Hanyan (GB 4) Taiyang (Extra 2), Xiaxi (GB 43) and Ashi points in the case of Shaoyang headache into Fengchi (GB 20), Dazhui (Du 14), Kunlun (UB 6Q)and Ashi points in the case of Taiyang headache and into Baihui (Du 20), Qihai (Ren 6), Pishu (UB 20), Ganshu (UB 18), Hegu (LI 4) and Zusanli (St 36) in case of headache due to insufficiency of blood and qi. Then emit qi toward the needles with dragon-mouth hand gesture and pushing, pulling, rotating and leading manipulations to balance qi between the needles.

Clinical Manifestation

The main symptoms are headache, a lack of strength, fever, coughing, spitting thick sputum, as well as continuous high fever, palpitation, shortness of breath, Mr. Xu had suffered from virus pneumonia and occasionally allergic rhinitis, accompanied with weakness, anorexia, headache, coughing and palpitation, and did not recover after treatment with Western and traditional Chinese medicine. Then he turned to Qigong treatment, practising the Relaxed and Quiescent Recumbent Exercise. Half a month later, the sharp pain in his chest disappeared, his appetite increased and his general health got better. A month later, his condition improved

Clinical Manifestations

The patient is easily excited or depressed and experiences accompanying headaches, giddiness, insomnia, hypomnesis, distractibility, restlessness, irritability unstable moods, anxiety or depression. Most patients cannot sleep well, are liable to wake up, have vivid dreams or even can not sleep at all at night. They may also have the following symptoms maldigestion, distention, constipation, anorexia and

Chronic Debilitating Pain

It was October 30th, 1993, when I finally spoke with a doctor about my on-going headache. I started with the nurse, telling her I needed help I was in great pain. She asked me to document my headaches and she would set up an appointment for me in two weeks. I explained to her that I had been documenting my headaches and they had moved from their usual seven to ten day adventures to even longer periods of time. I had officially begun counting the days as of October 1st, so the headache I was experiencing had been tormenting me for at least thirty consecutive days. The nurse gave me the doctor to speak to. I saw her two days later. Headaches ran in the family so I naturally thought they were simply a part of life rather than my body telling me there was something wrong. I had experienced long stints of headaches since I was thirteen with regular frequency. I remember a pattern of weeklong headaches with a two-week break throughout my tenth grade year, increasing to ten days of a...

Classification of physical strain

Many prescribed medications may pose the risk of drug side effects ranging from mild discomfort to serious health risks. Common drug side effects can be dry mouth, headache, stomachache and weight loss or gain. Most of these drug side effects are harmless and temporary. However, some drug side effects are serious health risks and may cause lasting or long term damage.

Massage and Exercises after Meditation

Taoist Massage Beat The Heavenly Drum

The meditative state, and it helps to flush away any Qi accumulated in the head during meditation. Ming Tian Gu can also be used in everyday life. After a long period of concentration, it helps to clear your mind, the same as after meditation. The Daoists found that tapping the head not only clears and calms the mind, but also improves memory and judgment. This is because the stimulation increases the supply of nutrients to the brain. Ming Tian Gu is helpful for relieving headaches, especially tension headaches, again because of the increase in the flow of Qi. Finally, Ming Tian Gu can improve the health of the scalp if practiced regularly, and prevent hair loss and graying.

Collecting Chi Energy after Practice

Iron Shirt Chi Kung

After each practice, stand silently erect for a few moments. Concentrate your attention on the navel, collecting the Chi there. As the Chi sinks down, stroke the chest from top to bottom with the palms of the hands. This prevents congestion of the chest and heart, as well as other side effects, such as heartburn, headache and eye pain. Move your hands to release the congestion and walk around until you feel the energy settle down.

Six Word Chant Ong Ma Lee Bae Mae Hong

ONG sound can help with problems in the eyes, the ears, nose, and all kinds of headaches and head problems. MA LEE can help with problems in the throat, shoulders, elbows, and the heart and lungs. BAE MAE can help with problems in the spine, back, kidneys, stomach, and intestines. HONG can help heal the problems in the joints of the body and the legs.

Cold With Cough And Stuffy Nose

Apply localized sweeping immediately and energize thoroughly. Make sure the treated area is sufficiently energized. Since the rate of pranic consumption is very fast, the treatment has to be repeated once every hour for the next three hours. Repeat the treatment twice a day for the next few days. If the cut or concussion is on the head area, localized sweeping should be applied before and after e nergizing to avoid pranic congestion in the head area, which may cause headache or other unpredictable side effects. When the treatment is done properly and thoroughly, the rate of healing is very fast and quite dramatic.

Bridge Channels Yin and Yang Chiao Mo Function

Yin Channel Flow

When yin energy is slowed down in the Bridge Channels, yang energy flows more rapidly. The excess yang can cause the following problems insomnia, difficulty in closing the eyes, hypertension, stiff back and waist, inability to bend down, thigh tumors, bad colds, spontaneous sweating, headaches, painful eyes, paralysis of the arms and legs, vomiting of milk in infants, deafness, epilepsy, nose bleeding, swelling of the body, pain in the joints and head sweating.

Questions and Answers

It is rare, but there are people who are not affected at all by the Cosmic Headband. These people generally fall into two categories those whose qi is too blocked to react, and those whose qi energy is extremely high and therefore is not affected by the magnetic stimulus of the Cosmic Headband. Those with blocked qi do not recognize a difference in their breathing when they make the mudra, and many of them suffer from headaches caused by stress and stiffness in the neck or shoulders. If you do not feel a change in your breathing, you should continue practicing the basic qigong of the Microcosmic Orbit method that is intended to strengthen your backbone, because the qi within you is not active enough to control the energy of the Microcosmic Orbit. This exercise is also important because it can help you to avoid suffering any side effects as a result of doing the Microcosmic Orbit method. Question Since I started practicing the Microcosmic Orbit method with a qi ball, I have been having...

Empty Force

It is the Chi pressure in the Tan Tien that roots our body and mind. It is our electric wire in the earth. When the Chi pressure is low, we will have no rooting. The energy and the mind will be unfocused and will quickly rise upward and dissipate, and cause overheating, headache, pain in the heart and a distracted mind.

Safety Valves How to prevent Side Effects

You may find circulating chi to the navel point is quite comfortable, but when the power moves up to the head you may discover that you are easily irritated and sometimes have headaches. Concentrating on the heart chakra, you may develop congestion and pain in the chest and heart area. Be assured, however, that though you may initially suffer some untoward effects, your continued practice will set you free of all such symptoms. However, it must be stressed that you keep your instructor alerted to whatever you might experience so that he will be able to help you. Make sure to finish each session by returning the energy to the navel and circling it 3 to 36 times clockwise and 3 to 24 times counter clockwise for a man, and the reverse for a woman.

Beginners Reverse the Chi Flow

Meditation With Tongue Touching Palate

Even though the palate is constructed of soft bone it takes is considerable period of sustained effort for most practitioners to penetrate it and complete the route. The force which is generated in this practice often causes side effects such as headaches, illusions, erratic mood swings, insomnia, irritability and vague aches and pains. If such effects persist, immediately reverse your chi flow back down the spine to the feet. Also, read the chapter on How to Prevent Side Effects.

Healing Myself My Children and Others

Over the holidays, my family and I visited my sister-in-law out of state. She has had regular migraine headaches for years. She had a really bad one when we were there. She took her medication in the morning but it didn't help. I offered to provide Qigong therapy. She accepted and after I worked with her, her headache was totally eliminated. She was dumbfounded. I smiled.

Personal Experiences with the Microcosmic

The case reports were of people who had headaches for many years, others who had asthma and various other ailments such as allergies, insomnia, hypertension, stomach ulcers, constipation, heart problems, hemorrhoids, chronic fatigue, overweight and low back pain. Doctor Young feels quite confident that these methods will be taught here to doctors as part of their training within ten to twelve years. In fact, it has great promise in the field of preventive medicine and as a means of fulfilling one's potentials. or, as the name indicates, fused and then distributed throughout the body wherever they are needed. So when you don't collect the energy at the end of your practice you have no way of knowing where that energy may be stuck. If Chi has collected in your head or chest you may be in for a lot of trouble because your brain is very sensitive to heat and you may have terrible headaches and possibly delusions. When your heart overheats, you find that you can't breathe well and that it...

Regulation of Breathing

It is preferable to focus on developing correct posture when one begins practicing dynamic Qigong, Daoyin, or static Qigong. Training of respiration should begin after one is skilled and natural in posturing. Adverse effects, such as respiratory distress, emotional upset, chest stuffiness, and headache, may result when breathing techniques are used in conjunction with an improper Qigong posture. The final goal of respiration training is to achieve deep, long, even and fine respiration as the result of long-term practice. Forced movements with lengthened or oppressed breath should be avoided.

Lao Tse On Zhan Zhuang

Energy Gates Qigong Images

Zhan Zhuang not only strengthens your Chi, it readjusts its flow in your body. Many people suffer from blockages which trap most of their Chi in their upper body. They have headaches, stiff shoulders and tight chests. Since there is insufficient Chi in their lower body, they have digestive disorders, weak circulation in the legs and poor balance. When you practice Zhan Zhuang, your head is clearer and your upper body relaxed. The Chi reservoir in your lower Tan Tien is full and you are stable on your feet.

Disabling Panic Anxiety Attacks

At one point, I started stuttering, developed migraines and the left side of my body became numb. Walking was difficult, I lost my relationship to the ground below me. Fear and terror gripped my mind and body. I lost all confidence and trust in myself and the world around me. For the next eleven years panic and anxiety attacks took over my life.

Wind Cold Syndrome Due to Exogenous Evils

Severe aversion to cold, slight fever or absence of fever, headache, soreness and pain in the extremities, nasal obstruction with discharge, low-voice speaking, itching of the throat, cough with thin and clear phlegm, pale tongue with thin coat Severe fever, slight aversion to cold, headache, sweating, sore throat, cough with yellowish thick phlegm, thin, white or slightly yellow tongue coating and rapid, superficial pulse. Detection with flat-palm reveals dense, hot and tingling sensation of qi around the head and apparent imbalance of qi between the upper and the lower or the left and the right aspects of the body.

Sample Case

Mr.Chen, 55 years old, had suffered from dizzy, headaches, and insomnia for many years, and had suffered from short breath, palpitation, failing memory and had a low work efficiency for more than ten years. He was diagnosed as having neurasthenia and treated with a combination of Western and tradtional Chinese medicine, but there was no obvious and stable effect. Then he turned to Qigong treatment. After practising for two weeks, the insomnia and headaches were relieved. Two months later, the above symptoms disappeared and he gained weight, experienced an increase in appetite, and his mental and physical condition and memory were also improved. Now he can perform his normal responsibilities well.


Acupressure Baihui The Shen

The exercise is simple and easy to learn. Its effect will be seen after practising it for one or two months. It helps improve the function of the eyes, adjust the cerebral nerve, correct and improve the eyesight of young people, and has a preventive and curative effect for declining sight, myopia, weak sight, astigmatism and farsightedness. It also helps to strengthen the brain, improve fitness, and has a certain effect in relieving headache, neurosis, insomnia and liver diseases.

Day an Gong nd

Zhan Zhuang Top

By baring the weight all on one leg it helps balance the brain and is good for high bloodpressure, stress and migraines. By moring down three times helps to release negative energy through the Yongquan point. The upper and lower body connect together to help Yin and Yang balance. the symptom. Headache tablets

Deviation of Qigong

Terminate the Qigong exercises that have caused the symptoms. If you feel a compressing sensation on the head and a severe headache, you may massage the acupuncture points Baibui (Du 20), Fengfu (GB 20), Tianrmn, Kangong, and Tajyang (Extra 2) and then pat and massage along the route and direction of the Du and Ren Channels. When you have finished, concentrate the mind on Yongquan (K 1) and Dadun(Liv 1) and carry out Head and Face Exercise. Some mild symptoms may emerge during the course of initial practice. These symptoms, usually resulting from incorrect exercise, should not be regarded as deviations and are not difficult to treat. Following, are some common symptoms and their management methods Fullness of the Head and Headache. Qigong beginners who have not mastered the practicing methods are often nervous mentally. They may hold their facial muscles too tightly or exert too much mind control. Such situations often cause headaches. Treatment...


There are no restrictions for women practising Qigong during menstruation. Practising Qigong can help your circulation during a period md so ease headaches, stomach cramps and any emotional problems. This is because during menstruation the body changes due to the change in the blood circulation and pressure, and by practising Qigong you can calm and balance the blood.

Massage and Rubbing

Acupuncture Points Arm

People have always instinctively rubbed sore muscles and other painful areas to ease their pain and to help the sore muscle recover more quickly. Long ago it was found that this kind of rubbing can also cure a number of disorders such as headaches, joint pain, and an uneasy stomach, and that simple rubbing can even strengthen weakened organs.

Nervous System

HEADACHES If you have a headache there is a sequence of four practical steps you can take to ease the pain and eventually clear it completely. In my experience, following these steps helps relieve the symptoms of headaches, even migraines, in eight out often cases. Fourth, place your open palms over your temples. Press them lightly against your head and gently massage the area around your temples. You will feel the effect of your Chi and are likely to notice a considerable improvement in your headache. The calm and quiet mental state during the standing exercise has been shown to produce increasingly strong alpha waves within the brain, which indicate an alert but tranquil state. Zhan Zhuang exercise helps to eliminate exhaustion, headaches, dizziness, and nervousness.

High Blood Pressure

Acute pancreatitis is a severe inflammation of the pancreas. The patient feels intense pain in the solar plexus area and the back of it. Fever, chills, cold sweats, vomiting a nd headaches are experienced. The patient is in a state of severe shock. This manifests as a serious imbalance of the solar plexus c hakra and t he entire etheric body (or bioplasmic body) is affected.

Qi and Antiques

This apparently was an old guardian soldier that had been used to decorate a grave in China. Some items that looked very valuable radiated no qi. I felt good qi emanating from some items that looked simple and primitive. For example, one vessel gave me a peaceful impression and I felt comfortable looking at it. I found out that it had been used for a long time as a container for Buddhist scriptures. A mask of a pharaoh from Egypt, on the other hand, was horrible. Its qi was like a crouching black mass. When I told her that the piece had an extremely negative qi although it was a real antique, she agreed and said that looking at it always gave her a headache. My judgment at the exhibition was successful. The manager and I had the same opinion on nearly every item. However, I must confess that there were also some fake antiques at the show from which I received very good qi energy.


Clinically, glaucoma can be divided into acute and chronic types. When congestive glaucoma results in an acute attack, the patient may suffer severe headaches, nausea, iridization and decreased vision. Congestive ciliary body, corneal opacity, platycoria and high eye pressure can be found upon examination. Simple glaucoma attacks slowly without typical symptoms and usually is found in

Cranial Pump

Iron Shirt Chi Kung

Improper cranial respiratory function develops for many reasons. It may have been present from birth. At this time the skull is soft and moveable and the trip down the birth canal could jam a baby's skull, or it may be the result of a difficult birth in which forceps were used. It may also occur later in life. A bump on the head coming from a certain direction while the person is breathing in the specific manner that allows the bone to move can cause improper cranial respiratory function. Auto accidents causing whiplash very often are the cause of cranial faults. Since cranial faults affect the flow of the fluid and the brain, nerve and energy patterns of the entire body, symptoms can develop anyplace. Strengthening the cranial joints can increase energy and alleviate symptoms, such as headaches, sinus problems, visual disturbances and neck problems.


Acute bronchitis is often manifested as cough due to exopathy. The onset is acute with symptoms of infection of the upper respiratory tract such as nasal obstruction, itching throat, and dry cough, accompanied by fear of cold, fever, headache, and general malaise. The cough is paroxysmal, with thin or thick phlegm, the tongue fur is white and thin, and the pulse floating and tense. If pathogenic wind-cold is transmitted into the interior of the body and causing heat syndrome, symptoms and signs such as yellow tongue fur, thick or purulent phlegm, a floating and rapid pulse, or a slippery and rapid pulse will occur. Patients suffering from acute bronchitis, with the symptoms of an exterior syndrome such as headache and aversion to cold, may practice Nose and Teeth Exercise and Head and Face Exercise.

General Weakness

3) If the patient is experiencing a headache, scan the head area, and apply localized sweeping and energizing alternately to remove the headache. HEADACHE Scan the crown chakra, the ajna chakra, the back of the head, the entire head and neck. Headaches could be caused by pranic depletion or congestion on these parts. The eyes, the temples, a nd t he s olar pl exus s hould also b e scanned. Apply lo calized s weeping an d energizing on the crown chakra, ajna chakra, the back of the head, and on the affected head area. If the cause is due to pranic congestion, localized sweeping is usually sufficient to remove the pain. Or just ask the patient what is aching, and apply localized sweeping and energizing on the affected part. If the headache is due to eye strain, then the ajna chakra, the e yes, a nd t he temples s hould b e c leansed a nd e nergized. T he e yes a re e nergized through the ajna chakra. If it is due to an emotional problem or stress, then the front solar plexus c hakra s...

Rooting Practice

Universal Tao

The cranial pump has long been regarded by Taoists as a major pump for the circulation of energy throughout the body. It has been previously mentioned that minute movements at the joints of the eight cranial bones occur during breathing. Cranial movement stimulates the production and function of the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. The cerebrospinal fluid is necessary for normal nerve and energy patterns in the entire body. Strengthening the cranial pump can increase energy and alleviate symptoms such as headaches, sinus problems, visual disturbances and neck problems.


Microcosmic Orbit

It is techniques like this that sound teachers will instinctively turn to heal the mind and spirit. I have been teaching about the healing power of sound for over 13 years. In that time I have experienced first hand many instances of tone generated by the human voice accelerating physical healing to a remarkable extent, and also causing the cessation of pain in injuries. I have also found it very effective for mild to extreme migraines and headaches.


The results of clinical application and scientific research have proved that outgoing-qi therapy is fairly effective for internal, surgical, gynecological, traumatological and pediatric complaints and those of the five sense organs, e.g., headache, stomachache, chest pain, lumbago, cough, constipation,

Your middle age

Chi Kung Exercises

So what exactly do you do if you want to try Zhan Zhuang at this stage of your life First of all, don't confuse it with aerobic and muscle-building exercises - neither the effect nor the experience is the same. Don't expect that sort of sweat and pain. The second thing to bear in mind is that Zhan Zhuang works at a very deep level, tackling profound inner disorders. So if you have accumulated the effects of 40 or 50 years of stress, bad posture, illnesses, and all the other headaches of daily life, you can expect a lot of unusual sensations once you start your training. These are described in Chapter 3.

Common Cold

Symptoms of the wind-cold are headache, nasal obstruction with watery discharge, sneezing, chilliness, anhidrosis, cough with thin phlegm, soreness of the joints, a thin, white tongue coating, and a superficial, tense pulse. Symptoms of wind-heat type are headache with fever or sweating, dry mouth and sore throat, yellow nasal discharge, yellow sticky phlegm, a thin and yellowish tongue coating, and a rapid, superficial pulse.

Small Universe

Small Universe Energy Points

Nearly all the important energy centers are arranged along the back and front channels. As a result, a blockage in the heart energy center could cause not only heart problems but problems in the lungs, breasts, chest or even mental problems. A blockage in the tailbone could cause reproductive organ problems, low sexual energy, or even headaches. A blockage in the cervical bone 7 of the spinal cord could cause headaches, fever, diabetes or even lung or heart problems.

Qigong is Wonderful

Nature Salute Examples

Most Qigong is comprised of three elements Concentration, Breath, & Movement. Sometimes there is a special or secret clement also involved, but for the most part it is simple and easy to learn and can be performed by anyone. I know some two hundred types of Qigong exercise. Some is done as preventative exercise but also a lot is performed as a component of treatments I prescribe. I also use Tuina therapy in treatment, a combination of massage and accupressure. Finally people come to me from all over the Netherlands to correct imbalances they have accumulated through bad habits such as smoking, overeating, insomnia & stress, as well as fatigue and depression. These conditions have no real answer in the western realm of treatment and my Qigong has been very successful in helping these people. Moreover western medicine has no treatment for the common cold, discomfort of flu symptoms, migraine, loss of appetite, menstruation & menopausal problems, and many other conditions arising from...


Raising both arms straight above your h ead is an other simple Qigong movement t hat helps to open energy channels in your lungs and can help clear your sinuses, help stop coughing and even help with headache. The more severe the problem the longer you will need to hold your arms up to open the energy channels.

Good Qi sick Qi

Once I went to an antique warehouse in Xian, China. It was very old and dusty and even though it was mostly in the open air, with just a covered roof, I began to feel damp inside and not so well. I knew this was not a healthy place to be in, and so I decided to leave. When I went back to my hotel room, I felt tired and had a headache. The next day I was ill and had a fever and the flu from which it took a few days for me to completely recover. Old, damp and dusty places can create a lot of sick Qi.

TCM Diagnosis

You've been suffering from nagging headaches for some time now. Up to this point though, you've endured the pain or taken aspirin and rested when you could. Frequent recurring headaches eventually cause you to worry, however, so you consult your general practitioner. He or she runs a few tests, which rule out anything serious, and prescribes you medication. This works well when you have a headache but doesn't prevent the next one. You go back to your doctor, who refers you to a specialist. Further tests show there's nothing really wrong with you and you're back where you started.

Aligning the head

Tibetan Qigong

Alignments of the head and neck are obvious areas to start with. People in modern society often complain about pain and tension in the neck and the base of the skull. Such tension blocks the circulation of blood and lymph and often leads to headaches, ringing in the ears, temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, eyesight disorders and other complaints. Observation suggests that energy cannot flow freely through areas of the body holding a lot of tension. Since communication requires free flow of energy, tension in the neck and shoulders restricts and even disconnects communication between the head and the rest of the body.

The Inner Depths Hs

Inner Chi Power

Stress is affecting the lives of an ever-increasing number of people. We carry tension with us in our nervous systems and lock it into the cellular memories of our muscles. This strain is the greatest single cause of the headaches, muscle pains, illnesses and medical traumas that people suffer day after day.

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