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Seven Minute Mindfulness is an audio targeted at using the most natural way to maintain a good focus and the mindfulness people need for their daily activities. It combines the various religious methods to reach a balance in ensuring the users reach the highest point of mindfulness they can ever attain. To help them reach this height, the program had been prepared to take only seven minutes of your time. Pending the time of its usage, the users will not have to spend a lot of time dealing with it. The Seven Minute Mindfulness was designed to be used on any device. Getting started is simple and will take just a few minutes after ordering. It comes with various bonuses like The Seven Minute Mindfulness Guidebook (A digital manual that comes along with the audio version); Your Little Book Of Mindfulness Exercises (A digital guide to some exercises that can be practised in the house)The product is in a digital format of Audio messages and has been created at a very affordable price. In case it does not meet their demands or desires, the users have the right to ask for a refund of their money within three months. The implication is that they are given the chance to try it at home and if they suddenly become sceptical or grow cold feet, they will get a 100% refund. Read more...

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The author presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this book are precise.

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Awaken Your Consciousness

Feel the warmth, or even heat, in your body. Feel the light entering and nourishing your whole body as if you are taking a Qi shower. Then move your consciousness to your lower Dantian concentrate the energy there. Observe the inner landscape of your body with your inner eye. At this moment, you may have special experiences in your body and spirit.

General Outline of Practices

Connect to the student's and your own cosmic star above your head and ask for universal permission. Radiate your love and transfer three minds into one mind. Lower your Upper Tan Tien. Activate your consciousness Three minds become one mind. Expand your awareness in the mideyebrow and the crown. Feel the Tan Tien, heart, mideyebrow and crown spiraling. Expand to the universe.

Postural Characteristics

As you work on developing your awareness of tension in the muscle groups involved in this holding pattern, you may first notice that it makes your head protrude forward. This is one of the signatures of this pattern, which requires tension in the back of the neck, since the bones of the neck no longer support the weight of the head. Play with this tension by slowly increasing and decreasing it, so that you develop an acute sense of connection with this muscle group. By learning to contract and relax these muscles at will, you will eventually learn to let go of that tension whenever it is not needed.

Q What do you do if you just feel bored while smiling like nothing is really happening

Being present to the Life Force totally transforms boredom because it really means all of you, all of your internal spirits and all your energy channels and all of your collective higher being is present, and coming into one moment of collective focus. That is what is meant by the present moment . Lots of people talk about being present, which is good. But in my experience many are not aware of the practical internal communication-energy pathways available to them, that are clearly mapped out in Daoist internal alchemy.

Exploring Holding Forth

Practicing Forward Push is one way to explore this holding pattern. Paradoxically, it is what Qi Dao recommends in order to develop full appreciation of Holding Forth, since the direction of the shift in your energy field in this case is also forward. Exaggerating this pattern with Forward Push may expose some neglected or suppressed aspects of your consciousness that may seek your attention by causing discomfort or pain. Becoming conscious of your unconscious processes can enable you to integrate even those aspects of your being that you would initially want to suppress or get rid of.

Position Shuang Jian Qie Qiao

It is called The Thought Leads Qi in the tradition of the Shaolin School of Qi Gong. After some practice any of your movements will be filled with the internal energy Qi without any effort of your consciousness. That is the final aim of Fighting Qi GONG practice in the Shaolin School. Shaolin treatises on pugilism say When each movement of your body is fused with the breath Qi, your arms and legs become quick and strong like those ones of a monkey. So the man moves like a lightning in the sky and joyfully he passes along as a victor in all battles *. *De Chang. Shaolin Qi Gong. Zhangzhou, 1983.

Flexibility Exploration

How can you help a tense muscle manifest its dream You may start by measuring the level of well-being of that body part. Subjectively assess it on the scale from zero to one hundred, where the top of the scale equals a 100 healthy state. It is crucial to measure well-being rather than pain or suffering, because your consciousness will begin creating pictures of the condition you are measuring thus promoting that condition.

Mapping Our Body Minds Energetic Patterns

According to the Daoists, our natural intelligence will give us the guidance we need to fulfill our human destiny in each moment. No one has a better or worse destiny than anyone else, and somehow all six billion of our human destinies on this planet are harmoniously linked together, even though we often cannot see how that level of our collective intelligence functions. The Inner Smile is the human interface between our personal Earth and our personal Heaven. Ultimately it will put us into contact with the center of collective human consciousness.

Focusing to activate specific energy centers

Change the focus of your mind to the 3rd eye center located between the eyebrows in the middle of the forehead. This is our center of higher consciousness. Imagine that you are inhaling clear and focused energy into the 3rd eye center. Exhale, cleansing the mind and connecting with the consciousness of the Universe. Do this for 8 to 36 breaths.

Ill Effects Of Masterbyt

Tai Chi Dla Latkuw

That will lead us to some special treasure providing we can interpret all the clues. The Chinese have a saying, More talk, more problem. In looking into the past we think that we will find understanding of ourselves. However, if we are constantly trying to dissect the past and our problems, we often miss enjoying the present moment and can even stir up problems that were not even there before. Understanding something does not mean acceptance. I grew up away from my birth father, not seeing him from the age of ten until I was seventeen. To this day, I still do not

Prepare to Circulate the Chi Energy

Tongue Position Tai Chi

Maintain a calm mind and an attitude of forgiveness. Be cheerful and remain open to life. Don't be consumed with ambition or worry. Your great task is to raise your consciousness and your capacity to love. Don't worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Happiness and a calm state are signs of spiritual progress.

Second Brain Chi Kung Tan Tien Chi Kung and the Power of the Inner Smile

Tan Tien Breathing

Although the Inner Smile at first sight would appear to be an easy practice, it actually represents a great challenge. It holds in all its apparent simplicity a highly concentrated way to change our whole attitude towards life and towards ourselves. Yet, at the same time, it is the key to shifting and transforming our inner disposition and attitude so that we open ourselves to the ability of flowing with the stream of life. Also, it helps us not to push against the river and use force on ourselves and others. It trains us to accept ourselves and thereby others so that transformation can come from within and not from above or outside, as we raise our awareness and mindfulness.

Taoist Yoga and the Kundalini

Although Hatha Yoga became known in America in the 1930's, it was not until the late 1960's and 70's that attention began to focus on the higher stages of yogic development in which a phenomenon occurs known as awakening of the kundalini . The kundalini is the sudden release of vast untapped reservoirs of creative energy that transports an ordinary human being into states of higher consciousness and bestows upon him or her unique creative pow Modern researchers into spiritual phenomena see the Kundilini as a possible mechanism to describe radical leaps in the evolution of human consciousness. The form in which it spontaneously occurs (i.e., without special yogic training) in nature would produce, in successful cases of evolution, creative genius and in the unsuccessful, madness. The classic account is Gopi Krishna's autobiographical Awakening of the Kundalini' (Shambhala Press). If one ascended out the crown chakra prematurely, there were grave physical and psychic dangers. But if one...

Ultimate secret of Internal Healing Boxing Revealed

Martial doctrine can also join people of same aspiration to contribute to the progress of the whole humanity through its unorthodox but simple path and already its principles are known for their deepness and refinement, cultivating higher consciousness with profound serenity.

Important Facts You Must Know About Dim

Particular attention to these theories as they can be applied to your daily life and training. They will help you enhance your awareness and improve the quality of your life. At this point, the young, cocky, derelict attempted to strike the marital artist but his blow was easily parried. The marital artist then moved in and grabbed the thug by the arm and shoulder. This was quickly followed by a violent hip throw to the ground. The marital artist then placed the thug's arm in a joint lock and struck the gall bladder 20 point at the base of the thug's skull. This combination quickly ended the altercation. The police were on their way and sirens could be heard in the distance when the thug regained full consciousness. He made a feeble attempt to act aggressive, but the glaring stare of the martial artist was enough to make him plead, please don't hit me again, sir. Then suddenly, the young thug's friends moved in to attack the martial artist. Once again the glaring stare was enough to...

Endorphins and Qigong

In Standing Zen, at first, you notice that your mind is very clear. Since your whole body is relaxed, you feel as if there is an axis running straight through your body. The feeling is something like a top that is standing straight while turning at high speed, or like becoming pure consciousness and no longer feeling your physical body. There then comes a moment when you suddenly get a new idea, or come up with an answer you have been seeking. 2. Don't forget to do some kind of exercise like stretching or taking a short walk at the end of your practice. You must quickly bring your consciousness back from the qi stage to the real world. While you are in a state of deep meditation produced by the practice of Standing Zen, the mind seems to influence deep parts of the brain.

Head Neck Alignment as the Basis for Spinal Elongation and Upright Structure

Back And Neck Misalignment

The feeling that the head is suspended from its crown and gently pushed back from the upper lip without strain should be applied at all times. It is the foundation for an erect upper body and free breathing. Appropriate alignment of the head and neck insures a healthy communication between the body and head. Thus, awareness spreads more fully to the whole body. In a higher meditation formula of the Universal Tao System called Lesser Enlightenment of the Kan and Li, one learns to observe oneself with the Inner Eye. In the body structure, conscious alignment of the head and neck without strain is the foundation for a greater awareness that results from self-observation and self-awareness. In the practice of Hatha Yoga, elongation of the back of the neck that results from head neck alignment is called the root of watchfulness, or the root of mindfulness .

General Cleansing And Energizing

Diffuse or scatter your consciousness to all parts of your body. Do pranic breathing for ten cycles. Inhale slowly. Will and feel prana going into all parts of your body. Exhale slowly and visualize grayish diseased matter being expelled from all parts of the body. Visualize the health rays as being straight. After doing pranic breathing for about ten breathing cycles, meditate on your navel for about ten minutes and simultaneously do pranic

Chapter General Introduction

Pleura And Musculature

In addition to the more popularly known martial arts disciplines of Kung Fu and Tai Chi the Universal Tao System includes health practices, healing arts, the development of a state of mindfulness, and the management of vital energy (Chi). The martial arts aspect of this training, the practice of Iron Shirt, develops a highly refined moral and spiritual awareness.

Lao Tzu and Ken Wilber

These are the opening lines of Tao Te Ching. After Wilber read this book, he went on to read all kinds of great books, Eastern and Western, on the meaning of life and the pursuit of happiness. I find it interesting that one young American student was so impressed that his world view changed completely. Perhaps he received a message from Lao-Tzu, suggesting that he should approach even his own thoughts with a measure of skepticism. In any case, his long journey to higher consciousness began with this book. But soon he found that his reading was only confusing him, because the ideas the books contained were so often contradictory. While Freudian ego psychology maintained that the strength of the ego was a barometer of mental health, for Buddhists, non-ego was the ideal state. Cognitive behaviorism saw answers hidden in a lifetime of learning and conditioning. On the other hand, Gestalt psychology emphasized the here and now. Wilber was driven by a desire to organize these theories and...

Chi Kung Unconsciousness Wonderment

In Taoist practice, relaxation, inner peace or stillness is seen as a condition through which form of consciousness is suspended. We can then get in touch and feel what deep down in our unconscious or subconscious state our body tells us what signals it expresses and wants to transmit. We may call this sensitivity to the consciousness in our organs, glands, energy path routes and flows, blood, lymph, bones, joints, heart and all the other organs and parts of our body, the Chi Kung state. We cannot always live in it but once we have access to it and know how it feels to be connected with the source of our primordial life experience, we can easily return to it.

The Great Secret of Internal Alchemy

Crying With Smile Pics

The sole proof on this alchemical path of the Tao is whether one feels increasing levels of higher frequency chi flow in the body-mind. This is verifiable by one's own bodily experience of physical vitality, and inner peace and joy. If you feel more harmony and balance in life, your practice is successful. If we cannot smile inwardly and accept the underlying unity of our body and its life experiences in the immediate physical body, then replacing it with blind belief in an abstract higher Self that will arrive someday will not create that unity either. Deferring self-realization by projecting it into the future is an unconscious sabotage that separates us from our truth in the embodied present moment. The Healing Tao practices of Six healing Sounds, Five Animals Play, Microcosmic Orbit, Fusion of the Five Elements and Kan and Li (Water and Fire) practices are all designed to dissolve blockages that separate body-mind and past-future. They all have another thing in common they are...

Why We Practice the Cosmic Chi Kung

Expand your awareness to nature, the oceans, the lakes, the forests and mountains. Smile to nature and feel it smile back to you inhale and draw the Chi into your palms. Expand your awareness to connect to the light, the Milky Way and the cosmos. Be aware of the heart and the red light in the heart expand your awareness to infinity. The light will come close to you picture the red planet Mars above you. See it shine down to your crown, feeling the light in your palms. Be aware of the six directions, feel your body growing bigger until you touch the sky, your feet still planted in the earth.

Crazy Little Thing Called Stress

There are many definitions of stress. Each definition depends on which expert (e.g., psychologist, sociologist, physiologist, or theologian) you talk to. The word stress comes from the field of physics. In the simplest terms, stress is the force or pressure applied to an object, enough to bend or break it. If you have ever been emotionally distraught or overwhelmed beyond belief, you surely know what this feels like. Professionals in the field of medicine tend to see stress as wear and tear on the body, and sure enough, there is a strong association between stress and disease. Therapists and counselors in the field of psychology define stress as the inability to cope with problems, as well as the loss of emotional control. People with a more spiritual approach say that stress is the absence of inner peace. Quite honestly, all of these insights together, when examined through the mind-body-spirit equation, only begin to approach the essence of what stress really is. Ironically, stress...

Cosmic Healing Planetary Colors

Color Healing Chart

Mars Focus your awareness on the star above you, turn your eyes up and look up to the crown. Hold the image of Mars and extend your sight beyond the crown, looking up into infinity. See the Red Light and gradually bring it down to your head about 6 feet above you. Form it into a red ball, a holographic image of the planet Mars shining its red light above you. Invite it to flow down to your 'star' (located above your crown) and continue to flow into your Upper Tan Tien for processing. Let it flow down to the heart (or T-2) and down to the palms. Red and orange light also can be breathed in through the sacrum. Feel the sacrum pulsing and breathing in the red and orange light. Practice 9 to 18 times, rest and shake your hands.

Awakening to Subtle Wonders

Subtle wonders lie in the small spaces of awareness every new day. In these we may be awakened to our virtual Chi Kung state. What makes us truly feel at ease and what are the situations, places, postures and patterns in ourselves Which make us sensitive to subtle wonders in ourselves and others Subtle wonders arise from the deep down longing for infinity from which a sense of curiosity arises. This then cultivates awareness and mindfulness from which open-mindedness arises in which we suddenly begin to see reality from a new angle. Our energy is changing and we begin to feel and see ourselves and the world in a new way.

The Five Essential Techniques of Qigong Practice

Regulating the heart mind is a technique to calm your mind and tune your consciousness into tranquility. It is the way to refine your Shen (spiritual energy) and improve your health on the spiritual level. In Chinese shamanism, a healthy physical body always holds its spiritual body. A person will become ill if the spiritual body separates from the physical body. For instance, a person who tries hard to find a job and doesn't succeed for a long time will find that the digestion function may become imbalanced because the Will (Spleen spirit)

Transform the Sexual Energy

Tan Tien Massage

At the very tip of the sacrum there is a hole in the coccyx. Breathe into this hole until you feel some activity there. This may be felt as tingling, numbness or pulsing. If you can really activate this point it will generate 'suction'. Be aware of the sacrum opening. Feel the suction force pulling through the hole in the tailbone (sacral hiatus) breathe into it until you feel it becomes activated. When the sacrum is activated you will feel the suction easily, as well as breathing in the cranium and mideyebrow. Keep on gently smiling and softly breathing into the Tan Tien and feel the suction in the abdomen. Focus 95 of your awareness in the Tan Tien and 5 in the sacrum, the crown and the mideyebrow. Be aware of the Tan Tien breathing and observe internally the pulsing and breathing in the sacrum, the mideyebrow and the crown. Do this 36 times.

Outer Acceptance vs Inner Acceptance Outer Smile vs Inner Smile

I'm simply pointing out that the Inner Smile process of unconditional self-acceptance unmasks the problem of self-rejection and body-rejection at its core. It is the most direct and most effective method I have found for getting to one's inner truth and to the experience of inner peace.

The Basic Exercises

EACH OF THESE EXERCISES helps you to open energy channels in the body and to awaken your awareness of th e w ay t he energy m oves a nd f lows through your body. There are many energy channels in the body, but the most important ones are the front channel and the backchannel. The back channel is the governing channel.

The View of Existence in Inomatas Theory

When your conscious energy expands to a certain degree, you will naturally begin to notice that human beings are constantly exchanging information without the use of any words. When your intuitive recognition develops, you may find that you no longer feel resistance toward acknowledging the existence of pure consciousness. Consciousness at this level probably corresponds to what people called spirits or gods in ancient times. But, as Figure 17-2 shows, existence at this level has very little physical energy, which means that it cannot be measured physically, and cannot be included in scientific discussions. Some

Evaluating Qi Checking for Unconscious Participation

What makes evaluating internal energy power demonstrations like those just described difficult is determining the unconscious participation by students in the demonstration. Students, especially those working with any teacher for a number of years, will consciously and unconsciously learn to perform as expected. As studied in the science of psychological conditioning, subtle rewards ( see, now you are able to feel the qi ) follow desired performance. And for the student who doesn't perform as expected, a subtle reprimand ( you must be blocking your qi ) has a similar effect. Over a period of several years all dedicated students learn, in varying degrees, to perform (without conscious awareness) as expected for the master. Furthermore, conditioning like this can occur without the teacher's conscious awareness that the process is occurring. It is possible to have long-term students thrown around by a sincere teacher pointing a finger. Of course this does not mean that the case of master...

Cosmic Healing is Teaching

Fig. 7.1 The Stronger your Awareness of your Inner Body, the Easier it will be for others present to pick up this Sense. Fig. 7.1 The Stronger your Awareness of your Inner Body, the Easier it will be for others present to pick up this Sense. If you guide those present, this will greatly enhance your healing session. Sit or stand facing your student. Any time you want him or her to focus on a particular point of the body, ask them to touch it with their hands. For example, Now place your hands on your navel , while you do the same thing yourself. As soon as you feel the Chi there, you instruct them to focus on the navel themselves. This way you are actually helping them to deepen their bodily awareness. The stronger your own awareness of your inner body, the easier it will be for the others present to pick it up. This means that if you are treating some part of another person's body, or if you see that the person is not aware of any energy in some part of the body, you can help by...

Chapter Six Holding Patterns

The way you experience yourself by and large depends on your awareness. You may often be aware of pain in a tense muscle but not your habitual imbalance throughout the body. Generally speaking, you are less likely to notice your habitual pattern than some immediate changes in that pattern. These archetypal states of consciousness dream up corresponding realms of existence complete with their specific ways of perception, attitudes, relationships, health and other issues. Therefore, the way you experience your life now depends more on your current beliefs and identity (energy resonance with a certain way of being) rather than your upbringing or other circumstances. Change your way of thinking and your consciousness will function on a different energy frequency, consequently manifesting a different realm of being.

Application To The School Of Wu Kam Chin

Unlike Indian Yoga, which is based on individual and static postures, Tai Chi Ch'uan consists of unbroken rhythmic movements that flow with complete relaxation. This flowing relaxation benefits the entire body simultaneously. Through proper breath control and concentration, this flowing relaxation will result in complete mental control, physical and emotional well-being and inner peace. To achieve these benefits, however, Tai Chi Ch'uan must be studied under a qualified teacher and practiced consistently for an extended period of time.

Qigong In Everyday Life

Watch Face

This describes a state where your energy is running correctly at all times. It is in your conscious awareness and under your control. Carrying out a specific practice for a particular purpose is a desirable and necessary thing. But there is a way in which you can also have your energy running, at a somewhat lower level, all of the time. This is called 24-hours-a-day Qigong. This does not require stopping what you are doing, but it does require paying attention so that your energy is in your consciousness and under your control. After a time you not only experience your energy as being 'within' yourself, you also experience it 'as' yourself. In fact, it becomes who and what you are. You become energy experiencing itself.

Transcending Holding Patterns

Qi Dao Coaching often begins with learning that holding patterns represent archetypal emotional, psychological, spiritual and energetic perspectives. Not only the movements of your body (both manifest and unmanifest) constantly express your consciousness your habitual physical postures also reveal imbalances of your energy field when you are not Centered. Struggling against the energetic imbalances can really feel like a nightmare - the more you struggle, the more you suffer. Although tension and pain are natural responses of the organism to energetic imbalances, suffering is optional it depends on your choice whether to maintain the gap between the present and the future, onto which you can project the feelings about your pain. Whatever you are daydreaming about, you can use this process to learn to be as awake in your daydreams, as you can be in a lucid night dream. Since all holding patterns are essentially unconscious strategies distracting you from being present with emotional...

Tao Cosmology Unfolding the Original Trinity

Original trinity in turn initiates the Song of Creation, and the primal yang God of heaven and primal yin Goddess of earth begin to move. Their Tai Chi movement is a cosmic love-making that births the ten thousand beings . We cannot know the Unknowable, that will always remain a Mystery. But we can cultivate our Original trinity and its smiling expression - our powerful Original Will (yuan yi)- to create our life anew. This is what it truly means to be in the present moment . It is an act of creatively shaping our body and our life, not a passive witnessing of something or someone else shaping our destiny.

Step Smile to the spine nervous system

Bring your awareness back up to the golden egg of liquid light atop your head. Feel that it is now vibrating with all the smiling chi from the head and heart and vital organ spirits. Allow it to flow down into your eyes, and smiling and washing them out. Let the vital organ spirits keep smiling to each other, having a friendly little party going on down below. It may feel like a Christmas tree lighting up millions of little nerve endings fed from the spine, all of them lighting up as you smile inside them. Feel them beaming back as clusters of little lights, little bursts of joy followed by feelings of calmness and inner peace. These nerve bundles radiate to billions of nerve cells in every little inch of skin, inside our organs, and embedded in our bones. Bones have nerves in them also, they are alive and can feel. Just smile inner peace and calmness to all the nerve cells everywhere. Feel your nerve endings smiling back to you from every part of your body. Silent practice, two...

The mind and internal power

The nei san he (literally three inner relationships ) principle identifies and describes the relationship of cognitive and emotional factors involved in the manifestation and expression of internal power. This principle suggests internal power occurs not as accidental happenstance, nor as an exclusive byproduct of physical training, but as a process of human consciousness. It is traditionally depicted as a formula involving two aspects of the mind thought and will. It suggests that these aspects of human consciousness are responsible for the creation, control and delivery of internal power. The traditional formula is shown here

Natural Stance

Body Awareness These phrases hint at some degree of body awareness people had in the olden days. You have to pay at least some attention to your bodily sensations and expressions in order to come up with such body-centered phraseology. Nowadays, people seem to pay less attention to their bodies than their cars or computers. It appears that the advancements in technology have left our civilized world without the need to pay attention to the sacred abode of our precious lives. Being in the flow of life within the temple you inhabit - the physical body and its energy field - is the hallmark premise of Qi Dao.

Being in the Flow

When you imagine yourself at a crossroad, you are in a position where you have the freedom to choose your direction. Personal freedom is necessary to be able to make a choice in any situation of this sort. Your freedom, however, may often be restricted by some beliefs distorting your perception. If you follow the beliefs that do not promote your perception of the flow, they become an impediment to being in the flow. Therefore, you may need to look into your belief system to check which beliefs resonate with your consciousness and which ones do not. One of the central beliefs that promotes being in the flow is the belief that everything always happens exactly the way it has to happen. Perhaps you had some experiences in your life that were dramatic or even traumatic at the time. With time, maybe even years later, you might realize that you actually became wiser due to having had those difficult experiences under your belt. As it were, what did not kill you really did make you stronger....

Holding In

You can easily let go of any undue fears and anxieties by learning to be present. Right now, while reading these words, check whether you have anything to be scared of at the present moment. You can find that most fears are not about the present moment but about the future, which is a dream woven out of the memories of the past. Now you have a choice whether to be reactive and scared of things that you dream up or to be responsive and creative in your daydream. Whatever MO you identify with at the moment, you tune into the corresponding scenario that manifests out of the countless probabilities available to you all the time. Your whole life manifests moment by moment as your energy aligns with the flow of the life situations that it resonates with


How can you be one with Dream Being, traditionally referred to as the Dao To answer this question, lets take another look at who you are and what your mode of being is at the present moment. It would not be too great of an exaggeration to say that most people have a culturally programmed frame of mind, which helps them keep their attention focused on particular things in their lives that they deem especially important. Yet, what is utterly important to one person may be irrelevant to another, or even ridiculously unimportant to others. How often do people experience misunderstandings concerning the most basic things or ideas such as money issues, family relationships, religious beliefs, etc. Some people more frequently than others get a chance to be jolted awake enough to recognize that they are dreaming when they have nightmares or encounter some monsters in their dreams. Different dreamers have different attitudes towards their dream dramas, but at least once in a blue moon anyone...

Spiritual Hunger

A disease is spreading across the country that has the potential to become a worldwide epidemic. The disease is called affluenza, and the overriding symptom is a desire to buy and consume all kinds of goods and products, which in turn gives a sense of temporary contentment. Like an addiction, each purchase is a fix to soothe an insatiable desire for pleasure. The thrill doesn't last very long. So the next purchase is made to satisfy the threshold once again, and this cycle simply repeats itself. Collectively, this behavior may be great for the economy, but the result is a disaster for the human soul, because no amount of external goods can provide or sustain a sense of inner peace. The irony is that even though almost everyone knows this, we keep on shopping anyway, hoping that something will ultimately fill the spiritual void.

Regulating the Mind

Regulating your mind means using your consciousness to stop the activity in your mind in order to set it free from the bondage of ideas, emotion, and conscious thought. When you reach this level, your mind will be calm, peaceful, empty, and light. Then your mind has really reached the goal of relaxation. Only when you reach this stage will you be able to relax deep into your marrow and internal organs. Only then will your mind be clear enough to see (feel) the internal Qi circulation and communicate with your Qi and organs. In Daoist society it is called Nei Shi Gongfu (f* k ), which means the Gongfu of internal vision.

Energy Body

Tan Tien Chi Kung

Feel the earth energy flow up through your feet, supplying this energy to your body. The pearl continues to expand with all the energy coming to it from outside the physical body. 13. Continue to practice until you are in full control of the energy body. Bring your awareness in this body. Just let it very carefully, travel a little bit, still close connected with your physical body (especially with the cauldron in the Tan Tien) and the Earth. Let it collect and absorb the energies of the North Star and Big Dipper, of the planets and the stars.


Microcosmic Orbit

Nature provides us with so many aural cues for elevating our consciousness. When we start to access the purity of our own tone, we become aware of these aural cues - in the wind, the ocean, and the song of the birds. These signals have always been there. It is now understood that high frequency sounds charge the cerebral cortex when you are in a state of heightened listening awareness, you can feel the effect of a bird's song, a simple bird song, one that you may hear every day. You can feel it ripple through your body, and subdy alter your awareness.

Aligning the head

Tibetan Qigong

The phrase stuck in the head generally denotes someone who thinks or intellectualizes too much. At the same time, it describes a person whose muscular tension has created an energetic and emotional divide between the head and the rest of the body. Someone who is stuck in the head often displays a peculiar culture of movement revealing his or her body awareness, or rather lack thereof. I usually refer to such a culture of movement as disharmonious, because it isolates and compartmentalizes movements of different parts of the body, which makes it look really robotic. Most people experience more tension in the shoulders and upper back when they turn their palms backwards. This tension is often habitual and not within your conscious awareness. To test whether it takes tension to wear the arms backwards, ask your partner to apply gentle pressure on your deltoids (shoulder muscles) while you turn your palm all the way back and forth. If you are one of the curious folks who really want to...

Being Awake

When having a lucid dream, you can recognize that everything and everyone in the world of dreaming are projections of your own consciousness. Every dream character represents a certain part of your consciousness that you may not be willing to identify with, so you dream it up as an entity separate from you. Being totally awake in the world of dreaming encourages you to accept every single aspect of your dreaming. Even when you dream up anyone or anything challenging you in your dreams, they enact certain disconnected parts of yourself that are trying to get your attention. They may feel disempowered due to a lack of attention they receive once you start being attentive to them, they will be able to manifest their dreams of healing and empowerment. The more parts of yourself you help to manifest their dreams, the more they will help you manifest yours. You may discover that some aspects of yourself have been split off so that you can learn about them and fully reintegrate them into the...

The Last Step

Now, you need to take one more step to reach Emptiness. While meditating, abruptly cut off the connection between your target of concentration and your consciousness of self. You will probably feel as if your mind is empty, as if you are thinking of nothing at all despite your clarity of mind, as if you were suddenly able to perceive all the existences everywhere at the same time, or as if you exist everywhere although you do recognize the specific place where you are. You will feel oneness between the target and your consciousness. At this stage, try visualizing something, using your firm belief. There is a good chance that the object you visualize will actually materialize.

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