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Discover How 5 Simple Exercises Relieve Your Neck Pain In Minutes And Permanently Heal Your Whiplash Within A Week 100% Guaranteed. The exercises youre about to learn are so simple and easy, anybody can do them no matter how bad your neck pain is. They put absolutely NO direct strain on the neck like most neck exercises do. Theres therefore NO risk of causing more harm. To the contrary. Youll Immediately today experience total relief. A weight will be lifted off your shoulders when the neck relaxes and the pain floats away. The Exercises Are More Effective Than The. Strongest Pain Killer Without Side Effects! and they only take a few minutes. In just a few days, youll feel how things that were becoming hard to do such as working on a computer or lifting heavy things are all of a sudden no sweat.

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Improper cranial respiratory function develops for many reasons. It may have been present from birth. At this time the skull is soft and moveable and the trip down the birth canal could jam a baby's skull, or it may be the result of a difficult birth in which forceps were used. It may also occur later in life. A bump on the head coming from a certain direction while the person is breathing in the specific manner that allows the bone to move can cause improper cranial respiratory function. Auto accidents causing whiplash very often are the cause of cranial faults. Since cranial faults affect the flow of the fluid and the brain, nerve and energy patterns of the entire body, symptoms can develop anyplace. Strengthening the cranial joints can increase energy and alleviate symptoms, such as headaches, sinus problems, visual disturbances and neck problems.


5.15 Stiff Neck Stiff neck refers to the simple, acute stiffness and pain of the neck that causes cervical immobilization. It is often caused by improper sleeping posture, invasion of pathogenic wind-dampness, or obstruction of channels and collaterals. Symptoms. Stiff neck is usually noticed in the morning when the patient feels pain on one side of the neck. There may be difficulty in turning the head and sometimes radiation of pain to the shoulder and back. Cervical muscles will be in a spasmodic state, local tenderness will be obvious, but no swelling or local heat will be found.