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The 60 Second Panic Solution

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Overthrowing Anxiety Summary

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Reverse Abdominal Breathing

Abdominal Diaphragmatic Breathing

Yongquan Breathing with Normal Abdominal Breathing Figure 1-31. Yongquan Breathing with Normal Abdominal Breathing Therefore, after you have learned how to build up the Qi at the Lower Dan Tian, you will learn how to coordinate your breathing and lead the Qi to the Yongquan cavities on the bottom of the feet. In this practice, you may choose any desired position. If you wish to practice Yongquan breathing (if A ) in a more relaxed way, you may simply lie down and use Normal Abdominal Breathing. When you inhale, you use your mind to lead the Qi from the Yongquan to the Lower Dan Tian and when you exhale, you lead the Qi from the Lower Dan Tian to the Yongquan cavities (Figure 1-31) Naturally, when you inhale, the abdomen is expanded while the Huiyin (Co-1, it ) cavity is gently pushing out and when you exhale, the abdomen is withdrawn while the Huiyin cavity is gently held up. Even though the mind is involved in this practice, relaxation remains the major concern. The mind...

Normal Abdominal Breathing

Abdominal Breathing

Reverse Abdominal Breathing (Fan Fu Hu Xi, Ni Fu Hu Xi, M igJt ) Reverse Abdominal Breathing is also commonly called Daoist Breathing (Dao Jia Hu Xi, ) After you have mastered Buddhist Breathing, you should then start this breathing. It is called Reverse Abdominal Breathing because the movement of the abdomen is the reverse of Buddhist Breathing, in other words, the Figure 1-25. Reverse Abdominal Breathing Figure 1-25. Reverse Abdominal Breathing Figure 1-26. In Normal Abdominal Breathing, a Majority of the Qi Circulates in the Primary Qi Channels From the above discussion, we can generally conclude that when we are disturbed emotionally, or when we have a focused intention in our mind, for example to energize our physical body, we use reverse breathing naturally. After you have practiced for a while, you may discover that you can now lead the Qi to the skin more efficiently when you exhale than with the Buddhist method. Not only that, you may also discover that you are able to lead...

Disabling Panic Anxiety Attacks

A student guided me to the nurse's office and from there I was transported by ambulance to the hospital. The diagnosis was panic attack. But, the symptoms worsened. At one point, I started stuttering, developed migraines and the left side of my body became numb. Walking was difficult, I lost my relationship to the ground below me. Fear and terror gripped my mind and body. I lost all confidence and trust in myself and the world around me. For the next eleven years panic and anxiety attacks took over my life. About seven years after my first panic attack, I started hearing about the practice and teaching of Qigong meditation in China. I immediately knew this was a study I wanted to pursue. However, living in a state of panic and anxiety twenty-four hours a day, a trip to China was not an option. I could feel a sense of urgency to meditate. In August of 1997, I was in the middle of a panic attack sitting on the couch in my parent's living room. I was flipping through the cable stations...

Clinical Manifestations

The patient is easily excited or depressed and experiences accompanying headaches, giddiness, insomnia, hypomnesis, distractibility, restlessness, irritability unstable moods, anxiety or depression. Most patients cannot sleep well, are liable to wake up, have vivid dreams or even can not sleep at all at night. They may also have the following symptoms maldigestion, distention, constipation, anorexia and

Crossing the Threshold

Stress and spirituality are inseparable partners on the Hero's Journey, for wherever there is stress, there is always divine guidance when we take the time to listen. As a Chinese proverb reminds us, When the pupil is ready, the teacher will come. The hero with a thousand faces, as Campbell called our spiritual essence, is also equipped with a thousand inner resources to help us cross the threshold of the unknown and deal with whatever challenges lie ahead. Crossing the threshold successfully is the transition from despair to hope, from fear to courage, and from doubt to faith. This part highlights the ageless wisdom that describes the dance between stress and human spirituality and contains stories of several everyday heroes who have learned to use these inner resources (muscles of the soul) to meet each and every challenge successfully. By example, they lead us further on our own journey with a quiet mind and a fearless heart.

The Best of Times the Worst of Times

It back into balance may seem like a daunting task, yet it's not impossible. Self-improvement, like charity, begins at home. From China, an ancient proverb cautions that to bring peace to the world, one must first bring peace to one's heart. Quiet Mind, Fearless Heart is more than a cute mantra to promote inner peace it's a philosophy by which we can live our lives in balance, uniting the divine spirit with the human spirit to overcome personal adversity, thus bringing peace to the heart and the soul. Perhaps equally poignant was a man who walked into a bookstore in North Carolina, during a signing for my second book, Stressed Is Desserts Spelled Backward. He waited patiently in line, and when he approached my table, he politely asked whether I would autograph his copy of Stand Like Mountain. The book in his hand was so worn, it was barely recognizable. As he placed it on the table for me to sign, I could see that this man had traveled many miles on the human journey. Smiling, he...

Nothing New Under the

Being moved by that story, I often ask friends, colleagues, and students the same question. Mostly, I am met with blank stares. Sometimes I get football scores, stock market tallies, and weather updates. Rarely do I get anything that remotely resembles curiosity or adventure. When I pose the same question to kids, however, I gratefully take a seat for at least ten minutes while I get an earful. Children have a knack for living in the present moment. They can find a whole planet in a blade of grass and an entire universe in a forest. As a rule, adults have a hard time living in the present moment. Saddled with responsibilities, they tend to be preoccupied with the past (guilt) or the future (worry). Having a quiet mind and a fearless heart means rising above the confines of past frustrations and future worries to live in the present moment. Is this really possible Sure As the author Tom Robbins once said, It's never too late to have a happy childhood There really are new things under...

Depression and Balance

I was a grown man and married when I finally came to the realization that I suffered from depression as well. I felt sick for many years before I was willing to acknowledge that I had a problem. About six years ago, I started seeking treatment for my depression and the panic attacks I would suffer. A doctor put me on a medication that was very successful but did not really solve my problem. My marriage began to fail and the depression got worse.

Qi or Chi Art of Breathing[

Yang breathing on the other hand is very deep as it concentrates on the utilisation of the diaphragm (usually referred to as diaphragmatic or abdominal breathing). The muscles become more elastic and the internal organs are massaged through the pressure and so keep their position within the body. 2) Reverse abdominal breathing (Pre-birth breathing) After a person has practised the abdominal breathing until it is second nature one then begins the Pre-birth breathing, as the name implies this would be how the foetus obtains nourishment in the womb. Here on the in-breath the abdomen is drawn in, the anal and sexual organs are contracted and the vital energy rises up from the Tan-Tien , to the diaphragm (which remains lowered), at the same time, the air drawn in through the nose is brought down to the diaphragm and here, the two energies are combined , again , as shown by the Tai Chi diagram . On the out-breath the abdominal area expands and the pressure in the perineum is relaxed, the...

Ill Effects Of Masterbyt

Tai Chi Dla Latkuw

I recently read some where that adopted children have appealed to have access to their birth records so that they could then trace their natural mother. It has caused much anxiety for many of the mothers who gave up their children for adoption, especially for those who gave up their children in the early 40's, 50's and 60's, a time when having a child out of wedlock was socially unacceptable. Some had to endure being shunned by family and friends, still others hid their pregnancies and gave the child up for adoption without their families knowing. A lady in her seventies said that she does not want to be contacted as her step-children and grandchildren have no idea that she ever had a child. Another who also gave up her child for adoption has said that she does not think that it is fair that this total stranger can have the right to walk into her life and be a part of her family. Still others are concerned not so much about the emotional side as to the practical side .what if this...

Begin the Orbit Open the Front Channel the Functional

Meridian Points Hui Yin

Concentrating on this point sometimes leads to vibrating sensations or the feeling that something is jumping inside or a strong sexual arousal. Abdominal breathing can cause an erection to recede and allows for the concentration to continue without interruption. If you concentrate on this point too long however, it can open the thrusting routes (or Kundalini), which leads to various side effects. If the energy succeeds in passing very quickly up through the throat chakra and continues up to the top of the head to the crown, where it spreads out sprinkler-like, showering down over the practitioner, there will be very few, if any side effects. In fact if you have managed to open all the channels, your whole system will be nourished in the process.

During Practice What should Men do when they get an Erection and What should Women do when the Vagina swells

When you are able to practice and collect power, it will naturally flow down to your reproductive organs and stimulate sexual anxiety. To overcome this, shift your concentration back to the Ming-men and then bring it up to your head to the mid-point between your eyebrows. In the book, Healing Love on Seminal Kung Fu, we demonstrated very clearly (in the large drawing of the sexual force rising up to the crown) how one can make an erection subside. I have many male students who, after practicing, experience erection and have to find relief in sexual intercourse. Some of those students stopped practicing because their sexual urge was too overpowering. However, if you can control or stop your sexual activity for a while, or get your spouse to understand or practice together with you, you will achieve success in this practice much more quickly.

Eleventh Energy Center Hsuan Chi Throat

Solar Plexus Tan Tian

The Hsuan-Chi is the energy center of the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Concentrating here will often cause coughing or difficulty in breathing. When the energy pushes up through the throat and enters the mouth some people have been known to cough up dark, sticky mucous. This is considered to be characteristic of the clearing of this energy center and this leads to a free flow of energy from the throat to the tongue. Most people feel more calm and less worried when this energy flows from the navel up to the throat and to the tongue and with no congestion in the chest. They are simply freed of stress in opening the route. It does not mean that they will never have any worries or anxiety but that they will feel more calm and will be able to sit and concentrate more easily.

Seminal Kung Fu Taoist Secret of Energy

Let us say that people earn 100 units of life force through breathing, eating and resting but spend 125 units of life force through gluttony, overwork, anxiety, constitutional weakness, and frequent loss of the vital fluid. They must continuously borrow vitality from the brain and other vital organs. This theft of vital energy from one's own reserves induces mental and physical sickness and premature aging. We teach you how to overcome worldly sex desire and a way to earn 125 units and to spend 100 or less. The imbalance of one's personal energy economy is first corrected by reducing the disastrously wasteful expenditure called ejaculation, while ex

Mental deconditioning

All these sources are incessantly growing in number and in intensity. A classic example is the fear of stress and anxiety which was clinically studied with its associated body responses (especially during surgical shocks) such as sudden death or ulcers. To decondition our Central nervous system, the best alternative is to use simply our most natural response deeper mental relaxation due to the supportive action of further muscle relaxation and its positive effects of optimism and psychological well-being. By persisting in Zhan zhuang, you will acquire progressively beside a better physical condition but also a stronger mental which helps to fight again many disorders directly or indirectly induced by these

Moving Tai Chi Chi Kung

Reversed Abdominal Breathing

Kung training, use Normal Abdominal Breathing, and if you are training for martial arts, use Reverse Abdominal Breathing. It does not matter which breathing technique you use, when you withdraw your abdomen, hold up your Huiyin cavity and anus, and when you expand your abdomen, relax or slightly expand your Huiyin cavity and anus. Remember DO NOT TENSE OR STRONGLY LIFT UP YOUR HUIYIN CAVITY AND ANUS. This will tense the lower part of your body and stagnate the Chi circulation. After you train this abdominal anus breathing for a period of time, you will feel that when you breathe, the lower part of your body is also breathing with you.

Introduction To Chi Nei Tsang Internal Organ Massage

The Taoist sages of ancient China observed that humans often develop energy blockages in their internal organs that result in knots and tangles in their abdomens. These obstructions occur at the center of the body's vital functions and constrict the flow of Chi (energy), our life force. The excessive negative emotions of fear, anger, anxiety, depression and worry cause the most damage.

Squatting Chi Kung

Psoas Martial Arts

It also significantly contributes to lengthening the psoas which shortens with age, through anxiety and as a result of too much susceptibility to cold temperatures. It is the shortening of the psoas which pulls the body over and out of alignment with gravity so that the up and downward pull is lost and hence the flow of energy upward and downward is slowed.

Cleansing The Emotions

Qigong Exercise For Paranoia

Anxiety As you do this practice you are going to drain and cleanse negative emotions from your organs - Anger from the Liver, Anxiety from the Heart, Worry from the Spleen, Grief from the Lungs, and Fear from the Kidneys - and bring each of these emotions into the Ba Gua at the Navel. This is the Collection Point for the negative energy of Anxiety from the Heart. The HEART - Purifying ANXIETY Put your attention into your heart (which also includes the pericardium). The window is the tip of the Tongue. Your heart is Hot and Red. The negative emotions are Anxiety Hastiness Impatience The coupled Yang organs are the Small Intestine and the Triple Heater. The related season is Summer. As you breathe in fresh, clean Qi into the heart, feel the old, stale, dirty energy of Anxiety float to the surface. Feel the Hot-Red-Anxiety energy in the heart being drawn out and released. Using your mind bring this Anxiety energy from the heart to the collection point at the center of the chest and hold...

Chapter Initial Preparations

Wushu Kung Pressure Vital Point

Iron Shirt breathing combines various types of breathing. First, abdominal breathing is practiced to energize and loosen the fascial Fig. 2.1 (a) Abdominal Breathing (b) Reverse Breathing Fig. 2.1 (a) Abdominal Breathing (b) Reverse Breathing Abdominal and reverse breathing are caused by the up and down movement of the thoracic diaphragm. (Fig. 2.1 (a) and (b)) During abdominal breathing, the diaphragm lowers and forces the vital organs, especially the adrenal glands, to compress downward, allowing the lower lobes of the lungs to fill with air, and forcing the abdomen to protrude. The chest and the sternum sink, which presses and activates the thymus gland. Upon exhalation, the stomach returns to a flatter shape and the other vital organs return to their original size and shape. In reverse breathing, on inhalation a. Practice Abdominal Breathing (Fig. 2.1 (a)) (1) To practice abdominal breathing, keep the chest very relaxed. This may be difficult at first, but it is important. Begin...

Throat Center Coughing

When you concentrate on the mid-point between your nipples, the power pushes up to the throat chakra. Many practitioners develop a cough when the power gets stuck, as it were, in pushing up from the chest and into the throat chakra. Some may even cough up dark sticky mucous at this time. Cleansing this point can help the power flow considerably. By the time it pushes up from the throat to the tongue you will feel calm and less worried. This does not mean that you will never have any worries or anxiety but it does indicate that you will feel more calm and will be able to sit and meditate more easily.

Chi Sacred Water Practice

Water And Its Memory

The Sacred Water practice (also known in the West as Holy Water) is to exercise the right of being the creators of the Cosmos. With strict and absolutely regular daily water intake to prevent the stresses and associated damages of dehydration, the chief conductor and supervisor of the body's well being - tryptophan and its neurotransmitter derivatives, serotonin, tryptamine and melatonin will be well positioned to regulate all functions. Regular daily walks will keep muscles well coordinated and correct any physiological processes that are established in the body as a result of anxiety or emotional stress.

Q Transforms the Three Layers

Sharon Tate Casket Open

Function This movement transforms physical blockages and stagnation, which allows the Q to flow smoothly. It balances the three burners which are equivalent to the three layers Heaven, Earth, and the Human Being. Diseases that are related to the three burners include heart and lung diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, and kidney diseases. Diseases located in these organs, or burners, may manifest in insomnia, anxiety, chest pain, nausea, and lower back pain. This movement also strengthens the ability to transmit external Q for healing.

Points for Attention in Qigong Exercise

If Qigong exercises are to be practiced successfully, it is essential for beginners to clearly understand the movements, breathing methods, mental activities, and main theories of the exercises. Manipulation methods should be selected properly and the acupuncture points should be spotted correctly. Practicing Qigong with maximum effort should only occur after one is well acquainted with all of the basics. One must have clear goals, be confident and determined, and persevere. The Qigong exercises must be practiced step by step. One's work, study, and life activities should be arranged properly so as to avoid distracting thoughts and anxiety during practice. It is best to practice Qigong in a quiet place where fresh air is readily available. Avoid practicing the exercises in a draft, near a fan or air conditioner. In order to avoid any possible disturbance to the functional activities of Qi and the circulation of blood, one should first set his mind at rest, relieve oneself, loosen the...

Proper Practice will prevent Side Effects

Routes in the whole body must be opened. When they have all been opened, the life force energy chi can freely flow through the organism, eliminating the side effects which might otherwise be caused by the over-stimulation of one gland or another. For example, if the adrenals are overstimulated you cannot sleep, because your pulse rate is alarmingly increased and you feel anxious and alert. If the power flows into the heart energy center and there is no means for it to flow out, the heart rate goes up drastically. The pericardium is supposed to function as a cooling system but is unable to do so under such circumstances. Something akin to this can also occur if the energy is not properly guided down along the front portion of the Microcosmic Orbit.

Differentiation of Symptoms and Signs

Generally, hectic fever, flaccidity, perspiration, vexation and so forth are included in the yang and heat syndromes chills, contracture or rigidity and stagnation are included in the yin and cold syndromes. Deficiency syndrome is manifested by contracted, numb and weak feeling of qi excess syndrome by distending, turbid, outflowing, tingling and densified qi. Soreness and distention are indicators of swelling due to external injury. Lightness and superficiality reveal exterior syndrome while heaviness and deepness suggest interior syndrome. Turbidity flowing with the course of channel means transmission of pathogenic qi to the interior which should be prevented in time, and that flowing against the course of channel means the initial generation of pathogenic qi. Thinness indicates insufficiency denseness means accumulation of pathogenic qi or stagnation of qi. Knottiness and sluggishness represent stagnation of qi and stasis of blood. Disorderliness indicates disorder of qi...

Three Centered Meditation

Cynthia Bourget Centered Meditation

What is this being centered all about Imagine that you walk into work one morning. People are rushing about in an obvious hurry to get something done, your boss is yelling, and your computer system is down. Imagine that you breath slowly, deeply into yourself. You are calm as you look around and assess the situation. You quietly walk to your office and put your things down. You sit in your chair, take a slow, deep, full breath, and it suddenly becomes very clear what you need to do to handle the situation. You don't feel anxious, your stress level doesn't rise, and you proceed to do one thing at a time. The madness is happening around you but you aren't consumed by it. You are acting in it but without letting it affect your calmness. The external circumstances don't upset your internal sense of Being. Now imagine doing this with other situations in your daily life. It's a very powerful way to live.

Waking from a Spiritual Slumber

On the evening of December 31, 1999, Reverend Billy Graham was interviewed during the televised millennium celebration. Unlike others, Graham expressed words of caution I am afraid that people are losing their faith in God and replacing it with a faith in technology that will solve all our problems. They are being led down the wrong path. There must be a change in the human heart. The change Graham referred to is typically called a spiritual awakening (or remembering) moving from a motivation of fear to love, from an anxious heart to a fearless heart.

Mountaindwelling Taoists

The clash of steel on steel and the flurry of sparks proclaimed that the great swords were no toys it seemed impossible that the contestants would emerge unwounded from an encounter fierce enough for me to expect to see heads and limbs sundered from their bodies. The blows were not feints, but dealt in earnest in the sure knowledge that the opposing adepts had the speed and skill to protect themselves by parrying or swift avoidance. The combat had the aspect of a frenzied ritual in which the contestants were determined to die beneath one another's swords. By the time it ended, I was sweating with anxiety and could scarcely believe my eyes when the four recluses walked towards the Abbot smiling and unscathed.48


Miscommunication and differences in viewpoints cause most of human conflicts and wars. Many of us also assume that the grass on the other side of the island is greener than on our own side. Consequently, the feelings of greed, envy and unrest arise. Have you ever tried to improve your life by leaving your old home, work, or partner, hoping that the new one would make you happier How can you sit here quietly when someone over there seems to enjoy a better life than you But when it comes to being truly where the grass is supposed to be greener, you may suddenly feel anxious about getting into an unexplored territory (perhaps, having to oust the former inhabitant of the place) just to realize that you may continue feeling dissatisfied, wanting again juicier grass, more grass, more possessions, hoping to satisfy the never-ending list of human desires. Such a state of discontentment may be very frustrating, invoking suffering as well as cruelty towards others. This state is usually based...


Adrenals Location

Some doctors believe that there is a condition called low adrenals . A person with a deficiency of adrenalin will appear weary and sensitive to cold, have cold hands and feet, loss of appetite, a tendency to worry, will weep easily and will sometimes even have a nervous breakdown. In children, learning problems develop, growth is slowed, and they cannot be driven or hurried. If we inject someone with adrenalin, his heart will contract more violently and beat faster, he will feel anxious, and will get frightened easily and, if subjected to it for some time, will become a very nervous person.

Standing Post Qigong

Stangind Qigong

On a mental level, practice develops a quiet concentration and strong focus. Over time you will be able to put this into anything you do. This has profound effects in terms of countering the natural fear and anxiety we all feel when put under pressure. It's also a good tonic for the mind, the chance to take time out from the rigours of the day. One reason we sleep is to allow the brain to process all the information we take in during the day. Standing Post does the some thing, after practice you should feel more mentally alert and aware.


Dysmenorrhea is a disease characterized by lower abdominal pain during menstruation. It is often related to mental stress during the menstrual period, cold invasion, or cold diet. TCM holds that dysmenorrhea is caused by cold invasion, cold diet, anxiety, anger, emotional depression, and insufficiency of Qi and blood. Dysmenorrhea is classified into two types, excess and deficiency.

Stress Relief

I have always loved my work but have always been very frustrated by how long it takes for people to heal. People come with a myriad of problems, from marital discord to past trauma, to anxiety and depression, to feeling lost in their lives. Most of the time they want to talk about it, do the traditional psychotherapy approach. Quite often, it is their whole life that needs attention.

The Inner Depths Hs

Inner Chi Power

Daily training gives you a high degree of physical and mental stamina. You learn to hold the stationary positions even when your nervous system is rebelling at the lack of movement. You quietly persist despite bouts of impatience, irritation, boredom, panic, fear and anxiety. You develop the physical endurance to hold positions that are often uncomfortable and can be painful, even disorienting. You learn to release the tension through powerful relaxation rather than increase it by fighting back. power of inner resilience. You notice a spontaneous equilibrium that persists in the face of difficulties, intense emotions, disturbing environments and discomfort. The advanced levels of Da Cheng Chuan training, which include the martial aspect of this art, further strengthen the field of your psychic energy, increase your endurance and develop fearlessness.

Using imagery

The following exercise assumes that you have managed to perform the initial mental relaxation exercises described in Chapter 2. It takes you beyond conventional thinking, and aims to achieve a perfectly quiescent mind. The inner commotion and noisy activity of your mind (the usual stream of memories, inner dialogue, and mental anxiety) is stilled and your mind becomes extraordinarily sensitive and alert. Reaching this stage is one of the hardest things for any human being to do. You are changing the fundamental behaviour of your mind it will be doing absolutely nothing. Check that your muscle groups are relaxed throughout your body. Even after several years' practice you may find that your relaxation is still superficial. Deep iayers of solidified anxiety and nervous strain have accumulated over the years. You may be only now beginning to get in touch with those tensions and you may start to feel strange sensations as they begin to melt. Just as at the beginning of your training, you...

The flow

The subject of flow experience has been discussed in recent psychological literature. Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi, in Beyond Boredom and Anxiety, argues that flow is the subjective experience intrinsic to autotelic activities (behaviors deeply enjoyable in and of themselves, functioning as their own end). He measured a wide range of life-centered activities and reports of performers such as surgeons, dancers, rock climbers, and chess players being optimally functional when in the flow state.

Exploring Holding In

Dying, consider that today is a good day to die, since you never know when you may expire and quit dreaming this particular dream. Today, you can accept your mortality and live your most fearless day on earth consciously manifesting your life's purpose. Obviously, if you do not happen to die today, you will have an opportunity to live another day being even more aware of the meaning of life than before. This is a simple but profound way to transform your life into a chain of powerful steps, each one more momentous than the one before.

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