Pineal Gland Activation Course

Pineal Gland Activation Course

World renowned expert on the pineal gland, Shaktipat Seer has helped thousands around the planet activate their pineal gland safely. Through pineal gland activation you can have a thorough cleansing of your aura, bringing into full effect the latent kundalini powers of your body. Over the years he has perfected his ability to give direct transmission of Spiritual Energy to the Third Eye Chakra, setting alight the glowing powers of the Philosophers Stone of the Neo Cortex region. Discover A Simple System That Anyone Can Do, Regardless Of Age Or Ability And From The Comfort Of Their Own Home. Through Pineal Gland Activation You Can Have A Cleansing Of Your Aura, Bringing Into Full Effect The Latent Kundalini Powers Of The Body Leading To. Shaktipat Seer is not trying to give you some cooky pseudo-science that many snake oil salesman push that has no real transcendental benefit. Instead he is merely presenting the natural way that this process has been effected (through transmission of Shakti to the Third Eye) in the East (India,Tibet,China etc.) for thousands and thousands of years.

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Contents: Ebook, 14 Day Course
Author: Shaktipat Seer
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Highly Recommended

This book comes with the great features it has and offers you a totally simple steps explaining everything in detail with a very understandable language for all those who are interested.

All the modules inside this book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

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Pineal Gland Human Compass

Niwan Point

The pineal gland is a cone-shaped body, reddish in color, about half an inch in length, and not much larger than a grain of wheat. It is attached to, and situated over, the third ventricle of the brain, weighing about two grains. It is composed, in part, of nerve cells containing a pigment similar to that present in the cells of the retina. This strengthens the argument for its function as an eye in earlier animal species.

Cracking In Forehead When Clearing Third

Energy Coming For Third Eye

Now, extend your hands out to the front, very far away - pushing, pushing, pushing. Push. Turn your palms inward, and extend your middle fingers inward toward your third eye. Picture a crack in the middle of your forehead, and pull the crack open. Feel the light from the heavens opening it and feel the light from the heavens shining into your brain. 2. Turn your palms inward and extend your middle fingers inward toward your third eye. 4. Close the third eye. Again, open. Pull open-close-open. And, close. With the third eye open, the light from the heavens shines into your brain and reflects down to all your organs. Open and close the third eye 3 - 9 times. Fig. 3.33 A. The Middle of the Finger hooks into the third eye and reflects down into the Organs. B. Pull open the Third Eye let heaven open and shine its light into the Brain. Fig. 3.33 A. The Middle of the Finger hooks into the third eye and reflects down into the Organs. B. Pull open the Third Eye let heaven open and shine its...

The Pineal Gland as a Sensor of PRANA or QI

Images Pineal Gland Midbrain

How, and w ith w hich parts of t heir b odies, do liv ing c reatures sense c hanges in th e electromagnetic field Here I would like to i ntroduce a n i nteresting experiment A tiny electrode was inserted into the pineal gland of the exposed brain of a guinea pig, and a helmholtz coil was set around the animal's head. We then created an artificial magnetic field, and c hecked t he reaction of t he n erve cells in th e pineal g land. T he am ount of electric discharge was seen to change with changes to the magnetic field (Figure 1-2). This reaction was visible only in the pineal gland, leading us to deduce that the pineal gland reacts to the magnetic field. The pineal gland is a small structure projecting from the midbrain (diencephalon) to the back in vertebrates (Figure 1-3). In fish, amphibians, and reptiles, it is thought to play a role in response to light. It secretes a hormone called m elatonin and controls th e function of reproduction. I n birds, the pineal gland controls...

Other Popular Wai Dan Exercises

Wai Dan Huiyin Point

Stand naturally, with your feet parallel and shoulder width apart, and your hands at your sides. Close your eyes, calm your mind, and breathe regularly. Open your eyes and look forward, and continue breathing naturally and smoothly. Condense your Shen (spirit) in your third eye (located in the center of your forehead), and sink your Qi to the Dan Tian. Then interlock your fingers and raise your hands above your head without bending your arms, and at the same time lift your heels. This is called Double Hands Hold up the Heavens (Shuang Shou Tuo Tian, i-Ht*). Drop your heels, and tilt your body to the left and then to the right, and then stand

Ninth Energy Center Yin TangBrow Point between Eyes

The pituitary and the pineal gland are extremely important when completing the routes, for it is at these two points that you can check your power flow. When you concentrate on the navel and store power there, energy suddenly rises up and passes through the Niwan (the pineal gland). The next checking point is the Yin Tang (the pituitary gland). When you have completed the Micro-cosmic Orbit you can use these two, the Niwan and the Yin- tang,

Seven Formulas of the Seven Books of the

The sixth, most advanced, formula is difficult to describe in words. It involves the incarnation of a male and a female entity within the body of the adept (this might correspond to the Crown Chakra, Sahasrara). These two entities have sexual intercourse within the body. It involves the mixing of the Yin and Yang powers on and about the crown of the head and being totally open to receive energy from above and regrowth of the pineal gland to its fullest use. When the pineal gland is at its fullest, it will serve as a compass to tell us in which direction our aspirations can be found. Taoist Esotericism is a method of mastering the spirit, as described in Taoist Yoga. Without the body, The Tao cannot be attained, But with the body, truth can never be realized. The practitioner of Taoism should preserve his physical body with the same care as he would a precious diamond because it can be used as a medium to achieve immortality. If, however, you do not abandon it when you reach your...

Taoist Yoga and the Kundalini

In India, the kundalini is symbolized by a serpent awakening from a deep slumber and rising up from the base of the human spine in a spiralling motion through the seven energy centers (chakras) of the body, purifying and unblocking the powers of each center as it rises. For millenium this same serpent has been a universal symbol for wisdom and healing. Nearly every Egyptian pharoah is depicted in statues with a serpent emerging from the third eye in the forehead. If one ascended out the crown chakra prematurely, there were grave physical and psychic dangers. But if one took too long there was also the danger of physical death before one had completed the process of transforming mind and body energy into spiritual energy. The Taoist masters resolved this problem by incorporating their knowledge of subtle anatomy of chi flow. The result is that in Taoist esoteric yoga one does not focus energy on a single chakra, such as the heart, third eye, or crown chakra, with the intention of using...

Collecting Chi Energy after Practice

Iron Shirt Chi Kung

Stand straight, touch the tongue to the palate, and put the palm on the navel. (Fig. 3.82 (b)) Smile down to the organs and bring the energy to them. Let the energy circulate in a circle, starting from the navel down to the perineum and up the sacrum, to the spine, to the top of the crown and down the third eye to the tongue, to the heart, to the solar plexus, and to the navel. Do this several times and collect Chi in the navel by circulating it 36 times outward and 24 times inward to the navel.

Circulate Chi Power Continuously in the Orbit

1.To do this, when you concentrate, begin at the navel. When you feel the power, bring it down to the Hui-yin, the coccyx. Then up into the spinal cord, stopping at the Ming-men and then going on to the pineal gland, on top of the head, where you concentrate for about ten minutes. 4. Count from one to ten repeatedly for one half hour for its calming, purifying and cleansing effect. When you are more advanced all you need do is concentrate on the point. You no long need to count. Then bring your attention up to your head and stop at the Niwan-Kung, the pineal gland where you can again count from 1-10 for resting, purifying and cleansing.

Moving Tai Chi Chi Kung

Reversed Abdominal Breathing

After you have completed your warm-up Chi Kung, stand still and close your eyes (Figure 3-55). First pay attention to your third eye (Upper Dan Tien), and bring all of your thoughts from outside of your body to the inside. When your mind is calm and concentrated, bring your attention to your breathing. If you are doing only relaxation Chi

Shangen Acupuncture Point

(1) Opening the Third Eye The Third Eye's main passage is located between the middle of the forehead and the Shangen20 point. The way everyday people see things with the naked eye works the same way as a camera does The size of the lens, or pupil, is adjusted according to the distance of an object and the intensity of the light. Via the optic nerves, images then form on the pineal gland, located at the back of the brain. The supernormal ability of Penetrative Vision is simply the ability of the pineal gland to look directly out through the Third Eye. An average person's Third Eye is closed, as his or her main passage is narrow and dark. There is no quintessential qi inside, no illumination. Some people cannot see, for their passages are blocked. To open the Third Eye, we first use either outside force or self-cultivation to unblock the passage. The shape of the passage varies with each individual, ranging from oval to round, rhombic to triangular. The better you cultivate, the rounder...

The Original Spirit Breath Reborn as our Inner Child

People Deep Meditation

Smiling Chinese Long Life figure, with third eye swollen from deep meditation on the Tao. Why is he always shown smiling He is holding his inner or immortal child in his arms, suggesting that the Sage has successfully cultivated his Original Breath (chi), thereby inspiring his Original Spirit (shen) to rebirth its Original Substance (jing). The wisdom of the smiling Sage and the vitality of the smiling baby are thus merged into one. The term Lao Tzu (Laozi) can be translated as Ancient Child .

Chapter General Introduction

Pleura And Musculature

One may compare the foundation, or rootedness, of the physical body to an Earth Control Tower, vital to the travel of a space shuttle in space. (Fig. 1.3) To boost the space shuttle, the spirit, into space the Earth Control Tower requires a booster rocket, the soul or energy body, which is guided by an inner compass and computer, the pineal gland. The Earth Control Tower, in the form of our physical body developed during the practice of Iron Shirt, becomes a storage place for fuel Chi (our life-force energy) and our creative or sexual, energy. Here our fuel awaits transformation into another kind of energy spiritual energy. As we learn how to develop an immortal spirit compass and computer by opening the pineal gland which will guide us back to Earth to complete the unfinished job of development here, we must maintain our foundation, or rootedness, to the Earth. (Fig. 1.4) Thus we are able to return to Earth, refuel and resume our space travel to our destination until, eventually, we...

Does Lao Tzus Tao Te Ching mention the Inner Smile

If you look at all the statues in China of what appear to be a kind of stylized Lao Tzu character simply known as Long Life , with a high bulge on his forehead (swollen third eye) and carrying a gourd curved in a figure eight filled with the Original Elixir of True Yin and True Yang - you will see they all have a wonderful smile on their face.

Levels of Cultivation in Falun Gong

After students of Falun Gong go through adjustment of the flesh body, they will reach the state that is suitable for Dafa51 cultivation the Milk-White Body state. Gong will only develop after this state is reached. People with a high-level Third Eye can see that gong develops on the surface of a practitioner's skin and is then absorbed into his or her body. This process of gong generation and absorption keeps repeating itself, going level after level, sometimes really rapidly. This is first-round gong. After the first round, the body of the practitioner is no longer a regular one. A practitioner will never again get sick after reaching the Milk-White Body state. The pain that might emerge here and there or the discomfort in a certain area is not sickness, though it might appear to be similar It is caused by karma. After the second round of gong development, one's intelligent beings will have grown very large and are able to move around and talk. Sometimes they are produced sparsely,...

Three Things To Avoid In Pranic Healing

1) Do not energize the eyes directly. They are very delicate and are easily overdosed with prana if directly energized. This may damage the eyes in the long run. The eyes can be energized through the back of the head or through the area, between the eyebrows. There is a c hakra ( energy c enter) i n e ach of t hese loc ations. 11 is safer to en ergize through the ajna chakra ( third eye ). If the eyes are already sufficiently energized, the excess prana would just flow to other parts of the body.

Summary of Embracing the Tree

Mental Health Tree

Inhale to the crown (pineal gland) and spiral nine times clockwise and nine times counterclockwise. If you cannot go all the way up on one breath, you can pass over the Jade Pillow or take an extra breath where needed until your capacity increases. 19. Concentrate on the third eye, until you feel the Chi build up there. Bring the energy down to the solar plexus and spiral nine times clockwise and nine times counterclockwise. Bring the Chi down to the navel. Stand still and maintain this position.

Defense and Immune System Defense System

Touch the Mideyebrow and Crown, which control the Pituitary and Pineal Glands respectively. Touch the third eye, feeling it open and feel the light from heaven entering into your brain and into your body. Touch the crown. Feel your fingers reaching deep inside and feel the Chi penetrating all the way down to your perineum. Fill the glands with Chi. Give the command Clear, clean and bright fill with violet light and return to normal function .

Set a Training Schedule

The exact amount of training and practice required to develop the Microcosmic Circulation varies from individual to individual. For best results one should practice at least twice a day at home, for ten to thirty minutes at a time, even if one has attained a higher level of accomplishment. Students with previous discipline in yoga or other meditation techniques are frequently able to open the mi-crocosmic orbit immediately by redirecting their power of concentration away from the third eye (brow point) and into the warm current flow. The Esoteric Taoist system of meditation ultimately leads to mastery of the Third Eye center, the crown of the head and those centers beyond. But it stresses the necessity of mastering all the

Eighth Energy Center Pai HuiCrown of The Head

The Pai-hui (Niwan) is called the crown or the pineal body and is located above the mid-brain. Its functions are related to sensitivity and to the sexual cycle. It governs the hindbrain, hearing, body rhythm, equilibrium, perception of light through the eyes and skin, and is the superior counter-support of the brain and spinal cord. In Chinese it is called the Hundred Point Joint or the compass of men, because it is at the top of the crown of the head. When you concentrate here you may feel pressure or a sense of expansion in the middle of the head. This is an indication of power flow. When this happens, concentrate on the next point and remember not to spend more than a month practicing on any one energy center. When the power passes through the mid-brain and the region of the pineal gland, you may feel some tightness or a kind of pressure pushing forward and backward in this area. You may also suddenly feel very sleepy. When the power freely passes through this point you will be...

Lao Tse On Zhan Zhuang

Energy Gates Qigong Images

Within the body, the main reservoir of Chi energy is the Tan Tien in the lower abdomen. It circulates upwards to the middle Tan Tien in the center of the chest and the upper Tan Tien, often called The Third Eye. Chi goes to the top of the head and then down to the feet, branching out to the hands, and returns again to the belly. It also flows around your entire body as your aura. Seen from above, your aura is centered over the top of your head.

The Smiling Inner Heart of our Energy Body

Sexual Drowning

Thanks to ancient Tao masters passing down their tradition for thousands of years, we now know the secret of the Inner Smile is hidden within our inner heart. The inner heart is not the physical heart, and it is not the emotional or feeling heart. There is a third heart , just as there is a third eye . This inner heart is a portal to direct experience of what is called soul , a concept in the West that has successfully eluded all definition.

Falun Law Wheel and Falun Gong

A It can only be said that the color of a Falun is golden yellow. This color does not exist in our dimension. The background color of the inner circle is a very bright red. The background of the outer circle is orange. There are two red-and-black Taichi (Yin-Yang) symbols, which belong to the Tao School. There are also two other red-and-blue Taichi symbols, which belong to the Great Pre-Taoism School. These are two different schools. The swastika symbol rt is golden yellow. People with Tianmu (third eye) of a lower level see the Falun rotate similar to an electric fan. If one can see it clearly, it is very beautiful and can inspire the practitioner to cultivate even harder and strive forward vigorously.

Dimensions and Humankind

A According to what I know, the number of layers of dimensions in the universe is innumerable. When it comes to the existence of various other dimensions, what exists in those dimensions and who lives there, it is very hard to know using current scientific means. Modern science has yet to produce material proof. However, some of our Qigong masters and people who possess supernormal capabilities can see other dimensions because other dimensions can only be seen by Tianmu (third eye), not the human eyes.

Step Smile into the Three Brains

Smile into the essence of all that natural peace and personal bliss on top of your head, melted into a golden egg made of warm, glowing, liquid light. Let this warm liquid golden light begin to dissolve and flow down through your brain, to your third eye. If it spontaneously changes color, allow that new color to remain. your third eye between the eyebrows. This spinning creates a suction that helps some people feel a movement of chi. If neither of these methods works for you, you can also imagine that you are smiling into a mirror, into your own smiling eyes. Then you shift into your mirror-image eyes, and smile back into your physical eyes and third eye. This mirror self represents your energy body, and like the other practices, feel the smiling eyes beaming golden light into your brain.

Mind Intent

Falun Gong cultivation involves no use of mind-intent. A person's mind-intent doesn't accomplish anything by itself, though it can send out commands. What is really at work are supernormal abilities, which have the capacity of an intelligent being to think and can receive commands from the brain's signals. Yet many people, particularly those in qigong circles, have many different theories about it. They think that mind-intent can accomplish many things. Some talk about using mind-intent to develop supernormal abilities, using it to open the Third Eye, to heal illnesses, to perform telekinesis, etc. This is an incorrect understanding. At lower levels, everyday people use mind-intent to direct their sensory organs and four limbs. At higher levels, a cultivator's mind-intent elevates a notch and directs abilities around. In other words, supernormal abilities are dictated by mind-intent. This is how we look at mind-intent. Sometimes we see a qigong master giving treatments to others....

Anus and Perineum

Urogenital Diaphragm

The middle part connects to the organs in front part of the abdominal area. For women the vagina-uterus, for men the prostate gland. It also connects to the aorta and vena cava, stomach, heart, thyroid and parathyroid, pituitary gland, pineal gland and the top of the head, the center channel. Pineal Gland Pituitary Gland Pineal Gland s _ Female

Perineum Power

The Perineum Pineal Gland

Massaging the perineum is an excellent practice to vitalize the sexual organs and strengthen the pelvic floor. It also contributes to activating the pineal gland to which it has a direct connection through the Thrusting Channel. This is one of the finest meditations to do, as it helps one to become aware of the unity of high and low in one's body. It acknowledges the most honourable function of what are often called the lower organs . Fig. 4.3 Perineum and pineal gland are connected. Fig. 4.3 Perineum and pineal gland are connected.

Chi kung reactions

Seeing images and hearing sounds sometimes when you close your eyes during practice, you will see different colors of light, geometric patterns, or hear sounds. This is also normal, and there should be nothing to be afraid of. This happens as energy is sent to the higher centers in the head. This happens most often as energy travels through the base of the skull (jade pillow, BL 9), crown of the head (Bai Hui, GV20), and the third eye (Ying Tong, EX-HN3). The brain is directly simulated as the chi travels by, creating images and sounds. But do not confuse this with hallucinations. On rare occasion, one will experience visions . This

The Chakras

7) Crown Chakra This chakra is located at the crown of the head. It energizes and controls the brain and the pineal gland. Energizing this chakra will cause the projected prana to flow to other parts of the body. It is just like pouring water to a funnel. Some healers project prana to the crown chakra in order to reach an affected part.


Tandem Walking Exercise

Inhale ten percent and pull up to the crown of the head. Stop, turn both eyes up, and look inward to the area of the pineal gland, circling nine times clockwise and nine times counterclockwise, until you are out of breath. Exhale slowly. Relax the neck, anus, groin and urogenital diaphragm. Keep the tongue at the palate. o. Regulate the breath by Energizer Breathing, but exhale more and inhale less. Concentrate on the third eye. Guide the energy down from the tongue past the throat, heart center and down to the solar plexus. Collect the Chi in the solar plexus, circling nine times clockwise and nine times counterclockwise.

Sacrum Alignment

Microcosmic Orbit

Inhale and pull the Chi up to the crown (Fig. 3.55), the seat of the pineal gland located at the top of the head, by looking up with your eyes. (Fig. 3.56(a)) Concentrate on the Pai Hui at the crown and circle it again nine times clockwise and nine times counterclockwise, using your mind and your eyes, until energy is experienced there. (Fig. 3-56(b)) Feel the energy flow from the sacrum to the Door of Life, to T-11, to C-7, to the occipital bone, and to the crown as they become fused into one channel and linked together. If you are out of breath, you can pull up and exhale. Normalize your breathing. Pineal Gland (Pai Hui, the Crown) Pineal Gland (Pai Hui, the Crown) Jade Pillow (Yu Chen, BL-9, Base of the Skull) (a) Location of the Pineal Gland Jade Pillow (Yu Chen, BL-9, Base of the Skull) (a) Location of the Pineal Gland Pineal Gland (b) Look up to the pineal gland and circle the enerrgy nine times clockwise. Mid-Eye, Third Eye, Pituitary Gland Mid-Eye, Third Eye, Pituitary...


Forming the control base of the Eight Psychic Channels is the Gate of Death and Life (also known as the Gate of Mortality) at the perineum point. The perineum point serves many purposes. It is considered the sexual energy base. It is also the point to which is joined the Bubbling Spring, the collection point of the Earth energy at the soles of the feet. The Belt Channel passes through the perineum point as it interconnects the other seven channels. The interconnection of the Belt Channel makes it possible to move the energy from one channel to any other channel, while it serves to protect all the body's centers. The crown point at the pineal gland is the other common point of the Eight Psychic Channels.