Harmonization Exercise Tiao He Gong

Tiao He Gong is an auxiliary exercise practised after ending of Qigong. It can be used for prevention of side-effects during performing Qigong. It was created

Tiger Qigong

according to expositions on cultivation, conserving health, methods of breathing and so on as found in the oldest medical book now extant in China, the Classics of Internal Medicine, and according to practical experience of curing diseases by massage. It is a kind of simple and practical exercise for health care.

The maneuvres of the exercise of Harmonization Exercise can be gentle or with strength, according to the physical condition of the exerciser. Before practice, the whole body should be relaxed, with the exerciser reciting silently the simple words song—jing—song (relaxing, quiescence, relaxing) for several minutes.

How to Stay Young

How to Stay Young

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