Method of the Three Lines Penetrating Qi

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When you breathe in, concentrate your mind on Dantian (in the lower abdomen); when you breathe out, release harmful gases following the three

1) Release the harmful gases following an imaginary line drawn from the face to the chest, from the chest to the abdomen, from the abdomen to the inner sides of the legs and from the legs inside to the Yongquan point.

2) Release the harmful gases from the head to the shoulders, from the shoulders to the arms, from the arms to the fingertips.

3) From the crown of the head down tips to the back, to the buttocks, to the outer side of the legs and down to the backside of the legs to the toes releasing the

4. Six-word Respiration Exercise

Standing naturally and hands hanging loosely, relax yourself. As you breathe in, concentrate your mind on Dantian; as you breathe out, recite these following

He—breathe out with the mouth open the heart's qi.

Si—breathe out with the mouth half opened the lung's qi.

Xi—breathe out with the mouth lightly closed the Sanjiao Jing's qi.

Personally or have someone else use the palm, thumb or middle finger to massage Taiyang, Dazhui, Shanzhong, Yongquan, Qihai and other points to stimulate the channels and blood vessels rotating in only one direction.

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