Myotenositis Of Common Extensor Muscle

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Myotenositis of common extensor muscle of the fingers is caused by overloading or long and chronic strain of the common extensor muscle.

The main symptom is pain in the wrist and arm when moving, especially when wringing a towel or carrying a basin.

Qigong treatment is usually used after the failure of other treatments, such as medicated plasters, medicine, physical treatment and cold and warm wet dressing.

Choose the 1st, 4th, 11th, 16th and 21st postures. Practise two times a day, 30

See the previous section of rheumatoid arthitis.

Stand with the two feet a shoulder width apart. Raise the arms higher than the shoulder joints with the elbows bent, hands dropped and the palms outward (Fig. 84). Swing the shoulders up and down alternately and make the body rock, with

the heels lifted alternately following this. Coordinate the respiration with this. Rock 30 to 50 times at a rate of 15 times a minute.

3. Sample Case

Mr. You, 48 years old, suffered from wrist pain and had not been able to wring towels for two months. There was no effect after some medical treatment. The examination showed that there was no obvious swelling on the local part, but that he felt obvious pain when pressed. When he clenched the fists, a rubbing sound could be heard clearly from the forearms. He was diagnosed as having myotenositis of the common extensor muscle of the fingers and began Qigong treatment. He practised the Longevity Exercise in the morning and evening, each time for 30 minutes, and the Palm and Finger Exercise during breaks. One week late, he no longer felt pain. Now he is continuing to practise Qigong exercises. No relapse was

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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