Practical Qigong For Home Health Care

The purposes of home care Qigong are the curing of disease and prolonging of life. Though there are many kinds of home care Qigong, the main division of techniques comes between neigong (internal exercise) and waigong (external exercise). Those practised mainly in a quiescent state are called internal exercise or quiescent exercise, characterized by concentrating attention on Dantian (the elixir field) in concert with inhalation, exhalation and holding of breath in order to stimulate qi (vital energy) and blood and to build up the five internal organs, such as Quiescent Sitting Health Cultivation Exercise, Relaxed and Quiescent Exercise, Standing-Straight Like a Stake Exercise, Taiji Qigong. Those practised mainly with mobile exercise are called external exercise, characterized by "external mobility and internal quiescence, seeking quiescence within mobility," such as Eight-Pieces-of-Brocade Exercise, Sinew-Transforming Exercise, the Five Animals Frolic.

Internal exercise and external exercise can be practised either singly or in concert. For people with a weak constitution, internal exercise can be done alone at the start, with external exercise being added after the constitution becomes stronger. Because there are many kinds of Qigong, one should select appropriate kind or kinds according to individual characteristics and capabilities. As for the purpose of health care only, one or two kinds of Qigong can be exercised. However, according to the practical experience of exercisers, it is most suitable to combine internal exercise with external exercise. Thus, both mobility and quiescence are included, externality and internality are integrated together, and twice the result

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