Rowing the Boat in the Lake Centre

1) Exercise method a. When the left hand comes across the right hand in front of the chest, turn both palms up and make arched lines in front of the belly from the down to the up. Lift both arms up and stretch them, the palms facing front. Straighten the legs and inhale at the same time.

b. Make arched lines back down with the stretcheded arms while bending the waist. Exhale at the same time. (Fig. 63)

c. When both hands reach the farthest end in the lower back, straighten the waist and lift up the arms. Make arched lines with both hands at the sides of the body and stretch the arms above the head with the palms forward. Inhale at the same time.

2) Essentials

Inhale Stretch

It is important to stretch the arms straight. Inhale when bending the waist and exhale when stretching it.

Exercise ten times.

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