Sample Case

Mr. Zhu, 48 years old, was hospitalized after a 6-hour coma. He had a history of snail fever and a 3-year history of cirrhosis. Examination and tests showed coma, ascites, abdominal varix, TTT 10 units, ZnTT 16 units, SGPT 80 units, A/G ratio reversed, external antigen of encephlitis B (-), AFP (-), and cirrhosis was found through the radio-isotope scanning. He was diagnosed as having hepatic coma, cirrhosis and ascites. After having emergency treatment for 6 months, he gradually became conscious and his liver function was improved. He was discharged from the hospital. While staying at home, he began to practise Qigong, such as the Three 8-shape Qi Driving Cultivation Exercise, and, accompanied with food treatment, he stopped smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. One year later, his ascites disappeared, and without medicine he would not feel tired after 15 //'s walking.


Cholelithiasis is a kind of gallstone disease caused by cholestasis, parasitic infection of biliary tract and imbalance in metabolism of cholesterol. There are many women patients than man patients. The middle aged women, especially fat and with more children women, are easily to have this disease.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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