Supporting a Ball in Front of the Shoulder

1 ) Exercise method a. Bend the waist. When the hands reaching the farthest ends at lower back, stretch the waist without moving the left hand. Turn the right palm and raise it to left up. When the right hand reaches the height of the right shoulder, do the movement of supporting a ball and put the weight of the body on the left foot. Let the tiptoes of the right foot touch the ground. Exhale at the same time. Then return the right hand to the lower right side. (Fig. 64-1)

b. Shift the weight of the body to the right foot. Let the. tiptoe of the left foot touch the ground at the same time turn the left palm and lift it to the upper right from the lower left. When the left hand reaches the height of the left shoulder, do the movement of supporting a ball and exhale. Then return the left hand to the lower left. (Fig. 64-2)

2) Essential

When "supporting" a ball with the hands, the eyes look at the place where the "ball" is being supported and press the ground firmly with the tip of the foot of the same side. Coordinate the movements of supporting a ball, pressing the ground and breathing.

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