The Accessory Therapeutic Method Of Qigong For Carcinosis

Carcinosis is a malignant tumour. Although at present there are therapeutic treatment methods being used, a cure is by no means guaranteed. In recent years, this disease has been treated with an integration of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. When Qigong is introduced as an accessory, the therapeutic effect is often enhanced. In some cases, the symptoms are relieved, and the development of the disease is controlled so that the survival time is prolonged. In other cases, the patients are cured. This shows the heartening trend of treating cancer with Qigong. Qigong therapy does not kill normal cells, as does chemotherapy and radiotherapy which are used to kill the cancer cells, and enhance the autoimmune system, it can also help patients to regulate themselves and create an optimum external and internal environment for recovery from the disease.

As a method for the prevention and treatment of cancers, Qigong should work together with other therapeutic steps, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and simple and specific prescriptions, for well-rounded treatment. Generally, the patient should practise Qigong for 4 hours a day, health conditions permitting. When there is a will and perseverance, good results will be obtained.

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