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Lao Zi, the founder of Daoism who lived during the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476BC), said of qi: "in a trance, there is appearance and substance; in gentle and meditation, there is spirit which is truthfulness and has a faith in." In this way, therefore, qi is a moving, etherial energy that includes material substance, potential ability, and feedback information. That is qi, or rather zhen qi (true vital energy), is one's entire life energy; it is the life force which we draw upon in all of our activities. When the zhen qi is no more, life ends. The "gong" of Qigong, in the sense of "practice," resonates with its meaning in the compounds gongdi (foundation), gongli (physical strength), and gongfu (or kungfu, literally meaning "power and capability"). Qigong can raise resistance to illness and aid the development of a strong constitution. Through self-control and concentration Qigong can cure disease and prolong life by tapping the potential energy and mobilizing it to

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