Living Energy Field

Electric eels have electromagnetic fields around their bodies that they use to catch their prey. In 1958 Dr. Lissman of Cambridge University surprised people when he was able to catch a fish using a m agnet. While studying freshwater fish in Africa, he came upon a specimen of knife fish that measured 1.6 meters in length. The doctor placed a powerful horseshoe-shaped m agnet on t he s urface of the w ater and t he fish swam toward it. When the doctor moved the magnet the fish followed after (Figure 1-1).

Figure 1-1

Knife fish are known io produce an electromagnetic field around their bodies.

Lissman in vestigated further, a nd f ound that t his k ind of f ish produces a n electromagnetic field a round its body. . The fish was i ntermittently releasing three to five volts, at frequencies of up to 300 times per second. The fish a lso s howed a great sensitivity to elec trical c harge, an d r eacted to ev en m inuscule c hanges in elec tric potential. M any electric fish are now known to be s urrounded by an electromagnetic field that they use to catch prey, communicate with one another, or protect them-selves from predators. Animals including pigeons, bees, sharks, and dolphins seem to have biological magnets in their bodies, which they use to receive magnetic information from the environment.

Today, magnetic disorder is known to be closely correlated with poor functioning of the autonomic n ervous s ystem an d aggravation of d iseases of t he h eart and c irculatory system, stomach ulcers, and rheumatism. Experiments with mice show that when these animals are completely isolated from the magnetic field, they d ie within six months. It has also been reported that the brain waves of monkeys adjust quickly to any change in the rhythms of the environmental electromagnetic field, and that these brain wave changes are accompanied by behavioral changes as well.

Harold S axton B urr, p rofessor of an atomy at Y ale Un iversity has studied on th e electromagnetic fields of living creatures: "Animals and plants are essentially electric. They show different voltage when they engage in different forms of ordinary bio-logical behavior." He emphasized that an energy field surround every living creature, helping to maintain its biological structure.

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