Bioplasmic Waste Disposal Unit

The diseased bioplasmic matter has to be disposed properly in order to maintain a bioplasmically clean room and to avoid contaminating yourself and the other patients from this dirty bioplasmic matter.

The d iseased bioplasmic m atter, w hen r emoved f rom t he p atient's b ody, is still connected to the patient by bioplasmic threads.

The Hawaiian shamans (healers) or kahunas call the bioplasmic thread invisible a ka thread. In esoteric parlance, this is called etheric thread. Unless the diseased bioplasmic matter is properly disposed, there is the possibility that it may go back to the patient.

To make a bioplasmic waste disposal unit, simply get a bowl of water and add salt into the water. It has been clairvoyantly observed that water is capable of absorbing dirty bioplasmic matter and that salt breaks down the dirty bioplasmic matter.

After sweeping or cleansing, you should flick your hands toward the bioplasmic waste disposal unit. You can perform this simple experiment: get two bowls of water, put salt in one bowl and do not put salt in the other bowl. Scan the two bowls before and after flicking the dirty bioplasmic matter to each bowl. The dirty bioplasmic matter can be obtained from sweeping your patients.

Leave the bowls for about two hours and note the difference. You will notice that you could hardly feel the diseased bioplasmic matter in the one with salt, but can still feel it in the one without salt.

Some healers use water, sand, water with tobacco, meat and other organic matters as bioplasmic waste disposal units. Some American Indian shamans use twigs. The twigs are placed in the mouth of the shaman and the diseased bioplasmic matter is sucked out or extracted by the use of the mouth. The twigs are used to catch the diseased bioplasmic matter. The diseased bioplasmic matter is clairvoyantly and symbolically seen by some clairvoyants as spiders or insects or other repulsive forms.

Some s hamans do not pl ace a nything i n t heir m ouths. They j ust s imply s uck o ut t he diseased bioplasmic matter and "dry vomit" it out.

For beginners, there is the danger of literally swallowing the diseased bioplasmic matter. Therefore, it is safer to use sweeping.


The following schedule should be practiced for at least twelve days. This is to prepare you in case there is a sudden need to heal somebody, such as your own child. This practice should enable you to heal simple cases.

• Sensitizing the hands: five to ten minutes per day.

• Scanning: five to ten minutes per day.

• General and localized sweeping: ten minutes per day.

• Energizing with prana: ten minutes per day.

Preferably, these techniques should be applied on actual patients. If this is not possible, then get a friend or relative to practice on. If you are one of those few who are not able to sensitize your hands-on the first session, just proceed to sweeping and energizing with prana. Continue the practice of sensitizing your hands. You should be able to accomplish it in three to four sessions. It is advisable to learn to heal simple c ases f irst b efore g oing to m ore d ifficult c ases. T his i s necessary in order to gain experience and confidence. It is preferable to heal at lea st thirty simple cases before trying to heal difficult or severe cases.

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