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The major chakras are three to four inches in diameter.

The basic chakra has four petals and contains red and orange pranas. The red prana from the basic chakra is used for energizing and strengthening the entire visible physical body-muscles, bones, blood, adrenal glands, sex organs, internal organs, general vitality, body heat—and the growth rate of children. Malfunctioning of this chakra may manifest as allergy, low vitality, cancer, sexual ailment, growth problem and also psychological disorders.

The basic chakra is the center of self-survival or self-preservation.

The sex chakra has six petals and contains red and orange pranas. This chakra contains red prana of two different shades. It controls and energizes the sex organs and the bladder. The sex chakra also energizes the legs to a substantial degree.

The meng mein chakra has eight petals and contains orange, yellow and orange-red pranas. The meng mein chakra controls and energizes the kidneys, adrenal glands, and to a certain extent, other internal organs. It acts as a pumping station for the red pranic energy from the basic chakra and is responsible for the upward flow of pranic energy in the spine.

The navel chakra has e ight petals a nd predominantly contains yellow, green, blue, red and violet p ranas. This c hakra c ontrols a nd energizes t he s mall i ntestine, t he l ower larg e intestine, and the appendix. The navel chakra produces the "synthetic ki" which facilitates or helps in the circulation of prana within the meridians.

The spleen chakra has six petals a nd contains red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet pranas. The spleen chakra d raws in a lot of air prana and energizes other major chakras by distributing the digested pranas to them. I n other words, the spleen chakra energizes the entire b ioplasmic b ody, t hereby e nergizing t he visible p hysical b ody. T he s pleen c hakra i s closely re lated to the navel c hakra. When t he navel c hakra is e nergized o r activated, the spleen chakra becomes energized or activated, drawing in more air prana and increasing the pranic energy level of the entire body. A person can be energized just by concentrating on the navel chakra.

The solar p lexus c hakra has ten p etals and c ontains re d, o range, y ellow, g reen and blue pranas. This chakra controls and energizes the liver, pancreas, stomach, large intestine, and diaphragm a nd to a c ertain d egree e nergizes t he a drenal g lands, the s mall in testine, t he heart, the lungs and other parts of the body. It is easier to energize the pancreas through the back solar plexus chakra. An exhausted person can be revitalized rapidly by energizing the solar plexus chakra. It is easily disturbed or unbalanced by negative emotions.

The heart chakra has twelve petals. The front heart chakra contains lot of golden prana with some red prana. It controls and energizes the heart and the thymus gland. The back heart chakra contains orange and red pranas with some golden and yellow pranas. It controls and energizes p rimarily t he l ungs, and to a c ertain degree, t he heart. The heart c hakra is the center of higher o r refined e motions. 11 is very c losely re lated to t he solar p lexus chakra since both are emotional centers. To agitate t he solar p lexus c hakra is also to ag itate the heart chakra. This is why negative e motions have detrimental effects on the heart in the long run.

The t hroat c hakra h as s ixteen p etals an d predominantly c ontains bl ue prana w ith s ome green and violet pranas. A lot of green prana is produced when a person is eating. It controls and energizes the throat, the thyroid glands, the parathyroid glands and the lymphatic system. Ma lfunctioning of this chakra manifests as throat related ailme nts, such as goiter, sore throat, lo ss of v oice, an d as thma. The throat c hakra is the c enter of t he lo wer o r concrete mind or lower mental faculty and it is also the higher creative center.

The ajna chakra has ninety-six petals and is divided into two divisions. Each division has forty-eight petals. With some people, one of the divisions is predominantly light yellow, and the other division is p redominantly lig ht v iolet. O thers have w hitish-green in o ne of the divisions, and light violet on the other. The predominating color pranas in the ajna is not the same in all people. The color of the ajna chakra also changes with the psychological state. The ajna chakra is the center of the higher or abstract mind and it is also the will or directive center. It controls a nd energizes the pituitary gland and the entire body. The ajna chakra is called the master chakra because it controls all the major chakras, the endocrine glands and the vital o rgans. M alfunctioning o f t his c hakra man ifests as d iseases related t o the endocrine glands and the eyes.

The forehead chakra has 144 petals divided into twelve divisions. Each division contains twelve petals. This chakra controls and energizes the pineal gland and the nervous system. Malfunctioning of th e forehead c hakra may m anifest as lo ss of m emory, p aralysis an d epilepsy. The fore-head chakra contains violet, blue, red, orange, yellow and green pranas. The forehead chakra is the center of the lower Buddhic or cosmic consciousness.

The crown chakra has 960 external petals and twelve inner petals. The crown chakra is the only chakra with two sets of petals. It can a lso be considered to have an i nner a nd o uter chakra. The inner chakra looks like the front heart chakra. The twelve inner petals contain predominantly golden prana a nd the 960 external petals contain violet, blue, green-yellow and orange-red pranas. The crown chakra controls and energizes the brain and the pineal gland. Malfunctioning of this chakra may manifest as disease related to the pineal gland and brain, which may also manifest as physical or psychological illnesses. The crown chakra is the center of the higher Buddhic or cosmic consciousness.

ENERGIZING W ITH C OLOR PRANAS: (visualization approach) do p ranic br eathing and visualize the specific color prana coming out of your hand. Do not visualize the specific color prana being drawn in. For example, if you want to energize with green prana, you just simply visualize green light projecting out of your hand chakra.

Advanced General Sweeping

In general sweeping, use first light green prana to clean, decongest and disinfect the patient, then light red prana to strengthen t he e ntire body. It is be st to go through t he following procedures:

1) Visualize a brilliant ball of light above the crown chakra.

2) Apply a downward sweeping movement and visualize light whitish-green prana coming down from the ball, filling and cleansing the entire body, with more emphasis on the front part of the body. Visualize all the front major chakras as clean and bright.

3) Ap ply an other d ownward s weeping mo vement and v isualize l ight whitish-green p rana cleansing the entire body with emphasis on the back part of the body. Visualize the spine and all the back major chakras as clean and bright.

4) A pply a nother d ownward s weeping m ovement and v isualize l ight whitish-green p rana cleansing t he e ntire b ody w ith e mphasis on t he important in ternal organs. V isualize t he internal organs as bright light red.

5) Apply another downward sweeping movement two times and visualize light whitish-red prana energizing and strengthening all the important internal organs. Visualize all the health rays as straight and bright, especially on the affected area.

6) A pply a nother do wnward s weeping movement and v isualize l ight whitish-red p rana energizing and strengthening the bones and the muscles. Visualize all the health rays as straight and bright. You may repeat the entire process several times.

This advanced form of general sweeping cleanses, energizes and strengthens the entire body. It can relieve asthma and can be used to treat chill and fever. It can be very beneficial to patients who have just undergone surgery and should be used before and after surgery. However, t his t echnique c annot be us ed on a ny pa tient w ho ha s or has ha d a s exually transmittable disease such as AIDS, herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, etc.

Advanced Localized Sweeping

Visualize light whitish-green prana surrounding your hand about 15 cm in diameter and about 40 cm long. Apply localized sweeping on the affected part and simultaneously visualize the diseased grayish matter being removed and the affected part being filled with prana. This advanced localized sweeping is quite effective and can remove mild toothaches, headaches and other minor ailments with just one or two sweeping movements.

Decongesting or Loosening

If the d iseased bioplasmic matter is d ifficult to remove, or is q uite stubborn, it would be advisable to energize first with light whitish-green prana for two breathing cycles, followed by lig ht w hitish-orange p rana for two b reathing cycles to l oosen t he stubborn d iseased bioplasmic ma tter. Please n ote the s equence, g reen pr ana b efore o range pr ana. T his approach is m uch safer. T he re moval of the loosened d iseased b ioplasmic matter can be facilitated by pr ojecting l ight w hitish-yellow p rana w hen applying lo calized s weeping. I f cleansing is done properly, partial relief or improvement should occur. For delicate organs like the brain, eyes, and heart, it is not advisable to use orange prana.

Cleansing Delicate Organs

Sometimes an ailment can be caused by partial clogging of very fine bioplasmic channels. An example would be nearsightedness o r farsightedness. U sed-up prana an d d iseased bioplasmic matter in the eyes can be loosened and broken down into very fine particles by energizing w ith lig ht w hitish-green p rana. Project lig ht w hitish-yellow p rana to g roup together these fine particles for easier removal and a pply localized sweeping. Light yellow prana is preferable to blue prana because blue prana tends to remove not only the used-up prana but also the fresh prana. Please note that light green prana is used in loosening and cleansing delicate organs like the eyes and the brain. Orange prana is not used because it is too powerful and may result in undesirable side effects. There is no point in taking unnecessary risks.

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