Cleansing And Energizing

IN P RANIC H EALING, there are two basic principles: cleansing and energizing the patient's bioplasmic body w ith prana or v ital e nergy. It is by cleansing or re moving t he d iseased bioplasmic matter from the affected chakra and the diseased organ, and by energizing them with sufficient prana or vital energy, that healing is accomplished. These two basic principles are the very foundation of pranic healing.

Pranic Energy

The whole p rocess m ay be repeated over and over again u ntil the bioplasmic body is normalized. Without cleansing, the patient may suffer a radical reaction. Radical reaction means the d rastic steps the body ta kes in order to correct and normalize its condition. T his is u sually p ainful and u ncomfortable, a nd m ay ap pear as an in itial worsening condition. However, the body gradually im proves after this radical reaction. This radical reaction is quite unnecessary and can be avoided.

One such case is that of a patient who suffered from chronic abdominal pain, loose bowel movements and vomiting due to emotional factors. There was pranic congestion around her abdominal area. Energizing with prana was applied without cleansing the affected part. Although she was relieved, within twenty to thirty minutes the pain, loose bowel movements and vomiting recurred and intensified. These were radical reactions or steps taken by the whole physical body to cleanse and remove the diseased congested bioplasmic matter from itself and to normalize its condition. Three hours later, cleansing and energizing with prana was applied to her abdominal area and she was completely relieved and cured.

There are several reasons why cleansing should be done before energizing:

1) Cleansing is necessary to facilitate the absorption of prana or ki, or QI.

2) Healing takes a longer time without cleansing and more prana is required to heal the patient.

3) A possible radical reaction could be i nduced if cleansing is not done before or after energizing.

4) Cleansing is necessary to reduce the risk of damaging the finer bioplasmic channels (called meridians or energy centers).

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